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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that this website contains images, voices and names of deceased persons.


We have a number of committees that support and provide advice across our organisation. 

Committees that provide advice to the Council:

  • Audit and Risk Committee
  • Collections Advisory Committee
  • Foundation Board
  • Membership Standing Committee

Committees that provide advice to the Chief Executive Officer:

  • Consultative Committee
  • Health and Safety Committee
  • Indigenous Caucus
  • Native Title Research Advisory Committee
  • Publishing Advisory Committee
  • Research Advisory Committee
  • Research Ethics Committee
  • Collections Advisory Committee


    The Collections Advisory Committee (CAC) was established by Council to provide advice to the AIATSIS CEO and Director of Collections about matters in relation to collection development, management and access. The CAC will do the following:

    • consider proposals for major donations or deposits and provide advice on acceptance or otherwise;
    • provide advice on policy development, specifically on risk to the collections
    • provide advice on major project development;
    • make recommendations to the Principal about collection matters; and
    • contribute to planning or strategic‐thinking workshops run by Collections


    Council will appoint two members to the Committee. The balance of the Committee will comprise four external members, independent of AIATSIS; the Principal of AIATSIS; Deputy Principal of AIATSIS; and the Director of Collections. The external committee members will have strong collections or client interest. CAC members will normally serve a two‐year term. Members may be reappointed for a further term of two years.

    Collections Advisory Committee members:

    • Ms Nadine McDonald-Dowd
    • Ms Veronica Lunn
    • Mr Daniel Featherstone
    • Professor Peter Radoll
    • AIATSIS Council member
    • AIATSIS Council member
    • Mr Craig Ritchie (AIATSIS CEO)
    • Mr Michaael Ramalli (AIATSIS Deputy CEO)
    • Ms Leonard Hill (AIATSIS Executive Director Collections)
  • Native Title Research Advisory Committee

    The AIATSIS Native Title Research Advisory Committee (NTRAC) was established by AIATSIS to provide advice to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) on the research program of the Native Title Research Unit (NTRU).

    The committee comprises:

    • No fewer than 5 and no greater than 12 members;
      • Comprising majority Indigenous members and should seek to reflect a gender and age balance as well as a balance between institutional and non-institutional membership;
    • The AIATSIS CEO (also Committee chairperson) or their nominated delegate;
    • A representative of the primary funding body of the Native Title Research Unit, nominated by the Commonwealth Department responsible for Indigenous Affairs and approved by the CEO (normally the First Assistant Secretary with responsibility for native title organisations);
    • The AIATSIS Executive Director of Research and Education;
    • At least two native title experts, who are in current practice, connected with native title processes and reflect the disciplinary diversity involved in native title practice.

    Native Title Research Advisory Committee members:

    • Mr Craig Ritchie (CEO, AIATSIS) (Committee Chairperson)
    • Wayne Beswick (Council Member, NIAA)
    • Dr Lisa Strelein (Executive Director of Research, AIATSIS)
    • Representative from the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet
    • Dr Valerie Cooms (Member – NNTT)
    • Ms Melissa George (CEO NAILSMA)
    • Ms Natalie Rotumah (CEO, NTSCorp)
    • Mr Jason Behrendt (Chalk and Behrendt Lawyer)
    • Kaylene Malthouse (Chair – NQLC)
    • Debra Pigram (Director – Yawuru PBC) 
  • Publishing Advisory Committee

    The Publishing Advisory Committee members offer a range of skills and academic credentials including Indigenous community and language knowledge, research, writing and publishing expertise. Along with staff in the Aboriginal Studies Press team, the committee considers manuscripts submitted for publication. The committee members make recommendations to the CEO about publication. 

    Publishing Advisory Committee members:

    • Mr Michael Ramalli (DCEO, AIATSIS)
    • Dr Lisa Strelein (Executive Director, Research)
    • Ms Marie Ferris (Director, Aboriginal Studies Press)
    • Professor Heidi Norman
    • Dr Sandra Phillips
    • Dr Lawrence Bamblett
    • Dr Jessa Norman
  • Research Advisory Committee

    The Research Advisory Committee is established under section 31(1) of the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies Act 1989 (the Act).

    The Research Advisory Committee consists of the following members:

    • Up to 10 experts appointed by the CEO
    • The AIATSIS CEO (Chairperson and ex officio)
    • The AIATSIS Executive Director of Research and Education (ex officio)

    The Research Advisory Committee has the following functions:

    • To provide strategic advice to the CEO in relation to AIATSIS research matters

    Research Advisory Committee members:

    • Mr Craig Ritchie (Chair, Chief Executive Officer) 
    • Dr Lisa Strelein (Executive Director, Research and Education) 
    • Professor Braden Hill
    • Professor Bronwyn Fredericks
    • Professor Colleen Hayward 
    • Professor Jacinta Elston
    • Professor Maggie Walter
    • Professor Peter Anderson
  • Research Ethics Committee

    The AIATSIS Research Ethics Committee is responsible for reviewing projects involving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research to ensure the appropriate ethical standards have been met. The Committee welcomes applications from external organisations (fees apply). All AIATSIS research projects are subject to review by the Committee.

    The Committee is registered with the NHMRC and reviews projects in accordance with the National Statement and the AIATSIS Code of Ethics for Aboriginal and Torres Islander Research.

    Research Ethics Committee members:

    • Kevin Williams (Chair)
    • A/Professor Andrew Crowden (Deputy Chair)
    • Robert Kelly
    • Helen McHugh
    • Mandy Downing
    • Dr Rowan Savage
    • Trent Shepherd
    • Tara Harriden
    • Kay Blades
    • Dr Tracey Powis
    • Dr Areti Metuamate
    • Teela Reid
    • Melanie Gentgall
    • Caroline Hughes
    • Dr Margaret Raven
    • Cheyne Halloran

    We are not currently recruiting members to the AIATSIS Research Ethics Committee. Positions may become available throughout the year and will be advertised on the AIATSIS website.