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Dawn names index

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This is a list of the names of people who are mentioned in the Dawn and New Dawn magazines. The magazines were published by the NSW Aborigines Welfare Board between 1952-1975.

Please select a letter to see the results.

This index links to single pages of the Dawn where the person’s name is mentioned. Full issues and more information is available below: 


Showing 44 names.

Abbott, Patrick

Abdullah, George

Abendego, Jacob

Adams, Alice

Adams, Bert, Mrs

Adams, Charlie

Adams, Danny

Adams, Don

Adams, Ernest

Adams, Holder

Adams, Keith

Adams, Kevin

Adams, Sam

Adams, Victor

Adler, Val

Agius, Yvonne

Ah See, Deb

Ah See, John

Ah See, Michele

Ah See, Mr

Ah See, Mrs

Ah See, Noelene

Ah See, Pauline

Ah See, Shereera

Ahoy, Colin

Ahoy, Jennifer

Ahoy, Mr

Ahoy, Mrs

Ahoy, Sandra

Albert, Eunice

Albert, John

Alberts, Annie

Alberts, John

Alberts, Pat

Alberts, Wilma

Aldridge, Bill

Aldridge, Cuthbert W.

Aldridge, George

Aldridge, Helen

Aldridge, Lorraine

Aldridge, Mrs

Allan, Bill

Allan, Harrold

Allan, Joe

Allan, Joe, Mrs

Allan, Ken

Allan, Lola

Allan, Marjorie

Allan, Mervyn

Allan, Michael William

Allan, R.

Allan, Roger

Allan, T.

Allan, Terry

Allan, Tom

Allen, Barbara

Allen, Barney

Allen, Clarice

Allen, Elsie

Allen, Jack

Allen, Keith

Allen, Kevin

Allen, Lola

Allen, Lorraine

Allen, Marjorie

Allen, Mervyn

Allen, Michael

Allen, Mr

Allen, Mrs

Allen, Norman

Allen, Peter

Allen, Stanley

Allen, Ted

Allen, Terry

Allen, Victor


Amatto, Anthony

Amatto, Artie

Amatto, Cathy

Amatto, Cindy

Amatto, Cynthia

Amatto, Edley

Amatto, Elsie

Amatto, Hazel

Amatto, Hilda

Amatto, Ida

Amatto, J.

Amatto, Jack

Amatto, Johnny

Amatto, Jonathon

Amatto, Karen

Amatto, Kerry

Amatto, Lillian

Amatto, Lucy

Amatto, Mrs

Amatto, Muriel

Amatto, William

Ambrose, Bob

Ambrose, Ted

Anda, G.

Anda, Rusty

Anderson, Anthony

Anderson, Billie

Anderson, Bob

Anderson, Bob, Mrs

Anderson, D.

Anderson, Desmond

Anderson, Desmond Philip

Anderson, Diane

Anderson, Dianne

Anderson, Kevin

Anderson, Madeleine

Anderson, Michael

Anderson, Mrs

Anderson, Phyllis

Anderson, Priscilla

Anderson, Sally

Anderson, Susan

Anderson, Vivienne

Andrews, Gerard

Andrews, J.

Andrews, Lester

Andy, A.

Andy, A., Mrs

Andy, Arthur

Andy, Arthur, Jr

Andy, Basil

Andy, Beryl

Andy, Bob

Andy, Bob, Grandad

Andy, 'Boy'

Andy, Catharine Mary

Andy, E. J.

Andy, E., Mrs

Andy, Ernest

Andy, Helen

Andy, Joan

Andy, Katherine

Andy, Kelvin

Andy, Len

Andy, Marie

Andy, Mary

Andy, Robert

Andy, Shirley

Andy, Stanley

Andy, Valerie

Andy, Veronica

Andy, Winnifred

Angagela, Norman

Apinya, Eric

Appo, Gail

Appo, Noel

Archer, Sandra

Archibald, Dick

Archibald, Frank

Archibald, Frank Richard

Archibald, Grace

Archibald, Helen

Archibald, Lanceen

Archibald, Mr

Archibald, Mrs

Archibald, Patricia

Archibald, R.

Archibald, R., Mrs

Archibald, Richard

Archibald, Robert

Archibald, Ronnie

Archibald, Sarah

Archibald, Shannon

Archibald, Sharon

Ardler, Betty

Ardler, Bill

Ardler, C.

Ardler, Charles

Ardler, Charles., Mrs

Ardler, Charlie

Ardler, Coral

Ardler, Elaine

Ardler, Eric

Ardler, Faith

Ardler, Fay

Ardler, George

Ardler, George, Mrs

Ardler, Geraldine

Ardler, Glenda

Ardler, Jane

Ardler, John

Ardler, Julie

Ardler, Ken

Ardler, Kevin John

Ardler, Larry

Ardler, Lurline

Ardler, Norma

Ardler, Paula

Ardler, Reuben

Ardler, Ronnie

Ardler, Sam

Ardler, Sandra

Arentz, Pam

Areyonga Park, James Range (Painting)

Armatti, J.

Armstrong, A.

Armstrong, Alex

Armstrong, Bert

Armstrong, Doris

Armstrong, Harold, 1941-

Armstrong, Jim

Armstrong, John

Armstrong, Mary

Armstrong, Merv

Armstrong, Neil

Arndell, Barry

Arnold, Edna

Ashbolt, Allan

Ashby, Audrey

Ashby, Betty

Ashby, Carol

Ashby, Charlie

Ashby, Elizabeth

Ashby, George

Ashby, Queenie

Ashby, Shane

Ashby, T.

Ashby, T., Mrs

Ashby, Tom

Ashley, Judith

Ashly, Beryl

Ashmore, Amy

Ashwin, Irene

Asplett, Barbara

Atkinson, Alf

Atkinson, Billy

Atkinson, Billy, Mrs

Atkinson, Brian

Atkinson, Cecily

Atkinson, Coral

Atkinson, Geoffrey

Atkinson, J.

Atkinson, J., Mrs

Atkinson, Joan

Atkinson, K.

Atkinson, Kevin

Atkinson, Lee

Atkinson, Lena

Atkinson, Leon

Atkinson, Marlene

Atkinson, Mrs

Atkinson, Neville, 1942-

Atkinson, R.

Atkinson, Ricky

Atkinson, Ruth

Atkinson, Steven

Atkinson, Thomas

Atkinson, Trevor

Attawomba, Joe

Austin, Alf

Austin, Dorothy

Austin, Mr

Austin, Mrs

Austin, Rosemary

Avery, A. Mrs

Avery, Alfred

Avery, Charles

Avery, Charley

Avery, Charlie

Avery, Harold

Avery, Iris

Avery, Jacqueline

Avery, Jun

Avery, Les

Avery, Mrs

Avery, Pam

Avery, Priscilla

Avery, Robert

Avery, Shoanne Joyce

Avery, Shona Lee

Avery, Sue

Avery, Thomas

Avery, Tom

Azevedo, Tony


Showing 202 names.

Baden, Darcy

Bailey, Bob

Bailey, Colin

Bailey, Marjorie

Baird, Mavis Jean

Baker, Darcy

Baker, Gordon

Baker, Jack

Baker, Jim

Baker, Joyce

Baker, Margaret, Mrs

Baker, Una

Baker, Victor

Baker, Vondda

Balantji, David

Balding, Pauline

Baldwin, Eric

Baldwin, Mrs

Baldwin, W.

Baldwin-Jones, Marjorie, 1945-

Bale, Eric

Ballangarry, Allan

Ballangarry, Angela

Ballangarry, Angela Dawn

Ballangarry, B.

Ballangarry, Bernadette

Ballangarry, Clarrie

Ballangarry, D.

Ballangarry, Debbie

Ballangarry, E.

Ballangarry, Eric

Ballangarry, Florence

Ballangarry, Hilda

Ballangarry, Ian

Ballangarry, Ivan

Ballangarry, Jack

Ballangarry, James

Ballangarry, Joan

Ballangarry, John

Ballangarry, Ken

Ballangarry, Lillian

Ballangarry, Lilly

Ballangarry, Lily

Ballangarry, Louis

Ballangarry, M.

Ballangarry, Martin

Ballangarry, Noeline

Ballangarry, Pat

Ballangarry, R.

Ballangarry, Raylene

Ballangarry, Richard

Ballangarry, Ruth

Ballangarry, Shirley

Ballangarry, T.

Ballangarry, Tom

Ballangarry, Trevor

Ballangarry, Trevor Patrick

Ballangarry, Winton

Baluka, Larry

Baluka, Michel

Bamblett, Archie

Bamblett, Brian

Bamblett, Claude, 1946-

Bamblett, Dorothy

Bamblett, Ethel, 1935-

Bamblett, Fred

Bamblett, George

Bamblett, J., Mrs

Bamblett, Jean

Bamblett, John Alfred

Bamblett, Lawrence, 1937-

Bamblett, Lynette

Bamblett, Malveen

Bamblett, Malvene

Bamblett, Percy, 1944-

Bamblett, Rosemary

Bandak, Nym, c.1910-1984

Bandler, Faith, 1923-

Banfield, Fay

Banfield, Mr

Bannerman, Charles

Bannerman, Charlie

Bannerman, Roslyn

Barajla, Mr

Barangbadala, Johnny

Barber, Joan

Bardon, Peggy

Barker, A., Mrs

Barker, Alice

Barker, Bert

Barker, Donna

Barker, Eddie

Barker, Edward

Barker, J.

Barker, Jack

Barker, Jim

Barker, John

Barker, Roy

Barker, William

Barlow, B.

Barlow, Brenda

Barlow, Brian

Barlow, Dorothy

Barlow, Evelyn

Barlow, Jim

Barlow, Jimmy

Barlow, Len

Barlow, M., Mrs

Barlow, Margaret

Barlow, May

Barlow, N., Mrs

Barlow, Nina

Barlow, Ross

Barlow, Thomas

Barlow, Tom

Barlowe, Barry

Barnes, Reginald Jeffrey

Barnett, Pattie

Barney, Bob

Barney, Christine

Barney, Eddie

Barney, Lynette

Barney, Vanessa

Barrett, Anthony

Barrett, Tony

Barrington, Pamela

Barry, Gail

Barten, Robert

Bartlett, Eileen

Bartlett, Marie

Bartley, Betty, 1940-

Bartley, Mary

Bartley, 'Possum'

Bartman, Ethel

Bartman, Margaret

Bartman, Pop Eye

Bartman, Reuben

Bartman, Susan

Bartman, Valerie

Bartmen, Ned

Barton, Jackie

Barton, Jean

Barton, Jimmy

Barton, Kevin

Barton, Patsy

Barton, Peggy

Barton, Yvonne

Bate, Adrian

Bate, T., Mrs

Bate, Thelma


Bates, A.

Bates, Ackland

Bates, Adeline

Bates, Adrian

Bates, Alf

Bates, Alma

Bates, Bill

Bates, Billie

Bates, Billy

Bates, Caroline

Bates, Clare

Bates, D.

Bates, Douglas

Bates, Edith

Bates, G.

