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If you are looking into family history, or researching for an assignment, this digitised collection allows you to search by the name of a person and specific dates. You will also find details of births, deaths, marriages and baptisms, which is helpful for family history research. 

The Dawn and New Dawn also contain articles about the conditions and activities on reserves, stations, homes and schools throughout New South Wales, as well as highlights from the work of the Aboriginal Welfare Board. You can view photos from the magazines or read from the complete set of Dawn and New Dawn magazines.


Copyright of the Dawn and New Dawn magazines belongs to Aboriginal Affairs NSW. AIATSIS has created and published digital copies on our website with their permission.

You may print these digital copies for private studies. If you wish to use them for other purposes, please contact us for futher advice. If necessary, we will refer the request to the copyright holder, Aboriginal Affairs NSW.

Dawn issues

A magazine for the NSW Aboriginal Protection Board issued monthly between 1952 to 1969 to the Aboriginal people of NSW.

Last updated: 17 January 2023