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Application process

All research projects that involve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples requires ethics review and approval before the project begins.

This provides Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities who are involved in the research with assurance that their rights, culture and heritage are respected, that they understand the aims and methods of the research, and that they will share in the results of this work.

This is a requirement of the AIATSIS Code of Ethics for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research, which embodies the best standards of ethical research and human rights.

Submission deadlines

Note: Meeting and submission deadlines are subject to change.

Submissions are due by 11.59pm AEST on the closing date. Unfortunately, extensions are not possible. 

The AIATSIS Research Ethics Committee is currently experiencing unprecedented high demand of applications for ethical reviews of research proposals. Please be advised that, regrettably, the review of your application may be delayed. 

Meeting no. Meeting date Submission deadline
2021/1 5 February 2021 15 January 2021
2021/2 16 March 2021 23 February 2021
2021/3 27 April 2021 23 March 2021
2021/4 8 June 2021 4 May 2021
2021/5 23 July 2021 18 June 2021
2021/6 31 August 2021 27 July 2021
2021/7 12 October 2021 7 September 2021
2021/8 26 November 2021 30 October 2021

Out of session review

To request an out-of-session review, please provide a requesting letter with reasoning and justification to the Chair. The Chair will only allow out-of-session review under special circumstances. An additional fee applies for applications reviewed out of session. 

Note: The Committee must reach quorum to undertake an out-of-session review. 

How to apply for ethics approval

Note: Application fees are subject to change.

Type of submission Price (inc. GST)
Ethics application $770.00
Ethics application - student* $275.00
Resubmission $385.00
Resubmission - student* $137.50
Project variation $385.00
Project variation - student* $137.50
Out of session review $1,815

* Student concession prices are subject to proof of enrolment and a statement that confirms the project is not funded by any organisation. 

How to submit a project variation

Note: Expired ethics approvals cannot be extended. Carefully check your Approval letter for the expiry date of your ethics approval. If an extension is necessary, submit a variation well in advance of the expiry date.

Variations to approved applications must be submitted to the Chair for review and approval. Depending on the complexity of the variation it may be reviewed in session by the entire Committee.

Variations must include the following:

  • Variation letter addressed to the Committee Chair.
  • Revised ethics application form, with tracked changes.
  • Relevant supporting documents.

Variations can be submitted via email to the Research Ethics Committee Secretariat,

Monitoring and reporting

Under the National Statement, it is mandatory for approved projects to submit annual reports. The report must detail the progress on research, maintenance and security of records, compliance with the approved protocols and compliance with any conditions of approval. The Director of Ethics and Research Leadership is responsible for reviewing annual reports, and will refer to the Committee, if necessary.

Reports can be submitted via email to the Research Ethics Committee Secretariat,