Bates, Gus

Bates, Jennifer

Bates, Jenny

Bates, Jim

Bates, Jim, Mrs

Bates, Joan

Bates, John

Bates, Kevin

Bates, Linda

Bates, Mary

Bates, Mary Ann

Bates, Maxwell

Bates, Nancy

Bates, Patricia

Bates, Peter

Bates, Robert

Bates, Wilkie

Bates, Will

Baume, Eric

Baxter, Dianna

Baxter, Hilda

Baxter, Robert J.

Baya, John

Bayley, Cyril

Beale, Alf

Beale, Alfie

Beale, Beryl

Beale, Bob

Beale, Brent

Beale, Clare

Beale, Dave

Beale, David Harold

Beale, E.

Beale, Eric

Beale, Freddy

Beale, Jimmy

Beale, Lorna

Beale, Neville

Beale, Oscar

Beale, Raymond

Beale, Robert

Beale, William

Beckett, Jerry

Becku, Alf

Bedford, Ned Cape

Bedford, Roderick

Beetson, Julianna

Beetson, Kerrie

Beetson, Paul

Beetson, Reginald

Beit, D. C., Mrs


Bell, Alex

Bell, Alexander

Bell, Betty

Bell, Daphney

Bell, Dulcie Ann

Bell, Eva

Bell, Kenneth

Bell, 'Laddie'

Bell, 'Laddie', Mrs

Bell, Louise

Bell, M. Mrs

Bell, Mark

Bell, Maurice

Bell, Mott

Bell, Pam

Bell, Rodney

Bell, Sue

Bell, Ted

Bell, Vivian

Bellangany, Joan

Bellangarry, Clarrie

Bellear, Bob

Bellear, Jocelyn

Bellear, Robert

Bellear, Robert William

Bellear, Sam

Bellear, Sam, Mrs

Bellear, Terry

Bend, Donald

Benelong, Bertha

Benelong, Hilda


Bennell, Bill

Bennelong, c.1764-1813

Bennet, Lance

Bennett, Doreen

Bennett, Elliott, 1924-1981

Bennett, Roy

Benny, Brian

Bens, Donald

Benson, Roderick

Benton, Janice

Benton, Kathleen

Betts, Veronica

Beulah, Bert

Beulah, Bert, Mrs

Beulah, Leone

Beulah, Lorna

Bice, Kathleen

Bickle, Clive

Bigges, Nancy

Biggs, Albert

Biggs, Allan

Biggs, Allan, Mrs

Biggs, Annie

Biggs, Billo

Biggs, Fred, c1880-1962

Biggs, Freddy

Biggs, Jack

Biggs, John

Biggs, Les

Biggs, Mrs

Biggs, Nancy

Bilayna, Larry

Bile, Eugene

Biles, Lorraine


Binalong, Jack

Binge, Albert

Binge, Barry

Binge, Brenda

Binge, C.

Binge, Clare

Binge, Coral

Binge, D.

Binge, David

Binge, Delphine

Binge, Dennis

Binge, Elizabeth Ann

Binge, Evelyn

Binge, Frances, 1941-

Binge, Freddy

Binge, Frederick, 1944-

Binge, Gary

Binge, George Edward, 1931-

Binge, George, Mrs

Binge, Gillian

Binge, Glenda

Binge, Grace

Binge, Henry

Binge, Herbert

Binge, Ivy

Binge, Janette

Binge, Jeanette

Binge, John

Binge, John Robin

Binge, John, Mrs

Binge, Julie

Binge, Kev

Binge, Kevin

Binge, Mathew

Binge, Mrs

Binge, Mrs, Sr

Binge, N.

Binge, Nev

Binge, Nevilla

Binge, Neville

Binge, Norma

Binge, Patricia

Binge, Penny

Binge, R.

Binge, Ray

Binge, Raymond

Binge, Retta

Binge, Ritha

Binge, Sarah

Binge, Shirley

Binge, T.

Binge, Tom

Binge, Tom, Mrs

Binge, Tommy

Binge, Valerie

Binge, Walter

Binge, Walter, Mrs

Binge, Yvonne

Binnalong, King

Bird, C

Bird, William

Bishop, Mervyn, 1945-

Bizzina, T.

Black, Betty

Black, Evelyn

Black, Gladys

Black, Hero

Black, John

Black, L

Black, Leo

Black, Les

Black, Lola

Black, Loretta

Black, Mary

Black, Paddy

Black, Pat

Blacka, Bill

Blacket, G.

Blacklock, M

Blain, Alec

Blain, Mrs

Blair, Alex

Blair, Andy

Blair, Athol

Blair, Baby

Blair, Barney

Blair, Carl

Blair, Charlie

Blair, Colin

Blair, Dick

Blair, Doris

Blair, Edith

Blair, Ella

Blair, Harold, 1924-1976

Blair, Harry

Blair, Hilda

Blair, Janette

Blair, Jeannette

Blair, John

Blair, Kath

Blair, Kathleen

Blair, Lionel

Blair, Lionel, Mrs

Blair, Marilyn

Blair, Maurice

Blair, Molly

Blair, Nellie

Blair, Nelson

Blair, Nerida, 1957-

Blair, Owen

Blair, Paul, Mrs

Blair, Pearl

Blair, Reuben

Blair, Robert

Blair, Rodney

Blair, Sandra

Blair, Veronica, 1946-

Blair, Warren

Blake, Francis

Blake, Les

Blakeney, Angela

Blakeney, Annie

Blakeney, Christine

Blakeney, John

Blakeney, Walter

Blanasi, David

Bliss, Charlie, Mrs

Bliss, Nola

Bliss, Teddy

Bloomfield, Billy

Bloomfield, George

Bloomfield, Gregory

Bloomfield, Lionel Everett

Bloomfield, Renie

Bloomfield, Shirley

Bloxham, Nev

Bloxham, W.

Bloxsome, Chris

Bloxsome, Christina

Bloxsome, Eddie

Bloxsome, Hazel Thelma

Blumby, Susan


Boate, Rene

Boland, Florence

Boland, Henry

Boland, Sarah

Bolmes, Barry

Bolt, Alister

Bolt, Bertha

Bolt, Bob

Bolt, Bob, Mrs

Bolt, Bruce

Bolt, 'Cassanova'

Bolt, Charles

Bolt, Charles, Mrs

Bolt, Cheryl

Bolt, Christy

Bolt, David

Bolt, Des

Bolt, Ernest

Bolt, Geoff

Bolt, Harry

Bolt, Hazel

Bolt, Henry

Bolt, Henry John

Bolt, Ken

Bolt, Kenneth

Bolt, Leo

Bolt, Leonard

Bolt, Margaret

Bolt, Mary

Bolt, Merle

Bolt, Nancy

Bolt, R., Mrs

Bolt, Robert

Bolt, Sam

Bolt, Stan

Bolt, Thelma

Bolt, Tubby

Bolt, Vic

Bolt, Victor

Bolt, Wayne

Bolte, Merle

Bond, Amelia

Bond, B., Mrs

Bond, Drew

Bond, Evelyn

Bond, Joseph William

Bond, Lizabeth Johnson

Bond, Mary

Bond, Tilly

Bonds, Mary

Boney, Ada

Boney, Alan

Boney, Albert

Boney, Alfred Ernest

Boney, Andrew

Boney, Andy

Boney, Archie

Boney, Billy

Boney, Brian

Boney, Cyril James

Boney, Dorothy

Boney, Dulcie

Boney, Edie

Boney, Elaine

Boney, Elvie

Boney, Elwood

Boney, Frank

Boney, Fred

Boney, Gwen

Boney, Heather

Boney, James, John

Boney, Jim

Boney, Kathleen

Boney, Kevin

Boney, Margaret

Boney, Maria

Boney, Marie

Boney, Mavis

Boney, Mervyn

Boney, Miss

Boney, Mrs

Boney, Muriel

Boney, Patsy

Boney, Percy

Boney, Peter

Boney, Robert

Boney, Tommy

Boney, Tony

Boney, Violet

Boney, William

Boney, Wilma

Boney, Zillah

Bong, Howard

Bonner, Heather

Bonner, Neville Thomas, 1922-1999

Bonner, Rory

Bonner, Ted

Bonney, Andy, Mrs

Booker, Joyce

Booker, Maggie

Boon, Ben

Boota, Billy

Booth, Gordon

Booth, L.

Booth, Lindsay

Booth, Ray

Booth, Suzy

Borger, John

Bostock, Euphemia, 1936-

Bostock, Gerald, 1942-

Bostock, Lester

Bostock, Mrs

Bott, David

Boughton, John

Bourke, Charles

Bourke, Charlie

Bourke, Jack

Bourke, Johnny

Bowden, Alec

Bowden, Bill

Bowden, Cecil

Bowden, Ernest William, Jr

Bowden, Florence

Bowden, Forence

Bowden, G.

Bowden, Len

Bowden, Lennie

Bowden, Mrs

Bowden, Stan

Bowden, Stanley

Bowen, C.

Bowen, M. H., Mrs

Bowlan, Henry

Box, Alan

Boxcell, Twins

Boyd, Chris

Boyd, Marlene

Boyd, Neta

Boyd, Netta

Bozer, Kay

Bracken, Sam

Braden, Virginia

Bradley, Tommy

Bradshall, Charles, Master

Bradshaw, Brian

Bradshaw, C.

Bradshaw, Caroline

Bradshaw, Cecilia

Bradshaw, Charles Robert

Bradshaw, Charlie

Bradshaw, Elaine

Brady, D.

Brady, Don, 1928-1984

Brady, Donald

Brady, Ted

Brady, Tom

Braid, R.

Brandy, Carolyn

Brandy, Chris

Brandy, Jack

Brandy, John

Brandy, Kathleen

Brandy, Keith

Brandy, Larry

Brandy, Roslyn

Brandy, W. J.

Brandy, W. J., Mrs

Brannan, Jim

Bray, George

Breauer, Marlene

Breckebridge, William

Breckenbridge, Bruce

Breckenbridge, John

Breckenridge, Bruce

Breckenridge, Doris

Breckenridge, Jack

Breckenridge, James

Breckenridge, Jim

Breckenridge, John

Breckenridge, Ted

Breckridge, Mervyn

Breen, Angela

Brennan, 'Aeroplane'

Brennan, Bob

Brennan, Brenda

Brennan, Colleen Dale

Brennan, Daphne

Brennan, G.

Brennan, G., Mrs

Brennan, Garnett

Brennan, Garnett, Mrs

Brennan, George

Brennan, Gerald

Brennan, Jill

Brennan, Jimmy

Brennan, Margaret

Brennan, Mary Ann

Brennan, Mary Anne

Brennan, Mervyn

Brennan, Mulley

Brennan, Norm

Brennan, Norman

Brennan, Sally

Brennan, Thomas

Brennan, Tim

Brennan, Tom

Bret, Bruce

Bret, Victor

Brian, Ray

Briar, Alice

Briar, Augustus

Briar, Claude

Briar, Fair

Briar, Frederick, 1936-

Briar, Len

Briar, Phyllis

Briar, Ray

Briar, T., Mrs

Bridge, Mr

Bridge, Mrs

Bridge, Wendy

Brierley, Eric

Brierley, John

Brierley, Peter Edward

Brierley, Walter

Brierly, Ernest

Brierly, James

Brierly, Kathleen

Brierly, Peter

Brierly, Walter

Brigg, B

Briggs, Alice

Briggs, Amy

Briggs, Aubrey

Briggs, Barbara

Briggs, Bernie

Briggs, Coral

Briggs, Don

Briggs, Eddie

Briggs, Evonne

Briggs, Frances

Briggs, G.R.

