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Your donation to the AIATSIS Foundation will directly impact forever on the future of all Australians to engage with the first words and songs of this nation.

Marlaloo Songline

Madjulla Inc. partnered with the AIATSIS Foundation to record the Marlaloo songline that travels along the Martuwarra / Fitzroy River on Nyikina Country, West Kimberley, WA. The songline had not been performed for 40 years.


  • First Nation Australian performance traditions are among the oldest in the world and are also among the most vulnerable to loss. Even more vulnerable than Australian languages.
  • 98% of First Nations song traditions have been lost since colonisation.

Songlines criss-cross this continent carrying with them 1000s of years of cultural knowledge

Over the next 10 years, the AIATSIS Foundation is raising $2m to record the song traditions in 16 regions across Australia. 

These funds will support:

  • Recordings of song traditions and knowledge that have not previously been recorded and are at risk of loss
  • Develop local skills opportunities in media and knowledge management
  • Provide specialist research and technical support 
  • Employment opportunities on Country

Your donation to #SongsofAustralia, will ensure that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities can record precious songlines for future generations and enable all Australians to share in the first sounds of this land.

Last updated: 11 September 2023