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Our donors

‘Our philanthropy comes out of walking the talk and incorporating corporate social responsibility into our everyday work.’ — Anne-Marie Treweeke, Director, Lovell Chen

Lovell Chen Principals (standing from left) Peter Lovell, Anne-Marie Treweeke, Kate Gray, (seated from left) Kathering White, Milica Tumbas, Kai Chen and Adam Mornement.

Heritage architectural firm, Lovell Chen takes its corporate social responsibility very seriously and views it as part of how the company does business. They apply this to their commitment to environmental sustainability, flexible work arrangements, gender and cultural diversity, the provision of in-kind education in the architecture and heritage sector and support of various institutions. 

For the past two years, Lovell Chen have kindly donated to the AIATSIS Dictionaries Project, aligning their values and brand to the AIATSIS vision. 

‘The company through our annual giving program has always looked for ways to support our broad and diverse community with a focus on social, education and heritage. Who we support is in part informed by our employees. AIATSIS came to our attention through that process. 

‘As architects and heritage consultants with a passionate interest in understanding the past so we can contribute meaningfully to the future of our built environment for everyone, the ability to support an organisation that is also working to sustain a rich and diverse heritage and keep language alive is compelling and so important for all of us. 

‘Our staff benefit from engaging with Indigenous Australia by having everyday conversations that acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as part of the fabric of society. It makes us feel more Australian. We believe recognition and truth telling are long overdue.

‘We would encourage other businesses to support AIATSIS and its work.’  

Last updated: 06 July 2022