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Native title research and access service

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About the service

The Native Title Research and Access Service is your first stop for information about the native title resources held in the AIATSIS Collection. If you are requesting materials for a native title application or have a request that relates to an existing determination then please contact us.

The service includes:

  • Undertaking catalogue searches and listings of items in the AIATSIS Collection.
  • Arranging for individual and group research visits.
  • Copying relevant material from the AIATSIS Collection.
  • Providing contacts for further research and relevant Indigenous organisations.
  • Advice on managing your own collections.

All information provided to you will be treated as confidential. There are also charges for copying material from the AIATSIS Collection, and they require prepayment before making any copies.

  • name and geographical boundaries of your claim/research
  • any personal names for whom you would like information
  • lists of any searches that you have made from our catalogue.

Individual visits

The AIATSIS Reading Room is open from 10am – 1pm, Monday to Friday. Clients who have made a booking can access some items in the Collection with an AIATSIS staff member between 9:30am – 4:30pm. 

If you are planning to visit AIATSIS, it is best that you book an appointment with us as far ahead as possible so that we can provide the best service for you. If you want to listen to tapes or view photographs or videos in the AIATSIS Collection, an appointment needs to be booked two weeks in advance. When you are making your appointment, please ensure that we know any names, geographical areas, or language groups that you are interested in so that material can be ready for you when you arrive.

Access to some information in the collection is restricted. This is shown clearly on the catalogue record. If you want to view a document that you know is restricted, please let us know well ahead of your visit. We can assist you to arrange clearances, but please remember that this process can take some time.

Group visits

We can organise group visits if an appointment is made several weeks in advance. Please state the number of people in the group and search terms so that listings can be ready for you when you arrive.

Tours of AIATSIS to view items in the Collection can be organised if you require, but please let us know of your interest in advance.

Copying relevant material

If you are doing research at AIATSIS, you may make photocopies of material held in the library except where restrictions apply. All copying, however, must be done in accordance with the Copyright Act 1968. AIATSIS staff can help answer any questions you may have about what can be copied.

Photocopiers are available for your use in the library and there is no charge if you do your own copying. Copying of rare and fragile items needs to be arranged with the Collection Managers and there may be a charge for this.

If you want copies of audio tapes, photographs or slides, films or videos, we will work with you to arrange copies.

Please view the map for organisations that might be helpful in preparing your claim or assisting with research.

Staff members at AIATSIS have expertise in many areas, and although we cannot provide advice on specific claims, you may wish to speak to someone about an area of interest. We will be happy to help you establish contact with a relevant staff member.

Last updated: 30 March 2023