Briggs, Geraldine, 1910-

Briggs, Glenda

Briggs, Harry, Sr

Briggs, Heather

Briggs, Helen

Briggs, Ian

Briggs, James

Briggs, Josie

Briggs, L. N.

Briggs, Laurel

Briggs, Les

Briggs, Les, Mrs

Briggs, Lois

Briggs, Louis

Briggs, Lucy

Briggs, Mr

Briggs, Mrs

Briggs, Muriel

Briggs, Patty

Briggs, Paul

Briggs, Pauline

Briggs, Peter

Briggs, Ray

Briggs, Rod

Briggs, Roddy

Briggs, Rupert

Briggs, Shirley

Briggs, Tom

Briggs, William

Briggs-Smith, Noeline, 1940-

Bright, Kath

Bright, Kathleen

Bright, Neville

Bright, Walter

Brindle, Ken

Brindle, Teffy

Briscoe, Gordon

Briscoe, Gordon, 1938-

Britten, Bobby

Britten, George

Britten, Micky

Brody, Brenda

Brody, T.

Brody, Ted

Brody, Teddy

Brogden, Mrs

Brooks, Gloria

Brooks, Jimmy

Brooks, Kathleen

Brooks, Mrs

Brown, A.

Brown, A., Mrs

Brown, Albert

Brown, Alex

Brown, Ambrose

Brown, baby

Brown, Bert

Brown, Bertha

Brown, Billy

Brown, Bob

Brown, Bob, Mrs

Brown, Bobby

Brown, Brian

Brown, Bruce

Brown, Ceatrice

Brown, Cecil

Brown, Ch

Brown, Charlie

Brown, Christine

Brown, Citrice

Brown, Coogan.

Brown, Cynthia

Brown, Dai

Brown, David

Brown, Dawn

Brown, Denis

Brown, Dick

Brown, Doug

Brown, Dulcie

Brown, E., Mrs

Brown, Edgar Andrew

Brown, Edna

Brown, 'Elvis'

Brown, Eva

Brown, George

Brown, Gordon

Brown, Grace

Brown, Harold

Brown, Harold, Mrs

Brown, Harry

Brown, Helen

Brown, Henry

Brown, J.

Brown, Jimmy

Brown, Joan

Brown, Joe

Brown, John

Brown, Julie

Brown, Kate

Brown, Keith

Brown, Ken

Brown, Kenneth

Brown, Kenny

Brown, Len, 1930-

Brown, Lorraine

Brown, Margaret

Brown, Marjorie Dawn

Brown, Marshall

Brown, Mary

Brown, Mavis

Brown, Michael

Brown, Michelle

Brown, Mr

Brown, Mrs

Brown, Myrtle, 1937-1938

Brown, Noel

Brown, Noeleen

Brown, Pat

Brown, Patricia

Brown, Patsy

Brown, Peter

Brown, R.G. Justice of the Peace

Brown, Rene

Brown, Richard

Brown, Robert Joseph Golden

Brown, Roger

Brown, Schneider

Brown, Thomas Patrick

Brown, Tom

Brown, Veronica

Brown, Vic

Brown, Vida

Brown, Wallace

Brown, William

Brownall, Bruce

Browning, Christine

Bruce, Laurie

Brumbie, Nancy

Brumby, Mr

Brumby, Ninu

Brummie, Mrs

Brummil, Mrs

Brunette, Patricia Ethel

Bryant, Barbara

Bryant, Gordon, 1914-1991

Bryant, Jeff

Bryant, Jeffery

Bryant, Josie

Bryant, M.

Bryant, Michael

Bryant, R

Bryant, Robert

Bryant, Robin

Bryant, Ruth

Bryant, Sue

Buchanan, Alma

Buchanan, B

Buchanan, Barry

Buchanan, Colin

Buchanan, Dean

Buchanan, Edward

Buchanan, Ellen

Buchanan, Fred

Buchanan, Frederick

Buchanan, J.

Buchanan, J., Mrs

Buchanan, Jack

Buchanan, Janice

Buchanan, Ken

Buchanan, Lionel

Buchanan, M

Buchanan, M., Miss

Buchanan, Maureen

Buchanan, Mrs

Buchanan, Muriel

Buchanan, Neville

Buchanan, Patricia

Buchanan, Rebecca

Buchanan, Rod

Buchanan, Roy

Buchanan, Sandra

Buchanan, Ted

Buckley, Graham

Buckley, John

Buckley, Mr

Buckley, Mrs

Buckshire, Francis

Buckskin, Fred

Budge, Brian

Budney, Doreen

Bugg, Danny

Bugg, F.

Bugg, Freddie

Bugg, Gloria, 1949-

Bugg, Joe

Bugg, John

Buggs, John

Bugmy, Doreen

Bugmy, James

Bugmy, John

Bugmy, Joyce

Bugmy, Tom

Bulger, Sue

Bull, William

Bullaman, Cynthia

Bullaman, Daisy

Bullaman, Janet

Bullman, Clarence

Bullock, Duncan

Bullock, Edgar

Bullock, Jack

Bullock, Stewart

Bulsey, Betty

Bundi, 'Boysey'

Bundi, Merle

Bundle, Edward

Bundle, J., Mrs

Bundle, Jean

Bundle, Ken

Bundle, Mervyn

Bundock, Alice

Bundock, Arthur

Bundock, Francis

Bundock, Frank

Bundock, Ina

Bundock, May

Bungarry, Lena

Bungary, Lena

Bungary, Miss

Bungery, Mrs

Bungie, Cecil

Bungie, Isabel

Burke, C.

Burke, Les

Burke, Leslie, 1936-

Burke, Selina

Burke, Stephen

Burless, J. K.

Burless, J. K., Mrs

Burmine, Mrs

Burns, Arthur

Burns, Malcolm

Burns, Pearl

Burnum Burnum, 1936-1997

Burwick, Bill

Bush, Billy

Bush, Robert

Butcher, Bern

Butcher, John

Butler, Henrie

Butler, Kate

Butler, Katie

Butler, Len

Butler, Marjy

Butler, May

Butler, Mrs

Butler, Tom

Butler, William L

Butt, Mildred

Button, Albert

Button, Bill

Button, Dick

Button, Edna Jean

Button, Eileen

Button, Frederick

Button, Kate

Button, Mary

Button, Sid

Button, T.

Button, Tony

Button, Veronica

Buttons, Jimmy

Bux, Harold

Buyan, Buyan

Buzzacott, Minken

Byers, Freda, 1944-

Byers, Peter

Byers, Wally

Byers, Wally., Mrs

Byno, Dorothy

Byno, Jeanette

Byno, Josie

Byno, T., Mrs

Byno, Vera

Byrnes, Myrtle


Showing 170 names.

Cahill, Jim

Cain, Aubrey

Cain, Charlotte

Cain, Coral

Cain, Dennis

Cain, Denny

Cain, Diane

Cain, Edward

Cain, Eugene

Cain, Gail

Cain, George

Cain, Herrick

Cain, Herrick, Mrs

Cain, Jacqueline

Cain, Jim

Cain, Joe

Cain, Joe, Mrs

Cain, Joseph M.

Cain, Karen

Cain, 'Killer'

Cain, Leo

Cain, Leslie

Cain, Lorraine

Cain, Lyla

Cain, Mary Jane

Cain, Maureen

Cain, Maurice

Cain, Mervyn

Cain, Monica

Cain, Mrs

Cain, Myra

Cain, Nancy

Cain, Neville

Cain, Ronnie

Cain, Thomas Abel

Cain, Tommy

Cain, Vince

Cain, Violet M.

Caine, Lorraine

Caldwell, Andrew

Caldwell, Andrew, Mrs

Caldwell, Bill

Caldwell, Brian

Caldwell, Bryan

Caldwell, Colin

Caldwell, Florence

Caldwell, Konger

Caldwell, Mrs

Caldwell, Noel

Caldwell, Rachael

Caldwell, Robert

Callagan, Tom

Callaghan, M.

Callaghan, Margaret

Callaghan, Marge

Callaghan, Marie

Callaghan, Thomas

Calleghan, Phillip

Callen, Gwen

Cambell, Robin, 'Quartpot'

Camen, Asia

Cameron, Albert

Cameron, Beth

Cameron, Betty

Cameron, Donald

Cameron, Donald Victor

Cameron, Jean

Cameron, John

Cameron, Kathleen

Cameron, Ron

Cameron, Roy

Cameron, Ruth

Camin, Mabel Lillian

Camin, William

Campbell, A.

Campbell, A., Mrs

Campbell, Alice

Campbell, Bill

Campbell, Buster

Campbell, Carol

Campbell, Colin

Campbell, Coral

Campbell, Cyril

Campbell, Dick

Campbell, Donaleen

Campbell, Donna

Campbell, Donnaleen

Campbell, E.

Campbell, E., Mrs

Campbell, Elizabeth

Campbell, Ethel

Campbell, F., Mrs

Campbell, Frank

Campbell, George

Campbell, George, Mrs

Campbell, Gwen

Campbell, H. G., Mrs

Campbell, Ivy

Campbell, Jack

Campbell, Jimmy

Campbell, John

Campbell, M.

Campbell, Michelle

Campbell, Miss

Campbell, Mrs

Campbell, Myrna

Campbell, P.

Campbell, Patricia

Campbell, Paul

Campbell, Phyllis

Campbell, Raymond Charles

Campbell, Rene

Campbell, Rhonda

Campbell, Richard

Campbell, Robert, 1944-1993

Campbell, Robin

Campbell, Robyn

Campbell, Ruth

Campbell, S.

Campbell, Silvester

Campbell, Sylvester

Campbell, Thomas

Campbell, Tom

Campbell, Verna

Campbell, Willie

Cannane, A.

Cantrell, Carol

Canuto, Jim

Capeen, L., Mrs

Carberry, A., Mrs

Carberry, Charles Keith

Carberry, Dallas

Carberry, Daphne

Carberry, Dorothy

Carberry, E.

Carberry, Elaine

Carberry, Fred

Carberry, Gerald

Carberry, Joyce

Carberry, Keith

Carberry, Mrs

Carberry, Pauline

Carberry, Phillip

Carberry, Terry

Carberry, Terry, Mrs

Carberry, Yvonne May

Carbery, Gerald

Cargill, Billy

Cargill, Gail

Carlin, Matron

Carnage, Bonnie

Carney, Arnold Horace

Carney, Daisy

Carney, Darren

Carney, E. R.

Carney, Eric

Carney, Margaret, 1949-

Carney, Muriel

Carney, Patricia

Carney, Paul

Carney, Thomas, 1946-

Carney, Wilf

Carol, Shiralee Ann

Carpenter, Beryl

Carpenter, Cherlyn

Carpenter, Chery

Carpenter, Cheryl

Carpenter, Dave

Carpenter, Harry

Carpenter, Kathy

Carpenter, Morrie

Carpenter, Morris

Carpenter, Mr

Carpenter, Mrs

Carpenter, Tom

Carpenter, Violet

Carr, Andrew

Carr, Arthur

Carr, Bruce

Carr, Claudia

Carr, Emily

Carr, Henry, Mrs

Carr, Ima

Carr, Mrs

Carr, R.

