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Regional representation

The establishment of PBC peak bodies in the Torres Strait and Victoria reflects a growing movement towards regional governance and coordination. While PBCs aspire to achieve autonomy and independence in their operations, many also seek greater representation in the governance of their communities, regions and organisations. 

PBCs in all regions are beginning to explore pathways to working together collectively, whether through informal means or the establishment of additional regional organisations – building on, amending and rejecting existing representation structures. The experience in Victoria is already demonstrating potential benefits to economic development for PBCs in this region through the formation of collective business opportunities.

PBCs have requested support from AIATSIS to investigate different models for regional representation. The project aims to provide information, resources and comprehensive analysis on regional group formation and governance, highlighting in particular the successes of organic and community-driven processes.

Group photo from the first national PBC meeting in Canberra, 2007.

Last updated: 25 May 2022