Finding aids

These finding aids cover a selection of manuscript and audiovisual material in our collection.

New finding aids are being compiled and added to this list regularly however, not every manuscript or audiovisual item in our collection has its own finding aid.

Please check the Mura catalogue for those items which do not have a finding aid.

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Name Download Type
HERCUS_L38_interim_finding_aid.pdf hercus_l38_interim_finding_aid.pdf (119.73 KB) Audio finding aid
HERCUS_L39 - interim finding aid hercus_l39_interim_finding_aid.pdf (115.57 KB) Audio finding aid
HIATT_L01_finding_aid.pdf hiatt_l01_finding_aid.pdf (180.34 KB) Audio finding aid
HIATT_L03_finding_aid.pdf hiatt_l03_finding_aid.pdf (170.48 KB) Audio finding aid
HIATT_L04_interim_finding_aid.pdf hiatt_l04_interim_finding_aid.pdf (149.43 KB) Audio finding aid
HILL_C01_interim_finding_aid.pdf hill_c01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (174.88 KB) Audio finding aid
Hoddinot William MS2126.htm (34.98 KB) Manuscript finding aid
HODDINOTT_W01_finding_aid.pdf hoddinott_w01_finding_aid.pdf (202.17 KB) Audio finding aid
HODDINOTT_W04_finding_aid.pdf hoddinott_w04_finding_aid.pdf (553.27 KB) Audio finding aid
HOLMER_N01_finding_aid.pdf holmer_n01_finding_aid.pdf (143.39 KB) Audio finding aid
HOPKINS_D01_finding_aid.pdf hopkins_d01_finding_aid.pdf (163.32 KB) Audio finding aid
How shall they hear? fc00015_1_how_shall_they_hear.pdf (175.38 KB) Moving image finding aid
Howitt, Alfred William - A.W. Howitt Collection MS69.htm (401.96 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Howitt, Alfred William - Papers mf154.pdf (570.9 KB) Manuscript finding aid
HUDDLESTON_B01 - interim finding aid huddleston_b01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (120.97 KB) Audio finding aid
HUDSON_J01 - finding aid hudson_j01_finding_aid.pdf (150.99 KB) Audio finding aid
Huggins, Jackie ms_4426_huggins.pdf (819.3 KB) Manuscript finding aid
HUGGINS_J03_interim_finding_aid.pdf huggins_j03_interim_finding_aid.pdf (134.4 KB) Audio finding aid
IAD_06-finding_aid iad_06_finding_aid.pdf (1.29 MB) Audio finding aid
IAD_11_interim_finding_aid.pdf iad_11_interim_finding_aid.pdf (221.06 KB) Audio finding aid
IAD_12_interim_finding_aid iad_12_interim_finding_aid.pdf (166.08 KB) Audio finding aid
Inglis, Judy MS2907.htm (12.96 KB) Manuscript finding aid
INGRAM_J01_interim_finding_aid.pdf ingram_j01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (118.6 KB) Audio finding aid
INGRAM_J02_interim_finding_aid.pdf ingram_j02_interim_finding_aid.pdf (120.7 KB) Audio finding aid
Into the Mainstream camera rushes (descriptive) lander_n001_into_the_mainstream.pdf (1.1 MB) Moving image finding aid
IRRA-WANGGA_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf irra-wangga_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (173.21 KB) Audio finding aid
IRRA-WANGGA_02_interim_finding_aid.pdf irra-wangga_02_interim_finding_aid.pdf (131.02 KB) Audio finding aid
IRRA-WANGGA_03_interim_finding_aid.pdf irra-wangga_03_interim_finding_aid.pdf (131.07 KB) Audio finding aid
IRRA-WANGGA_04_interim_finding_aid.pdf irra-wangga_04_interim_finding_aid.pdf (130.42 KB) Audio finding aid