Carr, Ray

Carr, Susie

Carr, Thelma

Carr, Tom

Carr, Tommy

Carr, W. E.

Carr, Wally, 1954-

Carr, Wayne

Carr, William

Carr, William, Mrs

Carriage, Ettie

Carriage, Ron

Carrol, Johnny

Carroll, Bruce

Carroll, C., Mrs

Carroll, Charlie

Carroll, Doug

Carroll, Douglas

Carroll, Isabel Jean

Carroll, John

Carroll, Lorretta

Carroll, Lyle

Carroll, R.

Carroll, Roger

Carroll, Roy

Carroll, Roy, Mrs

Carstairs, Mrs

Carswell, Ray

Carter, Billie

Carter, Cec

Carter, Cecil

Carter, Cecil 'Nick'

Carter, Cheryl

Carter, Cliff

Carter, Cynthia

Carter, Elsie

Carter, Flo

Carter, Fred

Carter, Gordon

Carter, Jean

Carter, Ken

Carter, Kenneth

Carter, Kevin

Carter, Nicholas James

Carter, Ted

Carter, Tommy

Carter, Vera

Carter, Wally

Case, Bob

Casey, Noeline

Cassell, Leonie

Castle, Kay

Castle, Kerry

Castoas, Theresa

Caterson, Mr

Cattermole, Ngarie

Cavanagh, Ella

Cavanagh, George

Cavanagh, Josephine

Cavanagh, Suzanne

Cavanaugh, Baby

Cavanaugh, Clive

Cavanaugh, Clive, Mrs

Cavanaugh, George Vouden

Cavanough, Cynthia

Cavanough, Rachael

Cavanough, Sandra

Cavanough, Thelma Grace

Chapman, D.

Chapman, Danny

Chapman, David

Chapman, Des

Chapman, Elva

Chapman, Eva

Chapman, Fr

Chapman, Frances

Chapman, Helen

Chapman, Henry

Chapman, Ivan

Chapman, Jack

Chapman, Jim

Chapman, Joe

Chapman, Joe, Mrs

Chapman, Pat

Chapman, Patricia

Chapman, Robert

Chapman, Rosie

Chapman, Tim

Charles, Alwyn

Charles, Betty

Charles, Bill

Charles, Billy

Charles, Brenda

Charles, Christie

Charles, Christine

Charles, David

Charles, David Samuel

Charles, Elaine

Charles, Ester

Charles, Herb

Charles, Herbert

Charles, Isabel

Charles, Jack

Charles, James

Charles, Les

Charles, M., Mrs

Charles, Margaret

Charles, Mrs

Charles, Naomi

Charles, Nellie

Charles, Nola

Charles, Norah

Charles, Priscilla

Charles, Rita

Charles, Robbie

Charles, Stephenie

Charles, Willliam

Charles, Yvonne

Charlton, Betty

Chataway, Garry

Chatfield, Bill

Chatfield, Bill, Jr

Chatfield, Billy

Chatfield, Cynthia

Chatfield, Daniel

Chatfield, Dawn

Chatfield, Don

Chatfield, Donald

Chatfield, Eliza J.

Chatfield, George

Chatfield, John, 1946-

Chatfield, Lynette

Chatfield, Muriel

Chatfield, Nerida

Chatfield, Pauline, 1950-

Chatfield, Peter

Chatfield, Richard

Chatfield, Stanley

Chatfield, Toad

Chatfield, Toad, Mrs

Chatfield, William

Chatfield, William Thomas

Chatfield, William, Mrs

Chesworth, A. S.

Childs, Beverley

Chisholm, P.

Chiswick, Barbara

Christian, Alec

Christian, Alec, Mrs

Christian, Alex

Christian, Cheryl

Christian, Clem

Christian, Ethel

Christian, Gregory, 1946-

Christian, Lindsay

Christian, Trevor

Christy, Pauline

Churchill, Clive

Churnside, Jill

Cladwell, Joan

Clarence, Des

Clark, B., Mrs

Clark, Barbara

Clark, Bob

Clark, Dave

Clark, David

Clark, Emrose

Clark, Francis

Clark, Gwen

Clark, Irene

Clark, Jacky

Clark, Jim

Clark, Jimmy

Clark, Julianne

Clark, Les

Clark, Mabel

Clark, Malcolm

Clark, Marlene

Clark, Mary

Clark, Mavis

Clark, N., Mrs

Clark, Noel

Clark, Noeline

Clark, Pam

Clark, Pat

Clark, Rhonda

Clark, Robert

Clark, Tom

Clark, Wattie

Clark, Watty

Clark, Zetta

Clarke, Alan

Clarke, Arnold

Clarke, Arthur

Clarke, Barbara

Clarke, Bruce

Clarke, Cliff

Clarke, David

Clarke, Dwain

Clarke, Eileen

Clarke, Emrose

Clarke, Eric

Clarke, France

Clarke, G.

Clarke, Gwen

Clarke, H.

Clarke, Helen

Clarke, Irene

Clarke, Janelle

Clarke, Jim

Clarke, Joe

Clarke, Joyce

Clarke, Julianne

Clarke, Julie

Clarke, Lyal

Clarke, Lyall

Clarke, Marilyn

Clarke, Marion

Clarke, Mary

Clarke, Mavis, 1936-

Clarke, Melva

Clarke, Merl

Clarke, Merle

Clarke, Mervyn

Clarke, Mr

Clarke, Mrs

Clarke, Nancy

Clarke, Nelly

Clarke, Noeline

Clarke, Paddy

Clarke, Pam

Clarke, Pat

Clarke, Rex

Clarke, Sheila

Clarke, Shirley

Clarke, Ted

Clarke, Thomas

Clarke, Tom

Clarke, Val

Clarke, Vicki

Clarke, Walter

Clarke, Watty

Clarke, Zetta

Clarke, Zita

Clarkson, Colin

Clarkson, K.

Clarkson, Kathleen

Clayton, Al

Clayton, Cec

Clayton, Cecil Robert

Clayton, Cecil, 1949-

Clayton, Christine

Clayton, Fay

Clayton, Iris, 1945-

Clayton, Mrs

Clayton, Norma

Clayton, Penny

Clayton, Rosie

Clayton, T.

Clayton, Thomas

Clayton, Tom

Clegg, Marjorie

Clements, Jimmy

Clements, Margaret

Clements, Theresa Priscilla

Clint, Alf

Clos, Kenneth

Close, Amos

Close, Amos, Mrs

Close, Arthur

Close, Bertha

Close, Bob

Close, Bonnie

Close, Carl

Close, Diane

Close, George

Close, Grace

Close, Joan

Close, John

Close, Lola

Close, Lorna

Close, M. T.

Close, Maria

Close, Mary

Close, Merrick

Close, Ralf

Close, Ralph

Close, Rhonda

Close, Richard

Close, Rory

Close, T., Sr

Close, Tom

Close, Tom, Mrs

Close, Tom, Sr

Close, Tommy

Close, Valma

Close, Wilfred

Coates, Bernard

Cobbs, Duncan

Cobby, Audrey

Cochran, Steve

Cochrane, A.

Cochrane, Anne

Cochrane, Elizabeth

Cochrane, Janice

Cochrane, Kathleen

Cochrane, Martin

Cochrane, Mary

Cochrane, May

Cochrane, N.

Cochrane, Norma

Cochrane, Yvonne

Cocks, L. H

Cocks, L. H., Mrs

Coe, Agnes, 1938-1938

Coe, Ann

Coe, Ann Pauline

Coe, Annette

Coe, Annette Elizabeth

Coe, Baby

Coe, Betty

Coe, Beverley Gertrude

Coe, Charlie

Coe, Deyan

Coe, Harold

Coe, Isabell

Coe, L. J.

Coe, L. J., Mrs

Coe, Les

Coe, Leslie

Coe, Leslie (Child)

Coe, Leslie June

Coe, Lindsay, 1932-

Coe, Melinda Jean

Coe, Paul, 1949-

Coe, Pauline

Coe, Tilly

Coe, Tommy

Coe, Wally

Coffee, Leo

Coffee, Toni

Coffey, Albert

Coffey, Bill

Coffey, Billy

Coffey, Essie, 1942-1998

Coffey, Frances

Coffey, Frank

Coffey, George

Coffey, Jack

Coffey, Jo Ann

Coffey, Sharon

Coffin, Peter

Coffy, George

Cohen, Alf

Cohen, Alfie

Cohen, Barrie

Cohen, Barry

Cohen, Bill, 1917-1983

Cohen, Bill, Mrs

Cohen, Chrissie

Cohen, Clarice

Cohen, Darcy

Cohen, George

Cohen, Greta

Cohen, Jack

Cohen, Laurel

Cohen, Lawrence

Cohen, Mervyn

Cohen, Neville

Cohen, Red

Cohen, Rod

Cohen, Roderick

Cohen, Ron

Cohen, Shirley

Cohen, T.

Cohen, Victor

Cohen, W.

Cohen, Wilma

Colbran, Irene

Colbung, Ken, 1931-

Cole, Mrs

Coleman, Eileen

Coleman, Glen

Coleman, Suzy

Colless, Margaret

Colless, Olive

Colley, Albert

Collins, Alma

Collins, Aloma

Collins, Bob

Collins, Burwood

Collins, Dolly

Collins, Donald

Collins, Elaine

Collins, Florence

Collins, Frederick, 1936-

Collins, Gloria

Collins, L. Miss

Collins, Mervyn

Collins, Randell

Collins, Robert

Collins, Trevor

Collis, Caroline

Collis, Olive

Colliss, Olive

Combardello, Tom

Combo, Bessie

Combo, Clarence

Combo, Clyde

Combo, Dorothea

Combo, Dorothy

Combo, Douglas

Combo, Elaine

Combo, Elva

Combo, Jack

Combo, Janet

Combo, Kathleen

Combo, Lee

Combo, Marlene

Combo, Richard

Combo, Rosie

Committees, Parliamentary

Compton, Athol

Condie, Mr

Condon, Jeff

Conlan, Mrs

Connell, Johnny

Connelly, Doris Rose

Connelly, G.

Connelly, Wilfred

Connolly, Frank

Connolly, Lindsay

Connolly, Linsey

Connolly, Wilfred

Connor, Clarice

Connor, Don

Connors, Angus

Connors, Anthony

Connors, Arnold

Connors, Barbara

Connors, Beryl

Connors, Celia

Connors, Charlie

Connors, Doris

Connors, Ellen

Connors, F.

Connors, F., Mrs

Connors, Frank

Connors, Gordon

Connors, H.

Connors, Harry

Connors, Harvey

Connors, Hilda

Connors, Ivy

Connors, Jacqueline

Connors, Joy

Connors, Keith

Connors, Linda

Connors, Marilyn

Connors, Mervyn

Connors, Morris

Connors, Mr

Connors, Mrs

Connors, Raymond

Connors, Roderick

Connors, Ross

Connors, Roy

Connors, Ruth

Connors, Sandra

Connors, Sharon

Connors, Valda

Connors, Vicki

Connors, Vincent

Conolly, Mervyn

Considine, Don

Constable, R.

