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Voices of Power

This seven episode series explores critical turning points in the fight for rights and self-determination and for meaningful First Nations’ representation in places of power.

Eleven Indigenous Churchill Fellows from around Australia, share their views and experiences on what they see as the key influences and events that have shaped Australia’s history and what a strong future looks like.

And will the calls for a strong First Nations’ voice in Australia’s cultural and political life and institutions be answered?

Karajarri Wankayi Muwarr

This podcast series follows the story of the Karajarri people of the Kimberley region in Western Australia as they reconnect with cultural heritage material in the AIATSIS Collection.

Archival recordings of senior people have been essential to strengthening culture and has allowed Karajarri people to close a forty-year gap between the oldest and youngest performers of Karajarri cultural practices. 

This is a story about resilience and cultural resurgence.

Coming soon.