Finding aids

These finding aids cover a selection of manuscript and audiovisual material in our collection.

New finding aids are being compiled and added to this list regularly however, not every manuscript or audiovisual item in our collection has its own finding aid.

Please check the Mura catalogue for those items which do not have a finding aid.

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Name Download Type
LAWRIE_M07_finding_aid_interim.pdf lawrie_m07_finding_aid_interim.pdf (111.26 KB) Audio finding aid
LAWRIE_M08_finding_aid.pdf lawrie_m08_finding_aid.pdf (194.49 KB) Audio finding aid
Layton, Robert H MS595.PDF (72.24 KB) Manuscript finding aid
LAYTON_R01_finding_aid.pdf layton_r01_finding_aid.pdf (165.84 KB) Audio finding aid
LAYTON_R02_finding_aid.pdf layton_r02_finding_aid.pdf (285.75 KB) Audio finding aid
LAYTON_R16_interim_finding_aid.pdf layton_r16_interim_finding_aid.pdf (135.74 KB) Audio finding aid
Lee, Jennifer, R MS2381.PDF (788.77 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Lesley Maynard. Field notes and sketches - Laura region. ms_4609_lesleymaynard_field_notes_and_sketches.pdf (209.76 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Lewis, Darrell J MS1003.PDF (50.75 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Link-Up Diary rushes fc00208_1-119_link_up_diary_rushes_interim.pdf (470.76 KB) Moving image finding aid
LM Haynes Collection: Aboriginal Traditional Technology haynes_j001_fc00796_1-81_lm_haynes_collection_descriptive.pdf (693.31 KB) Moving image finding aid
LOBBAN_W01_finding_aid.pdf lobban_w01_finding_aid.pdf (162.53 KB) Audio finding aid
LOBBAN_W02_finding_aid.pdf lobban_w02_finding_aid.pdf (133.37 KB) Audio finding aid
Long, Jeremy P ms2534.pdf (134.72 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Lookshow (interim) asec_001_lookshow_interim_finding_aid.pdf (101.37 KB) Moving image finding aid
LOSTE-BROWN_S01_finding_aid.pdf loste-brown_s01_finding_aid.pdf (197.12 KB) Audio finding aid
Love, James Robert Beattie MS2532.htm (8.58 KB) Manuscript finding aid
LUCICH_P03_finding_aid.pdf lucich_p03_finding_aid.pdf (149.04 KB) Audio finding aid
Lutheran Church in Australia. Hope Vale Mission Board MS2369.htm (61.31 KB) Manuscript finding aid
MABO_E01_finding-aid mabo_e01_finding-aid.pdf (141.74 KB) Audio finding aid
MACDOUGALL_D03 - finding aid macdougall_d03_finding_aid.pdf (306.81 KB) Audio finding aid
MacFarlane, William H MS2616.PDF (125.06 KB) Manuscript finding aid
MacKenzie, William F ms_2483.pdf (410.81 KB) Manuscript finding aid
MacPherson, John MS50.PDF (128.68 KB) Manuscript finding aid
MAILHAMMER_R01_interim_finding_aid.pdf mailhammer_r01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (131.22 KB) Audio finding aid
Make It Right! release print aias_002_fc00282_1.pdf (153.52 KB) Moving image finding aid
Make It Right! Rushes aias_083_fc000282_1-7_make_it_right.pdf (162.32 KB) Moving image finding aid
Make It Right! Rushes (descriptive) aias_083_fc00209_1-14_make_it_right_rushes_descriptive.pdf (351.01 KB) Moving image finding aid
MALCOLM_I01_interim_finding_aid.pdf malcolm_i01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (147.93 KB) Audio finding aid
MALCOLM_I02_interim_finding_aid.pdf malcolm_i02_interim_finding_aid.pdf (185.08 KB) Audio finding aid
MALCOLM_I03_interim_finding_aid.pdf malcolm_i03_interim_finding_aid.pdf (157.72 KB) Audio finding aid
MALCOLM_I04_interim_finding_aid.pdf malcolm_i04_interim_finding_aid.pdf (192.09 KB) Audio finding aid
MALCOLM_I05_interim_finding_aid.pdf malcolm_i05_interim_finding_aid.pdf (154.82 KB) Audio finding aid
MALCOLM_I06_interim_finding_aid malcolm_i06_interim_finding_aid.pdf (154.36 KB) Audio finding aid
MALCOLM_I07_finding-aid malcolm_i07_interim_finding_aid.pdf (296.85 KB) Audio finding aid
MALCOLM_I08_interim_finding_aid.pdf malcolm_i08_interim_finding_aid.pdf (204.07 KB) Audio finding aid
MALCOLM_I09_interim_finding_aid.pdf malcolm_i09_interim_finding_aid.pdf (130.07 KB) Audio finding aid
MALGAWO_01_finding-aid malgawo_01_finding-aid.pdf (162.53 KB) Audio finding aid
MANDERSON_R01_finding_aid manderson_r01_finding_aid.pdf (169.59 KB) Audio finding aid
Manyu Wana batty_d002_fc00833_1-15_manyu_wana_descriptive.pdf (835.66 KB) Moving image finding aid
MARCUS_J01_interim_finding_aid.pdf marcus_j01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (129.13 KB) Audio finding aid
Marella Mission Farm ms5239_marella.pdf (533.13 KB) Manuscript finding aid
MARTIN_K01_finding_aid.pdf martin_k01_finding_aid.pdf (126.46 KB) Audio finding aid
MARTIN_M03_finding_aid.pdf martin_m03_finding_aid.pdf (119.12 KB) Audio finding aid
MARTIN_M04_Interim_Finding_Aid martin_m04_interim_finding_aid.pdf (118.34 KB) Audio finding aid
MARTIN_M07_finding_aid.pdf martin_m07_finding_aid.pdf (113.49 KB) Audio finding aid
Mathew, John - Papers MS950.pdf (173.14 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Mathew, John - Papers on linguistics MS999.PDF (78.76 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Mathew, Randolph Yule MS969.htm (12.97 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Mathews, Robert Hamilton - Correspondence... ms1606.pdf (1.1 MB) Manuscript finding aid
Mathews, Robert Hamilton - Field notes MS3179.PDF (274.12 KB) Manuscript finding aid
MATHEWS_J05_finding_aid.pdf mathews_j05_finding_aid.pdf (138.08 KB) Audio finding aid
MATHEWS_J06_finding_aid.pdf mathews_j06_finding_aid.pdf (132.96 KB) Audio finding aid
MATHEWS_J07_finding_aid.pdf mathews_j07_finding_aid.pdf (211.88 KB) Audio finding aid
MATHEWS_J08_finding_aid.pdf mathews_j08_finding_aid.pdf (118.08 KB) Audio finding aid
MATHEWS_J12_finding_aid.pdf mathews_j12_finding_aid.pdf (150.86 KB) Audio finding aid
MATHEWS_J13_finding_aid.pdf mathews_j13_finding_aid.pdf (123.71 KB) Audio finding aid
MATHEWS_J14_finding_aid.pdf mathews_j14_finding_aid.pdf (155.25 KB) Audio finding aid
MATHEWS_J15_finding_aid.pdf mathews_j15_finding_aid.pdf (340.93 KB) Audio finding aid
MATHEWS_J16_finding_aid.pdf mathews_j16_finding_aid.pdf (224 KB) Audio finding aid