Constable, R., Mrs

Cook, Alfred

Cook, Angelina

Cook, Baby

Cook, Clarrie

Cook, Clarry

Cook, Cliff

Cook, Diana

Cook, Dianne

Cook, Emma J.

Cook, Ernest

Cook, Fay

Cook, Glen

Cook, Henry George

Cook, Horrie

Cook, Horrie, Mrs

Cook, Irene

Cook, Jack

Cook, Jack 'Poppa'

Cook, Jack, Mrs

Cook, Jenny

Cook, Kay

Cook, Lewis

Cook, M. H.

Cook, Micky

Cook, Mr

Cook, Mrs

Cook, Noma, Mrs

Cook, 'Pancho'

Cook, 'Papa'

Cook, Pat

Cook, Patricia

Cook, Ricky

Cook, Ron

Cook, Ron, Mrs

Cook, Sharon

Cook, Susan

Cook, Sydney

Cook, Sydney James

Cook, Tony

Cook, Walter

Cook, William

Cooke, Cliff

Cooke, Dianne

Cooke, Gail

Cooke, Vera

Cooley, B.

Cooley, Dulcie

Cooley, Irene

Cooley, L., Mrs

Cooley, M.

Cooley, Maria

Cooley, Merv

Cooley, Mervyn

Cooley, Mrs

Coombes, Basil

Coombes, Cecil

Coombes, Elizabeth

Coombes, Hilda

Coombes, J.

Coombes, J., Mrs

Coombes, Jack

Coombes, Jennifer

Coombes, Mareline

Coombes, Marlene

Coombes, Mary

Coombes, Mollie, Mrs

Coombes, Molly

Coombes, Norman

Coombes, Patsie

Coombes, Penny

Coombes, Roger

Coombes, Ruth

Coombes, S.

Coombes, Shirley

Coombes, Valerie

Coombs, Dawn

Coombs, Keith, 1943-

Coombs, Margaret

Coombs, Sheila

Coombs, Wal

Coon, Clara

Cooney, Joan

Cooper, A.

Cooper, Alan

Cooper, Alb

Cooper, Albert

Cooper, Annette

Cooper, Beverley

Cooper, Bonny

Cooper, Daisy

Cooper, Deborah

Cooper, Des

Cooper, Geoff

Cooper, Jeff

Cooper, John, Mrs

Cooper, Lola

Cooper, Malcolm

Cooper, Marilyn

Cooper, Mrs

Cooper, Nola

Cooper, Ruby

Cooper, Ted

Copeland, Bill

Copeland, John

Copeland, John, Mrs

Copeland, Ken

Copeland, Michael Anthony

Copeland, Robert

Copper, Allan 'Boomps'

Core, Bertha

Core, Esther, Mrs

Core, Leonie

Core, Vickie

Cork, Alfred

Corowa, Carmelia

Corowa, Esther

Corowa, Felcia

Corowa, Leslie

Corowa, Leslie, Mrs

Corpus, Aileen

Cosgrove, V.

Costello, Alice

Cottrell, Lester

Court, Johanna O'Dea

Cousens, Victoria

Cowan, George Ernest

Cowan, Nancy

Cowan, Vincent

Cowley, L. B.

Cowling, Bella

Cowling, Fred

Cox, Isabel

Cox, Sheila

Crabb, S. T.

Crabb, S. T., Mrs

Crage, Chris

Craig, Anita

Craig, Carol

Craig, Fay

Craig, John

Craig, Kim

Craig, Lewis

Craig, Maria

Craig, Marie

Craig, Reg

Craig, Rhonda

Craigh, Jack

Craigie, Bill

Craigie, David

Craigie, Dorothy

Craigie, E., Mrs

Craigie, Eric

Craigie, Eric, Mrs

Craigie, Fred

Craigie, Jennifer Grace

Craigie, Joseph

Craigie, Lynn

Craigie, Margaret

Craigie, Pamela

Craigie, S.

Craigie, Wendy, 1956-

Craigie, Zona

Crane, J., Mrs

Crane, Paddy

Crawford, Evelyn

Crawford, Harold William

Crawford, Jim

Crawford, Lawrence

Crawford, Lesley

Crawford, Sue Anne

Crawford, Verena

Cray, Marie

Cready, Norman

Creighton, Pam

Crimmings, Ted

Crisp, Betty

Crissy, C.

Croaker, Denise

Croaker, Malcolm

Croaker, Neil

Croft, Mr

Crofts, Joe

Croker, Albert

Croker, Mr

Cromalin, Christine

Crome, Bill

Cromelin, Christine

Cromelin, G.

Cromelin, Greg

Cromelin, Harry

Cromlin, Gregory

Cropper, Mr

Cropper, Mrs

Cross, Annie

Cross, Joy

Cross, Peggy

Cross, Rosslyn

Crow, Alf

Crow, Noreen

Crowchild, David

Crowe, Carol

Crowe, Dudley

Crowe, Henry

Crowe, Hilda

Crowe, John

Crowe, Phillis

Crowe, Robyn

Cruikshank, Eddie

Cruise, Francis

Cruise, Percy

Crummy, Thelma

Cruse, Ben

Cruse, Dennis

Cruse, Frank

Cruse, Isaac

Cruse, L., Mrs

Cruse, Margaret

Cruse, Mrs

Cruse, Noeline

Cruse, Ossie

Cruse, Phyllis

Cruse, Sarah

Cubby, Bertram

Cubby, Bungo (Charlie) King

Cubby, Charlie

Cubby, Christine

Cubby, Clive

Cubby, George

Cubby, George Edward

Cubby, Kate

Cubby, Malcolm

Cubby, Mick

Cubby, Nert

Cubby, Ray

Cubby, Sid

Cubby, Ted

Cubby, Teddy

Cubby, Tessie

Cubby, Zonda

Cubbyn, Teddy

Culham, Ruth

Culimore, Max

Cullen, Marlene

Cullen, Stan

Cummings, Lily

Cummings, Merle

Cummins, G.

Cummins, Merle

Cummins, Myrtle

Cummins, Silby

Cunningham, Elma

Cunningham, Henry

Cunningham, Hilda

Cunningham, Ida

Cunningham, Kelvin

Cunningham, L., Mrs

Cunningham, Sydney

Cunningham, Una

Cunningham, Vicky

Cunningham, Willie

Curl, Margaret

Curran, John

Currey, Beverly

Currey, Frances

Currey, Katrina

Currey, Marie

Currie, Cedric

Currie, D.

Currie, David

Currie, Delma

Currie, Francis

Currie, Gloria

Currie, Mr

Currie, Mrs

Currie, Patricia

Currrey, Annette

Curtis, Jim

Cutmore, Alan

Cutmore, Alan, Mrs

Cutmore, Alana

Cutmore, Alf

Cutmore, Betty

Cutmore, Bill

Cutmore, Bob

Cutmore, Carol

Cutmore, Clive

Cutmore, Clyde

Cutmore, Gladys

Cutmore, Glen

Cutmore, Gloria

Cutmore, Harry

Cutmore, Harry, Mrs

Cutmore, James

Cutmore, Jenny

Cutmore, K.

Cutmore, Kenneth

Cutmore, Laurel

Cutmore, Lola

Cutmore, Mac

Cutmore, Margaret

Cutmore, Max

Cutmore, Maxie

Cutmore, Mr

Cutmore, Mrs

Cutmore, Peggy

Cutmore, Roley

Cutmore, Roly

Cutmore, Rowley

Cutmore, Trixie


Showing 96 names.

D'Arcy, Margaret

Daisy, Charlie

Daisy, G., Mrs

Daisy, J., Mrs

Dajarra (Mount Isa, Qld.)

Daley, Bob

Daley, Colin

Daley, David

Daley, Don

Daley, Don, Jr

Daley, Don, Mrs

Daley, Donald

Daley, Douglas

Daley, Edna

Daley, Geineo

Daley, Gracie

Daley, Gwen

Daley, Hazel

Daley, Heather

Daley, Helen

Daley, Hilda

Daley, Jack

Daley, James

Daley, Janet

Daley, Janey

Daley, Janey Balser

Daley, Jimmy

Daley, Joan

Daley, L.

Daley, Laura

Daley, Lionel

Daley, Lynette

Daley, Margaret

Daley, Marie

Daley, Marilyn

Daley, Marlene

Daley, Michael

Daley, Mrs

Daley, Nora

Daley, Norman

Daley, Pauline

Daley, Peter

Daley, Tom

Daley, Warren

Dalley, Lynette

Daly, Harry

Daly, Marie

Daly, Michael

Daly, Wesley

Daniel, David

Daniel, Zonda

Daniels, Clancy

Daniels, Dexter

Daniels, Max

Daniels, Zonda

Darcy, Christine

Darcy, George Alfred

Darcy, H., Mrs

Darcy, Harriet

Darcy, Harry Victor

Darcy, Judith

Darcy, June

Darcy, L. K.

Darcy, L., Mrs

Darcy, Les

Darcy, Leslie

Darcy, Leslie Kenneth

Darcy, Lorraine

Darcy, Margaret Joyce

Darcy, Michael Richard

Darcy, Percy

Darcy, Victor

Dargan, Cindy

Dargan, Paul

Dargan, Paul, Mrs

Dargin, Anne

Dargin, Ernest, 1944-

Dargin, Jack

Dargin, K.

Dargin, Kathy

Dargin, Keith

Dargin, Lila

Dargin, Lorna

Dargin, P.

Dargin, Paul

Dates, Leonard Andrew

David, Harry

Davidson, Kay

Davidson, M.

Davidson, M., Mrs

Davidson, Percival James

Davies, Christine

Davies, Joan

Davies, Kerry

Davies, Ron

Davis, A.

Davis, Agnes

Davis, Allen, Mrs

Davis, Alma

Davis, Angeline

Davis, Arnold

Davis, Athol

Davis, Baby

Davis, Betty

Davis, Bob

Davis, Bobby

Davis, C.

Davis, Carlene

Davis, Carmel

Davis, Christine

Davis, Colin

Davis, Cyril

Davis, Danny

Davis, 'Digger'

Davis, Dinky

Davis, Doris

Davis, E., Mrs

Davis, Edna

Davis, Edward

Davis, Ellen

Davis, Eric

Davis, Eric 'Basher'

Davis, Ethel

Davis, F.

Davis, Fay, 1940-

Davis, Geoff

Davis, George, 1922-2003

Davis, Greg

Davis, Greg, Mrs

Davis, Hazel

Davis, Henry

Davis, Jack, 1917-2000

Davis, Jim

Davis, Joe

Davis, Judy

Davis, Kathleen

Davis, Kenny

Davis, L.

Davis, Lena

Davis, Lewis

Davis, Lou

Davis, M.

Davis, Malcolm

Davis, Malcolm James

Davis, Margaret

Davis, Marjorie

Davis, Monica

Davis, Mrs

Davis, N.

Davis, Nellie

Davis, Nita

Davis, P., Mrs

Davis, Patricia

Davis, Paulette

Davis, Percy

Davis, Peter

Davis, Phyllis

Davis, R.