IRRA-WANGGA_05_interim_finding_aid.pdf irra-wangga_05_interim_finding_aid.pdf (127 KB) Audio finding aid
IRRA-WANGGA_06_interim_finding_aid.pdf irra-wangga_06_interim_finding_aid.pdf (144.22 KB) Audio finding aid
IRRA-WANGGA_07_interim_finding_aid.pdf irra-wangga_07_interim_finding_aid.pdf (139.93 KB) Audio finding aid
IRRA-WANGGA_08_interim-finding-aid irra-wangga_08_interim-finding-aid.pdf (213.3 KB) Audio finding aid
It's Not Just Cricket: Prime Minister's XI versus ATSIC Chairman's XI / ATSIC atsic_001_v09568_3_its_not_just_cricket.pdf (133.27 KB) Moving image finding aid
Jabiluka bradbury_d001_v09525_1_jabiluka_interim.pdf (513.72 KB) Moving image finding aid
JACKOMOS_A02_interim_finding_aid.pdf jackomos_a02_interim_finding_aid.pdf (134.97 KB) Audio finding aid
Jacobs, Jane MS4162_Jacobs.pdf (212.27 KB) Manuscript finding aid
JACOBS_JM01_finding_aid.pdf jacobs_jm01_finding_aid.pdf (475.93 KB) Audio finding aid
James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement Collection MS1455.htm (27.33 KB) Manuscript finding aid
JAMES_K01_interim_finding_aid.pdf james_k01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (150.55 KB) Audio finding aid
Janice J. Monk. Aboriginal household and dwelling survey NSW. ms_5068_janicemonk.pdf (266.27 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Jernudd, Bjorn H. MS1075.PDF (93.53 KB) Manuscript finding aid
JERNUDD_B01_finding_aid.pdf jernudd_b01_finding_aid.pdf (480.27 KB) Audio finding aid
JILKMINGGAN_01_finding-aid jilkminggan_01_finding-aid.pdf (123.48 KB) Audio finding aid
Jimmy Little election: You can have your say daa_021_fc00049_1-8_jimmy_little_election.pdf (155.01 KB) Moving image finding aid
JOHANNES_R01_finding-aid johannes_r01_finding-aid.pdf (138.65 KB) Audio finding aid
John D. Jago papers ms_5024_john_jago_finding_aid.pdf (518.5 KB) Manuscript finding aid
John Gordon, Transcriptions of songs, 1968 ms_548_john_gordon_transcripts_of_songs.pdf (241.99 KB) Manuscript finding aid
John Harris, reports and papers relating to Aboriginal education ms_4053_john_harris.pdf (205.73 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Johnson, Steve R. MS3778_Johnson.pdf (178.71 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Jones, Megan L. Wanindilyaugwa and Nunggubuyu dances, Groote Eylandt, 1969 MS977.PDF (47.54 KB) Manuscript finding aid
JONES_C05_finding_aid_interim.pdf jones_c05_finding_aid_interim.pdf (132.69 KB) Audio finding aid
JONES_P01_interim-finding-aid jones_p01_interim-finding-aid.pdf (93.98 KB) Audio finding aid
JONES_T01_finding_aid.pdf jones_t01_finding_aid.pdf (164.34 KB) Audio finding aid
Jungiman atsic_001_v09456_1_jungiman.pdf (119.8 KB) Moving image finding aid
KABAI-GER_01_finding_aid_interim.pdf kabai-ger_01_finding_aid_interim.pdf (142.98 KB) Audio finding aid
KABAILA_P01_finding_aid.pdf kabaila_p01_finding_aid.pdf (123.54 KB) Audio finding aid
KABAILA_P02_finding_aid kabaila_p02_finding_aid.pdf (143.21 KB) Audio finding aid
KABAILA_P03_finding_aid.pdf kabaila_p03_finding_aid.pdf (327.06 KB) Audio finding aid
KABAILA_P04_interim_finding_aid.pdf kabaila_p04_interim_finding_aid.pdf (120.87 KB) Audio finding aid