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Family tracing and reunion services are available to members of the Stolen Generations throughout Australia via the national Link-Up program. These services include:

  • researching family and personal records
  • emotional support when accessing family and personal records
  • finding family members
  • assistance and support at family reunions
  • support and counselling before, during and after family reunions.

Link-Up gives priority to first generation members of the Stolen Generations who have directly experienced removal or separation from family and community, especially those who are elderly or have urgent health concerns.

Link-Up also provides services to subsequent generations of family members who have been affected by intergenerational trauma related to removal, and to members of families and communities from whom children were removed.

AIATSIS Family History Unit and Link-Ups

The AIATSIS Family History Unit works closely with Link-Ups to help members of the Stolen Generations to find their families and to find out about their family history.

  • In conjunction with Link-Ups, AIATSIS has developed a Cert IV in Stolen Generations Family History Research and Case Management. 
  • AIATSIS also offers ongoing research support in family tracing. 
  • AIATSIS has memorandums of understanding with institutions located in Canberra and can assist Link-Ups to find and retrieve documents from the following institutions; ACT Heritage Library and ACT Territory Records, Australian War Memorial, National Archives of Australia, National Library of Australia, and the Noel Butlin Archives Centre. 

Link-Up locations

There are Link-Up organisations in most states and territories. Contact the Link-Up in the state or territory where you currently live. Even if you or your ancestors lived and were removed from family in another location, your local Link-Up will be able to assist you.

There are no Link-Up services in the ACT or Tasmania. 

  • Pre-1988 welfare services in the ACT were delivered by New South Wales.
  • Link-Ups in other states and territories can assist those seeking information about Tasmania, particularly Link-Up Victoria. 
Last updated: 25 May 2022