Davis, Ray

Davis, Richard

Davis, Robert

Davis, Robyn

Davis, Ron

Davis, Ronnie

Davis, Roslyn

Davis, S.

Davis, Sam

Davis, Sid

Davis, Sue

Davis, Susan

Davis, Tarlene

Davis, Tom

Davis, Tommy

Davis, Tracy Ann

Davis, Wendy

Davis, Will

Davis, Wilma

Davis, Yvonne

Davison, Cheryl

Davison, Colin

Davison, D., Mrs

Davison, Dennis

Davison, Derek

Davison, Errol

Davison, J.

Davison, Janna

Davison, Marie

Davison, Mary

Davison, Mervyn

Davison, Michelle

Davison, Thomas

Dawson, L., Mrs

Dawson, Stuart

Day, Edgar

Day, Edward

Day, Henry

Day, Henry, Mrs

Day, Herbert

Day, Joe

Day, John

Day, Lona

Day, Margaret

Day, Maurice

Day, Melva

Day, Mrs

Day, Muriel

Day, Ralph, 1941-

Day, Rhonda

Day, Robert

Day, Valma, 1947-

Day, Veronica

Day, Wesley

Daylight, Phyliss

De Rome, Ellen

Degges, Kevin

Delaney, Colin J.

Delaney, Dea

Delaney, John

Denis, Johanna

Denley, Val

Dennawal, Barry

Dennis, Daniel

Dennis, David

Dennis, Diana

Dennis, Diane

Dennis, Dianne

Dennis, Douglas James

Dennis, Dudley , 1909-1977

Dennis, Dudley John

Dennis, Dulcie

Dennis, Edna

Dennis, Frank

Dennis, Ian

Dennis, Ida

Dennis, Joanna

Dennis, John

Dennis, Keith

Dennis, Ken

Dennis, Lawrence

Dennis, Lola

Dennis, Marga

Dennis, Margaret

Dennis, Michael

Dennis, Murie

Dennis, Muriel

Dennis, Pauline, 1935-

Dennis, Peter

Dennis, Rhonda

Dennis, Rhonda June

Dennis, Rose

Dennis, Stephen

Dennis, Susie

Dennis, Vanessa

Dennison, Albert

Dennison, Charles

Dennison, Charles, Jr

Dennison, Charlie

Dennison, Clarence

Dennison, Dawn

Dennison, Ida

Dennison, Jack

Dennison, Julie

Dennison, Juliette

Dennison, Kathleen

Dennison, Kathy

Dennison, L.

Dennison L., Mrs

Dennison, Leila

Dennison, Les

Dennison, Lloyd

Dennison, Lyall

Dennison, Mavis

Dennison, Mitzi

Dennison, Priscilla

Dennison, Victor

Dennison, Victor, Sr

Derrick, Sandra

Derry, Edward

Devitt, Shane

Dewhurst, Tony

Dickerson, John

Dickson, Alan

Dickson, Allen

Dickson, Cecil

Dickson, Evelyn

Dickson, Harold

Dickson, James

Dickson, Joan

Dickson, Kevin

Dickson, Lewis

Dickson, Lynette

Dickson, Pam

Dickson, Pat

Dickson, Patricia

Dillon, Jim

Dillon, John

Dillon, Mat

Dingle, Arthur

Dingle, Leslie

Dingle, Margaret

Dingle, May

Dipon, Tony

Dixon, Ada

Dixon, Alex

Dixon, Arthur Roy

Dixon, Barry

Dixon, Bill

Dixon, Brenda

Dixon, Chicka, 1928-

Dixon, Claude

Dixon, Debbie

Dixon, Dennis

Dixon, Diane

Dixon, Doug

Dixon, E., Mrs

Dixon, Edna

Dixon, Elaine

Dixon, Elva

Dixon, Eric

Dixon, Glenda

Dixon, H., Mrs

Dixon, Joe

Dixon, Joe, Mrs

Dixon, John

Dixon, Joyce

Dixon, Ken

Dixon, Kevin

Dixon, Kim

Dixon, Les

Dixon, Les, Mrs

Dixon, Leslie

Dixon, Lorna, c1911-1976

Dixon, Marg

Dixon, Max

Dixon, Mervy

Dixon, Mrs

Dixon, Myrtle

Dixon, Neville

Dixon, Noelene

Dixon, Pat

Dixon, Patricia

Dixon, Sonny

Dixon, Tony

Dixon, Wally

Dixon, Walter

Dixon, Walter, Mrs

Dixon, Warwick

Dixon, Wilson

Djalkabotta, Tjetta

Dobson, Cheryl

Doctor, Archie

Dodd, Arthur

Dodd, Charles

Dodd, Charlie

Dodd, Clem

Dodd, Coral

Dodd, Davey

Dodd, Kathleen

Dodd, Louisa

Dodd, Margaret

Dodd, Rangi Alfred

Dodd, Ruby

Dodd, Steve

Dodd, Sylvia

Dodd, Victor

Dodds, Amelia

Dodds, Charles

Dodds, Charles, Mrs

Dodds, Clem

Dodds, Percy

Dodds, Susan

Dodds, William

Dodson, Patrick, 1947-

Dolen, Brenda

Dolen, Leon

Domaczy, Therese

Don, Granjira

Donaczy, Dezo

Donaldson, Christopher

Donasczy, Tess

Donavan, Carol

Dongup, Henry

Donnelly, Alf

Donnelly, Alfred

Donnelly, Blondie

Donnelly, Colleen

Donnelly, Dick

Donnelly, Eric

Donnelly, L, Miss

Donnelly, Linda

Donnelly, Lionel

Donnelly, Loretta

Donnelly, Mona

Donnelly, Richard

Donnelly, Stephanie

Donnelly, Trevor

Donnelly, Valerie

Donnelly, Wally

Donnelly, Warren

Donnelly, Willie

Donnelly, Willy

Donnely, Willy

Donovan, Agnes

Donovan, Albert

Donovan, Alice

Donovan, Amos

Donovan, Bert

Donovan, Beverley

Donovan, C.

Donovan, Carol

Donovan, Caroline

Donovan, Cawlan

Donovan, Cecil

Donovan, Charles

Donovan, Dot

Donovan, Eileen

Donovan, Hilton

Donovan, Hilton Gregory

Donovan, J. V.

Donovan, Jimmy

Donovan, Joseph, 1949-2001

Donovan, Judy

Donovan, Julie

Donovan, Kerry

Donovan, M.

Donovan, M., Mrs

Donovan, Margaret, 1933-

Donovan, Marie

Donovan, Mervyn

Donovan, Mick

Donovan, Neville

Donovan, Pat

Donovan, Patricia

Donovan, Richard

Donovan, Robin Diane

Donovan, Ron

Donovan, Ross

Donovan, Sharon

Donovan, Shauney

Donovan, Shirley

Donovan, Terry

Donovan, Tom

Donovan, Twins

Donovan, Valma

Donovan, Viva

Donovan, W.

Donovan, William

Donovan, Winnie

Dool, Eileen

Doolagry, Joe

Doolan, Barbara

Doolan, Bruce

Doolan, Colin

Doolan, Daisy

Doolan, Danny

Doolan, Dennis

Doolan, Elizabeth

Doolan, Ernie

Doolan, Francis

Doolan, Garry

Doolan, Geoffrey

Doolan, Henry

Doolan, Hubert

Doolan, Jeff

Doolan, Josephine

Doolan, June

Doolan, Lorna

Doolan, Lynette

Doolan, May

Doolan, Mrs

Doolan, Peter

Doolan,' Possum'

Doolan, Roddina

Doolan, Rodney

Doolan, Susan

Doolan, Terrance

Doolan, Terry

Doolan, Warren

Doole, L.

Doole, Lorna

Dooley, Tom

Dotti, Agnes

Dotti, Chris

Dotti, Donna

Dotti, E.

Dotti, E., Mrs

Dotti, Edna

Dotti, Eric

Dotti, Ivy

Dotti, L.

Dotti, Lucy

Dotti, Sam

Dotti, Tangerine

Dougal, Grandson

Douglas, G., Mrs

Douglas, Stephen

Dowd, Annette

Dowd, Brian

Dowe, Vicar

Dowled, Carol

Dowling, Merryn

Doyle, Edward

Doyle, Frank

Doyle, Harold

Doyle, Harry

Doyle, Keith

Doyle, Laurel

Doyle, Lorel

Doyle, Neville

Draper, A.

Draper, Bert, c1898-1976

Draper, Ellen

Draper, Helen

Draper, Julia

Draper, Roger

Draper, Shirley

Draper, Sira

Drew, Alf

Drew, B.

Drew, Betty

Drew, Billy

Drew, Harry

Drew, Ida

Drew, Kathleen

Drew, L.

Drew, Leonie

Drew, Lynette

Drew, Phyllis

Drew, Sam

Drew, Sheila

Driver, Yvonne

Du Bois, Roy

Ducket, Jacky

Duckett, Daisy

Duckett, Harry

Duckett, Priscilla

Duggan, Alan

Duke, Barry James

Duke, Bill

Duke, Charlotte

Duke, Daphne

Duke, Dulcie

Duke, Edith

Duke, H.

Duke, Harold

Duke, Harold Ernest

Duke, Jim

Duke, Jim, Mrs

Duke, Judy

Duke, M.

Duke, Michael

Duke, Mrs

Duke, N.

Duke, P., Mrs

Duke, Shirley

Duke, Stephanie

Duke, Stephen Edward, Jr

Duke, Steve

Duke, Wayne

Dumas, Agnes

Dumas, Maria

Dumas, Marie

Dumas, Percy

Duncan, A.T.

Duncan, Alan

Duncan, Albert

Duncan, Allan

Duncan, Ann

Duncan, Arthur

Duncan, Barbara

Duncan, Bernadette

Duncan, Bubby

Duncan, Buddy

Duncan, 'Cad'

Duncan, Charles

Duncan, Colleen, 1945-

Duncan, E.

Duncan, Eileen

Duncan, Elizabeth

Duncan, Ena, 1948-

Duncan, Eva

Duncan H., Mrs

Duncan, Hannah

Duncan, John

Duncan, Joy

Duncan, Joybell

Duncan, Kevin

Duncan, M., Mrs

Duncan, Michael

Duncan, Mrs

Duncan, N.

Duncan, Norman

Duncan, Norman, Mrs

Duncan, P.

Duncan, Pam

Duncan, Priscilla

Duncan, Walter

Duncan, Zella

Dundas, Cecil

Dundas, Terry

Dungay, Cindy

Dungay, Hector

Dungay, John

Dungay, Marie

Dungay, Peggy

Dungay, Rosalie

Dungay, Russell

Dungy, Kathleen

Dunn, Anthony

Dunn, Arnold

Dunn, C.

