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Indigenous Research Exchange

The second Indigenous Research Exchange grant funding round opened on 7 September and closed 30 October 2020. The Exchange team aim to notify all applicants of the outcomes of this round by the end of January 2021. Please continue to monitor this webpage for updates.

In February 2017, the Prime Minister announced a whole-of-government research and evaluation strategy for policies and programs affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the 9th Closing the Gap Statement. This was outlined in the 2017-18 Budget papers: Strengthening Indigenous research and evaluation. 

As part of this announcement, the Australian Government provisioned $10 million for the establishment of an Indigenous Research Fund. AIATSIS administers the Fund through the Indigenous Research Exchange (the Exchange). 

The key objectives of the Exchange are to:

  • Connect people, data, ideas and evidence
  • Translate, synthesise, and disseminate evidence and data
  • Make research findings more accessible, more contestable and more useable
  • Shape research agendas
  • Promote good practice and use good evidence 

The two key areas of activity for the Exchange are:  

  1. A Research Grants Program to build on the evidence base to support Indigenous decision-making and policy design.
  2. Building a Knowledge Exchange Platform to address the need for access to translatable data and information at a local level, and an evidence base for policy makers to design more effective programs and policies.

AIATSIS is committed to ensuring greater involvement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in setting research priorities, leading projects and determining the appropriate collection and use of data about communities.

There is currently an abundance of data and research that is not accessible nor translatable for use by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the Knowledge Exchange Platform aims to bridge this translation gap.

In setting the research priorities and building the evidence base the Exchange intends to align with the priorities in the 2020 Closing the Gap Report and National Agreement on Closing the Gap and the priorities determined by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 

What are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities’ views on the best way to tell the truth in Australia?

The Ebony Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Institute is an independent Black Think Tank dedicated to solving complex social, political and economic problems facing Australia – Thinking black for the future of Australia.

Under the Indigenous Research Exchange grant program, AIATSIS has commissioned the Ebony Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Institute to deliver a research project that aims to strengthen the evidence base for truth-telling in Australia and will respond to the question “What are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities’ views on the best way to tell the truth in Australia?”

“The Ebony Institute believes truth telling is of the foremost critical components of enabling meaningful social change and self-determination for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples” says Professor Greg Phillips Chair of the Ebony Institute. “Australia as a nation cannot realise its full potential in the global family of nations without addressing the fundamental basis on which it is built”.

The Ebony Institute is funded to generate an evidence-base to inform more ethically and culturally safe ways of talking about the truth.

A framework (with recommendations) will provide a strong, sustainable foundation for meaningful trauma informed engagement with communities supporting the readiness to engage in truth-telling.

Delivering Indigenous Data Sovereignty

Presented by Maggie Walter FASSA

Palawa woman, Indigenous Research Exchange Advisory Board Member and Distinguished Professor of Sociology at the University of Tasmania and founding member of the Maiam Nayn Wingarra Indigenous Data Sovereignty and the Global Indigenous Data Alliance presents Delivering Indigenous Data Sovereignty.

Exchange Advisory Board

The Indigenous Research Exchange Advisory Board (the Advisory Board) provides strategic guidance to the Exchange and ensures the outcomes and objectives are achieved. Each funding year the Advisory Board will establish priorities based on engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders peoples.