Dunn, Cliff

Dunn, Edgar Cain

Dunn, Henry

Dunn, Herbert

Dunn, Jan

Dunn, Joan

Dunn, Johnny

Dunn, Malcolm

Dunn, Phyllis

Dunn, Victor

Dunne, Denise

Dunne, Pat

Dunning, Bob

Dupan, Mr

Dupen, Mr

Dupen, Mrs

Duren, Ernie

Durham, Mr

Durnam, Audrey Jane

Durouv, Livinia

Durouv, Tom

Duroux, Angela

Duroux, Lavina

Duroux, Lavinia

Duroux, Mary, 1934-

Duroux, Maurice

Duroux, Tom

Duroux, W., Mrs

Dutti, Margaret

Dutton, Charlie

Dutton, Hilda

Dutton, James

Dutton, Norma

Duyker, Terry

Dynevor, Jeffrey, 1938-


Showing 27 names.

Eastwood, Danny

Eastwood, L., Miss

Ebsworth, Barry

Ebsworth, Betty

Ebsworth, Jacqueline

Ebsworth, Loretta

Ebsworth, Lorraine

Ebsworth, Martin

Eckford, Neville

Edge, Mrs

Edward, Lola

Edwards, Alfred

Edwards, Alice

Edwards, Arthur

Edwards, Bernie

Edwards, Betty

Edwards, Brenda

Edwards, Brian

Edwards, C

Edwards, C.

Edwards, Charles

Edwards, Charlie

Edwards, Charlie, Mrs

Edwards, Charmaine

Edwards, Coral

Edwards, Daphne

Edwards, Dawn

Edwards, Denise, 1956-

Edwards, Dennis

Edwards, Dinah

Edwards, Doris

Edwards, Dulcie, 1934-

Edwards, Edie

Edwards, Edna

Edwards, Eileen

Edwards, F.

Edwards, Fay

Edwards, G. A.

Edwards, Gail

Edwards, Gordon

Edwards, Hector

Edwards, Jack

Edwards, Jennifer

Edwards, Jordan

Edwards, Joy

Edwards, Kay

Edwards, Len

Edwards, Lois

Edwards, Lola, 1946-

Edwards, Lorella

Edwards, Marie

Edwards, Mary

Edwards, Michael

Edwards, N.

Edwards, Nina

Edwards, Noel, 1945-

Edwards, Pat

Edwards, Patricia

Edwards, Robert

Edwards, Vic


Egan, Barbara

Egan, F.

Egan, Frederick

Egan, Robert, 1934-1999

Eggins, Barbara

Eggins, Evonne

Eggins, Margaret

Eggins, Yvonne

Eggmolesse, John

Elemes, Christine, 1958-

Elemes, Johnn

Elemes, Lynette

Elemes, Teresa

Elizabeth II, Queen of Great Britain

Elkin, Adolphus Peter, 1891-1979

Ellem, Greg

Elliott, Hope

Elliott, Jane

Elliott, Maisie

Ellis, Betty

Ellis, Bruce

Ellis, Charlie

Ellis, Ernie

Ellis, George

Ellis, Gerald

Ellis, Gerard

Ellis, Gerard, Mrs

Ellis, Gloria

Ellis, Harriet, 1944-

Ellis, Harry

Ellis, Joyce

Ellis, Lexie

Ellis, Mrs

Ellis, Norma

Ellis, Rachael

Ellis, Ray

Ellis, Raymond

Ellis, Richard

Ellis, Suzy Helen

Ellis, Victor

Ellsworthe, Lorna

Ellwood, Ashley

Ellwood, Neil

Elwood, Dawn

Elwood, Fay

Elwood, Gwen

Elwood, Ted

Emery, Mrs

Emzin, Graham

Emzin, Kay

Essington, Dennis

Evans, Joy

Evans, Lindsay

Evans, Lindsay, Mrs

Evans, R. G., Mrs

Eveleigh Street (Redfern, N.S.W,)

Everingham, H.

Everingham, Harry

Everingham, Mr

Exton, Bert

Exton, Les

Exton, Richard

Exton, Violet

Eyre, Phil


Showing 64 names.

Fairhurst, J.

Fairhurst, L.

Falconer, Bob

Fardner, Keith

Fardner, Margaret

Fardner, Sylvia

Farrant, Christine

Farrant, Joan, 1942-

Farrant, John

Farrant, Lorna

Farrant, Vincent

Farrell, Leslie Douglas Henry

Farrer, Billy

Faulkiner, Alfred

Faulkner, Colin

Faulkner, Helen

Fazeldene, Joan

Fell, Kathy

Ferguson, A.

Ferguson, Allan

Ferguson, Allen

Ferguson, Andrew

Ferguson, Andy

Ferguson, Arthur

Ferguson, Arthur, Mrs

Ferguson, Barbara, 1952-

Ferguson, Beryl

Ferguson, Bessie

Ferguson, Bill

Ferguson, Blanche

Ferguson, Christine

Ferguson, Clarrie

Ferguson, Desmond

Ferguson, Dianna

Ferguson, Duncan

Ferguson, Eric

Ferguson, Evelyn

Ferguson, Frank

Ferguson, Fred

Ferguson, Gladys

Ferguson, Heather Leigh

Ferguson, Hilda, 1940-

Ferguson, Irene

Ferguson, James

Ferguson, Jeanette, 1943-

Ferguson, Joan

Ferguson, John

Ferguson, Judith

Ferguson, June, 1935-

Ferguson, Kitrina Rose

Ferguson, Laurie

Ferguson, Leon

Ferguson, Mark

Ferguson, Marlene

Ferguson, Mr

Ferguson, Mrs

Ferguson, Myfawny

Ferguson, Neville

Ferguson, Nola, 1951-

Ferguson, Paul

Ferguson, Retta, 1942-

Ferguson, Sandra

Ferguson, Teresa

Ferguson, W.

Ferguson, William, 1882-1950

Fergusson, John

Fermor, Ken

Fernandos, Baymus

Fernandos, Jimmy

Fernandos, Nancy

Ferrier, Ken

Feuquard, Barry

Fielding, Bruce

Fields, Ted

Fife, Rachel

Finn, Jack

Finnane, Paul

Firebrace, Bertha

Firebrace, Johnnie

Firebrace, Johnnie, Mrs

Firebrace, Pat

Firestone, William

Fishe, Mrs

Fisher, Betty

Fisher, Mathew James

Fitz, Mickey

Fitzgerald, Barry

Fitzpatrick, Mr

Flanders, Ann, 1945-

Flanders, Brian

Flanders, Carmel

Flanders, Carmen

Flanders, Cheryl

Flanders, Claude

Flanders, Colin

Flanders, Daniel

Flanders, Enid

Flanders, 'Father'

Flanders, Gloria

Flanders, Gloria Jean

Flanders, Gregory

Flanders, Jean

Flanders, Miss

Flanders, Ron

Flanders, Thelma

Flanders, Theresa

Flanders, Theresa Fay

Flanders, Thomas Edward

Flanders, Tom

Flanders, Tom, Mrs

Flanders, Tresia

Flanders, Willie

Fletcher, Owen

Fletcher-James, Thancoupie, 1937-

Flick, Barbara

Flick, Bennie

Flick, Clair

Flick, Clare

Flick, Jimmy

Flick, Joe

Flick, Walter, Mrs

Flinders, Toby

Floane, Elaine

Flores, Carmel

Flores, G., Mrs

Flores, Owen

Flowers, Dulcie

Flynn, Frank

Flynn, Tom

Foley, Gary E., 1950-

Foley, William Henry

Foley, Gary E., 1950-

Foley, William Henry

Foot, Colin

Foote, Lucy

Ford, A. A.

Ford, John

Ford, May

Ford, Milton

Forrest, Gordon

Forrest, W., Mrs

Forrester, Eileen

Forster, D., Mrs

Forster, Dale

Foster, Alan

Foster, Allan

Foster, Brian

Foster, Brian, Mrs

Foster, Doris

Foster, E.

Foster, E., Mrs

Foster, Edward

Foster, Elaine

Foster, Eliza

Foster, Francis

Foster, Fred

Foster, G.

Foster, George

Foster, Graham

Foster, Joan

Foster, Ken

Foster, Kenneth

Foster, Leila

Foster, Les

Foster, Lila

Foster, Lily

Foster, Linda Christine

Foster, Liza

Foster, Miss

Foster, Mrs

Foster, Neville

Foster, Norman

Foster, Phillip

Foster, Rose

Foster, Silvin

Foster, Stephen

Fox, Carol

Fox, Caroline

Fox, Henry Thom

Fox, Henry Thomas

Frail, Betty

Frail, Dulcie

Frail, John

Frail, Len

Frail, Lorraine

Frail, Roley

Francis, Arnold

Francis, Charles

Francis, Dennis

Francis, Mrs

Frankham, Christine Anne

Franki, Jim

Franks, Jean

Franks, June

Franks, Les

Franks, Leslie

Franks, Ray

Franks, Raymond

Frater, Eric

Freeman, Carol Anne

Freeman, Clark

Freeman, Colleen

Freeman, E., Mrs

Freeman, Elsie

Freeman, Ernest Joseph

Freeman, Fred

Freeman, Harold

Freeman, Harold, Mrs

Freeman, Horace

Freeman, Keith

Freeman, M. Mrs

Freeman, Mace

Freeman, Margaret

Freeman, Minnie

Freeman, P.

Freeman, Ramsay

French, Alec

French, Alice, 1941-

French, Anne

French, Audrey

French, Barry

French, Beverly

French, Cecilia

French, Charles

French, Christina

French, Christine

French, Darryl

French, Denise

French, Elsie

French, Gertie

French, Gertrude

French, Jack

French, James

French, Jim

French, Jim, Mrs

French, Jimmy

French, John

French, Louise

French, Margaret

French, Marie

French, Mary

French, Maurice

French, Mrs

French, Ross

French, Stan

French, Stephen

French, Terese

French, Theresa

French, Thomas

Friar, Fred

Friar, Ray

Frith, Nancy

Froome, Johnny

Frost, C.

Frost, C. L.

Frost, Charles

Frost, Charles Leslie

Frost, Charlie, Mrs

Frost, Kathleen

Frost, Mr

Fry, Gerald

Fryer, Gail

Fuller, Granny

Fuller, Harold

Fuller, Lewis

Fuller, Lewis, Mrs

Fuller, Mrs

Fuller, Noel

Fuller, Tom

Fulton, Betty

Fulton, Polly


Showing 74 names.

Gallaghan, Rita

Gallagher, John

Galmarra, Jacky Jacky

Galton, Jimmy

Galton, Lindsay

Galway, Edna

Galway, Glenice

Galway, Judy

Galway, May

Galway, Pat

Galway, Patricia

Gardiner, Irene

Gardiner, Jill

Gardiner, Lena

Gardiner, Les

Gardiner, Les, Mrs

Gardiner, Malcolm

Gardiner, Noel

Gardiner, Reuben

Gardner, Jim

Gardner, Les

Gargan, Dorothy

Garret, Warren

Garrett, Leslie

Garrett, Peter

Garrett, S.

Geeves, Evelyn

Geldard, Malcolm

Geoffrey, Ray

George, Combo

George, Constance

George, Virginia

Georgetown, C.

Gerrard, J., Mrs

Gerrard, Mrs

Geytenback, Brian

Gibbs, Kerry

Gibbs, Pearl, 1901-1983

Gibbs, Peter

Gibbs, Sue

Gibbs, Thomas

Giblett, J.

Gibson, Leatta

Gibson, Stephen

Gidgigarrie, Jack

Gigini, Hugo

Gilbert, Carol

Gilbert, Eddie, 1908-1978

Gilbert, K. J.

Gilbert, Kevin, 1933-1993

Gilbert, Pat

Gill, Henry

Gillan, C.

Gillan, P.

Gillis, Kim

Gillon, James

Gillon, Jim

Gillon, Jim, Mrs

Gillon, Leatia

Gillon, Margaret

Gillon, Mr

Gillon, Noel

Gillon, Ray

Gillon, Robert

Gillon, Tessie

Gilmore, Grahame

Gilmore, Stephen

Ginibi, Ruby Langford, 1934-

Glass, Barbara

Glass, Colin, 1945-

Glass, Fred

Glass, Freddy

Glass, Percy

Glass, Sandy

Glover, Bill

Glover, Jim

Glover, William

Glynn, Rona

Golden, James

Gollagong, Ettie, Mrs

Gomes, J

Gomes, Janet

Gomes, Tina

Goode, Barry

Goode, Mavis

Goodrum, Edna

Goolagong-Cawley, Evonne, 1951-

Goolagong, Agatha

Goolagong, Barbara

Goolagong, Bill

Goolagong, Bob

Goolagong, Carol

Goolagong, Daphne, 1939-

Goolagong, David

Goolagong, Dolly

Goolagong, E.

Goolagong, Ellie Mary

Goolagong, Eugene, 1946-

Goolagong, Fay

Goolagong, Fred

Goolagong, Gail

Goolagong, Gloria

Goolagong, Herbert

Goolagong, Ivan, 1949-

Goolagong, J.

Goolagong, Janice

Goolagong, Joe

Goolagong, John Patrick

Goolagong, Joseph, 1944-

Goolagong, K.

Goolagong, K., Mrs

Goolagong, Larry

Goolagong, Linda

Goolagong, Lizzie

Goolagong, Lois

Goolagong, Lorraine

Goolagong, Neville

Goolagong, Ray

Goolagong, Roy

Goolagong, Tony

Goold, Sally

Gordon, Ben

Gordon, Bennie

Gordon, Bert

Gordon, Bill

Gordon, Charles

Gordon, Douglas

Gordon, Dudley

Gordon, Earl

Gordon, Florrie

Gordon, Gloria

Gordon, Granny

Gordon, Jimmy

Gordon, Ken

Gordon, Lily

Gordon, Lindsay

Gordon, Loretta

Gordon, Mr

Gordon, Mrs

Gordon, Myrtle

Gordon, Ray

Gordon, Raylene

Gordon, Ron

Gordon, Rose

Gordon, Roy

Gordon, Sandra

Gordon, Shane

Gordon, Stephen

Gordon, Steve

Gordon, Veronica

Gordon, Violet

Gordon, Wynne

Gorey, Elaine

Gorey, Paula

Gorman, P.

Goulding, Baby

Goulding, Dawn

Goulding, Eliza

Goulding, Garry

Goulding, Jack

Goulding, John

Goulding, Robert

Goulding, Wilga

Goulding, William

Governor, Clarence

Governor, Graham

Governor, Jimmy, 1857-1901

Governor, Joe

Governor, Roy

Gowans, Margaret

Graeme, Noel

Graham, Claurine

Graham, D., Mrs

Graham, James

Graham, Janice

Graham, Mary

Grandjira, Don

Grant, A. W.

Grant, Beverley

Grant, C. W.

Grant, Cecil William, 1934-

Grant, Douglas

Grant, F.

Grant, Jack

Grant, Kay

Grant, Laura

Grant, Laurie

Grant, Lindsay, Sr.

Gray, Debbie

Gray, Dennis

Gray, Jim

Gray, Joan

Gray, Mitchell

Gray, Mrs

Gray, R.

Gray, Russel

Gray, Sonny

Gray, Tony

Green, Amos

Green, Archie A.

Green, Beatrice

Green, Bill

Green, Charlotte

Green, Don

Green, Donna

Green, Donna Mary

Green, Eric

Green, Erkie

Green, Erkie Archie

Green, Erky

Green, Frances

Green, Gladys

Green, Glenda

Green, H.

Green, H. J.

Green, H.J.

Green, Hughie

Green, Jack

Green, Jan

Green, Joan

Green, Kathleen

Green, Katie

Green, Katy

Green, Lena

Green, Malcolm

Green, Malcolm, Mrs

Green, Margaret

Green, Marie

Green, Marion

Green, Max

Green, Maxie

Green, Michael

Green, Mitchell

Green, Morris

Green, Mrs

Green, N.L Mrs

Green, Nesta

Green, Patricia

Green, Patsy

Green, Percy, Mrs

Green, Robyn

Green, Ted

Green, Teddy

Green, Thomas Harold

Green, Vesta

Green, William

Green, Willie

Greenaway, Madelaine

Greenaway, Madeline

Greenwood, Rod

Grey, George

Grey, Jim

Grey, Lex

Gribble, Beryl

Griffen, Brenda

Griffen, Judith

Griffen, Mrs

Griffen, Royden, 1951-2004

Griffen, Sarah

Griffen, Stanley

Griffin, Don

Griffin, Sammy

Griffin, Yvonne

Griffith, Helen

Griffith, M., Mrs

Griffith, Mary

Griffith, Millicent

Griffiths, Biddy

Griffiths, Caroline

Griffiths, Cecil

Griffiths, Christine

Griffiths, Christine May

Griffiths, Diane

Griffiths, Dianne

Griffiths, Doreen

Griffiths, Elizabeth

Griffiths, Fred

Griffiths, Fred, Mrs

Griffiths, Fred, Sr

Griffiths, George

Griffiths, Graham

Griffiths, Graham Brian

Griffiths, Helen

Griffiths, John

Griffiths, Johnny

Griffiths, Johnny, Mrs

Griffiths, Jr

Griffiths, Jr, Mrs

Griffiths, Mary

Griffiths, Millicent

Griffiths, Millie

Griffiths, Mrs

Griffiths, Oscar

Griffiths, Patricia

Griffiths, Richard

Griffiths, Rose

Griffiths, Tommy

Griggs, Michael

Gromeline, Gregory

Grovenor, Isaac

Grovenor, Narelle

Gudgeon, Jim

Gulliver, S. W., Mrs

Gulpilil, David, 1952-

Gundy, Eulunda

Gunn, Rolyn

Guthrie, N.

Guwalkuwal, Dorothy

Guyer, G.P., Mrs


Showing 113 names.

Hahn, Kurt

Haines, Alice


Haines, Barbara

Haines, Bill

Haines, Brenda

Haines, Clarence, 1944-

Haines, Don

Haines, Elaine

Haines, Elizab

Haines, Gloria

Haines, Hannah

Haines, Harry

Haines, Hayden

Haines, Irene

Haines, Kerry

Haines, M.

Haines, Maud

Haines, Mrs

Haines, Regg

Haines, Ron

Haines, Russell

Haines, Ursula

Hall, Barbara

Hall, D. J., Mrs

Hall, Elva

Hall, Eva

Hall, Florence

Hall, Gwen

Hall, H.

Hall, Harold

Hall, Harry

Hall, Jack

Hall, Jill

Hall, Jim

Hall, Keith

Hall, Lily

Hall, Lola

Hall, Lorna

Hall, Margaret

Hall, Mr

Hall, Norman

Hall, Phillip

Hall, Ray

Hall, Sid

Hall, Stephen

Hall, Sue

Hall, Trevor

Hall, Veronica

Hall, Vincent

Hall, Warren

Halton, Ricky

Hamilton, Angus 'Dick'

Hamilton, Angus, Mrs

Hamilton, Arnold

Hamilton, Bert

Hamilton, Bill

Hamilton, D.

Hamilton, Danny

Hamilton, Douglas

Hamilton, Eddie

Hamilton, Fitzi

Hamilton, Harry

Hamilton, Isabel

Hamilton, Isobel

Hamilton, J.

Hamilton, Janet

Hamilton, Ken

Hamilton, Mary Ann

Hamilton, Mrs

Hamilton, Nora

Hamilton, Tresia

Hammond, Barbara

Hammond, Ethel Violet

Hammond, Heather

Hammond, Jim

Hammond, Joyce

Hammond, Leon

Hammond, Merv

Hammond, Myra Josephine

Hammond, Stella

Hammond, William

Hampton, Barney

Hampton, Bob

Hampton, Bruce

Hampton, Ernie

Hampton, Mark

Hampton, Neville

Hampton, Pam

Hampton, Samuel James

Hampton, Tom

Hampton, Tom, Mrs

Handley, Olive

Hann, Coralie

Haradine, Penny

Harawira, Kahi

Hardy, B.

Hardy, Barry

Hardy, Brenda

Hardy, Colin, 1940-

Hardy, Frank

Hardy, Joy

Hardy, Kathy

Hardy, Lynette

Hardy, Muriel

Hardy, Stephen Gregory

Harker, Mr

Harnson, Harold

Harradene, Lionel

Harradene, Stanley

Harradene, Veronica

Harradine, Charmaine

Harradine, Chuggie

Harradine, Lionel

Harradine, Michael

Harradine, Mrs

Harradine, Stan

Harradine, Veronica

Harrhy, Ron

Harrington, G., Mrs

Harrington, Gregory John

Harrington, Mrs

Harrington, R.

Harrington, R., Mrs

Harrington, Richard

Harrington, Winnie

Harris, Alice

Harris, Ben

Harris, Bill

Harris, Charles Thomas

Harris, Colin

Harris, Dave

Harris, Doreen

Harris, Dorothy, 1940-

Harris, Douglas

Harris, Edward

Harris, Gloria, 1941-

Harris, Irene

Harris, Iris, 1936-

Harris, Kay

Harris, Lorraine

Harris, Miss

Harris, Mr

Harris, Mrs

Harris, Raymond

Harris, Roy

Harris, Wilfred

Harrison, C.

Harrison, Charles

Harrison, Coral

Harrison, Daphne Barbara

Harrison, Harold, 1943-

Harrison, Hazel

Harrison, Ian

Harrison, Jessica

Harrison, Max

Harrison, Maxi

Harrison, Mrs

Harrison, Phyllis

Hart, Billy

Hart, Cecil

Hart, Gary

Hart, George

Hart, Georgina

Hart, Janet

Hart, Jenny

Hart, Ronald

Hart, Ronnie

Hart, Sylvia

Hart, Teddy

Hartnett, Roger

Harvey, Amos

Harvey, Andy

Harvey, Davis

Harvey, Lucy

Harvey, Percy

Harvey, Western

Havelock, Jimmy

Hay, Frank

Hayes, Bob

Hayes, Dale

Hayes, Gayle

Hayes, Harry

Hayes, Suzanne Agnes

Hayes, Yvonne

Hayman, Ted

Haynes, Barbara

Haynes, Pamela

Hayns, Pamela

Hayter, Richard

Hazel, Ern

Hazell, G.

Healey, R. O. Mr

Heard, B.

Heckling, Dorothy

Hedge, Mrs

Heffernan, Jacinta

Hemstead, Les

Hemstead, T.

Hench, Pauline

Henda, Andrew

Hennessy, Corral

Hennessy, Cyril

Henricksen, N.

Henrickson, Mrs

Henry, Bert