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These finding aids cover a selection of manuscript and audiovisual material in our collection.

New finding aids are being compiled and added to this list regularly however, not every manuscript or audiovisual item in our collection has its own finding aid.

Please check the Mura catalogue for those items which do not have a finding aid.

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Police Racist Violence and Deaths in Custody Street Rally: Brisbane, 25 August 1987. Camera Tape 1 atsic_001_v09466_2_street_rally_deaths_in_custody_1987_tape2.pdf (121.74 KB) Moving image finding aid
Police Racist Violence and Deaths in Custody Street Rally: Brisbane, 25 August 1987. Camera Tape 2 atsic_001_v09466_3_street_rally_deaths_in_custody_1987_tape3.pdf (121.81 KB) Moving image finding aid
Police Racist Violence and Deaths in Custody Street Rally: Brisbane, 25 August 1987. Camera Tape 3 audition_sheet_-_atsic_001_v09466_4_street_rally_deaths_in_custody_1987_tape_4.pdf (123.06 KB) Moving image finding aid
PONSONNET_M01_interim_finding_aid.pdf ponsonnet_m01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (150.08 KB) Audio finding aid
PONSONNET_M02_interim_finding_aid.pdf ponsonnet_m02_interim_finding_aid.pdf (148.55 KB) Audio finding aid
Port Keats Roman Catholic Mission. Notes on the native language by W Flynn and MF Bailey, 1940-60 MS848.PDF (46.35 KB) Manuscript finding aid
PORT-AUGUSTA_01_finding-aid port-augusta_01_finding-aid.pdf (151.78 KB) Audio finding aid
Purcell, Francis Xavier ms1146.pdf (164.83 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Pym, Noreen MS1282.PDF (40.18 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Queensland Aboriginal Rights Campaign MS1797.htm (8.66 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Quest for Country perkins_r001_fc00842_1-2_quest_for_country_interim.pdf (130.89 KB) Moving image finding aid
QUISENBERRY_K01_finding_aid.pdf quisenberry_k01_finding_aid.pdf (280.55 KB) Audio finding aid
QUISENBERRY_K02_interim_finding_aid.pdf quisenberry_k02_interim_finding_aid.pdf (123.26 KB) Audio finding aid
RABBITT_E01_interim_finding_aid.pdf rabbitt_e01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (124.28 KB) Audio finding aid
RABBITT_E02_interim_finding_aid.pdf rabbitt_e02_interim_finding_aid.pdf (127.24 KB) Audio finding aid
Rachel Perkins; Radiance ms_5115.pdf (139.8 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Radcliffe-Brown, Alfred MS995.htm (10.37 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Radiance perkins_r001_v09367_1-8_radiance_interim.pdf (143.09 KB) Moving image finding aid
RAXWORTHY_R01_finding_aid.pdf raxworthy_r01_finding_aid.pdf (169.85 KB) Audio finding aid
READ_P09_finding_aid.pdf read_p09_finding_aid.pdf (184.94 KB) Audio finding aid
REAY_M01_finding_aid.pdf reay_m01_finding_aid.pdf (170.02 KB) Audio finding aid
Records of Broadbeach Aboriginal Burial Ground Excavation (Q1) 1965-1967 ms5055_broadbeach_excavationfindingaid.pdf (131.38 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Records of the Social Impact of Uranium Mining Project ms_4008_uranium.pdf (514.71 KB) Manuscript finding aid
REDMOND_T02_interim_finding_aid.pdf redmond_t02_interim_finding_aid.pdf (139.19 KB) Audio finding aid
REECE_L06_finding_aid.pdf reece_l06_finding_aid.pdf (133.39 KB) Audio finding aid
Referendum Survey (1967) MS4166.htm (5.83 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Rehoboth "Free Thinking" Symposium (descriptive) aiatsis_055_rehoboth_free_thinking_symposium.pdf (232.63 KB) Moving image finding aid
Representation of the Australian Indigenous Film Industry: Rachel Perkins Sample Collection perkins_r001_v09395_1-58_rachel_perkins_sample_collection_interim.pdf (173.74 KB) Moving image finding aid
Reuther, J. G. The Diari, vol 1-5 translated into English 1973 MS2289.PDF (65.99 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Rhys Jones, Records of archaeological expeditions 1963-1980 ms5040_rhysjones_archaeological_expeditions.pdf (594.76 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Richard Moyle Alyawarra Footage 1978 moyle_r002_fc00510_3_extracts_from_two_awulya_audition_sheet.pdf (163.01 KB) Moving image finding aid
Richmond River Historical Society papers 1842-1962 MS26.PDF (82.49 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Richmond River Historical Society papers 1900-1962 MF32.PDF (144.89 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Rights of Peoples (Seminars) MS3510.htm (12.6 KB) Manuscript finding aid
RIGSBY_B03_finding_aid.pdf rigsby_b03_finding_aid.pdf (158.54 KB) Audio finding aid
RIGSBY_B06_interim_finding_aid.pdf rigsby_b06_interim_finding_aid.pdf (132.78 KB) Audio finding aid
RINGERS-SOAK_01-finding-aid ringers-soak_01-finding-aid.pdf (169.94 KB) Audio finding aid
ROBERTS_J01_finding_aid.pdf roberts_j01_finding_aid.pdf (121.15 KB) Audio finding aid
Robin Campbell: Old Fella Now fc00011_6_robin_campbell_old_fella_now.pdf (165.09 KB) Moving image finding aid
ROBINVALE_01_finding_aid.pdf robinvale_01_finding-aid.pdf (132.39 KB) Audio finding aid
ROSE_L01_finding_aid.pdf rose_l01_finding_aid.pdf (142.47 KB) Audio finding aid
ROSS_T01_interim_finding_aid.pdf ross_t01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (121.69 KB) Audio finding aid
ROWSE_T01_interim_finding_aid.pdf rowse_t01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (131.49 KB) Audio finding aid
Rudder, John C. MS1089.PDF (39.8 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Rumsey, Alan. Fieldnotes on Ngarinyin, Bunaba, Worora, Gunian, 1975-1980 MS3180.PDF (121.88 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Run into the future aomc_001_fc00247_1_run_into_the_future.pdf (174.83 KB) Moving image finding aid
RUSSELL_I01_interim_finding_aid.pdf russell_i01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (142.45 KB) Audio finding aid
Ryan, Veronica Mary. Tape transcriptions, Warrmun Community, Turkey Creek, 1989 MS3032.pdf (76.58 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Sally K. May Collection (interim) may_s001_v09809_1-33_sally_k._may_collection.pdf (296.03 KB) Moving image finding aid
SANDEFUR_J02_finding_aid.pdf sandefur_j02_finding_aid.pdf (213.27 KB) Audio finding aid
SAYERS-KILHAM_01_finding_aid.pdf sayers-kilham_01_finding_aid.pdf (126.1 KB) Audio finding aid
Scarlett Pictures, Samson and Delilah production material ms_5103_samson_and_delilah.pdf (86.51 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Scarlett, Neville H. Human Ecology Project, north east Arnhem Land, 1979 MS2376.PDF (638.48 KB) Manuscript finding aid
SCHEBECK_B02_finding_aid.pdf schebeck_b02_finding_aid.pdf (256.52 KB) Audio finding aid
SCHEPS_B01-finding_aid scheps_b01-finding_aid.pdf (251.91 KB) Audio finding aid
SCHMIDT_E01_interim_finding_aid.pdf schmidt_e01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (126.17 KB) Audio finding aid
SCHWARZ_C01_interim_finding_aid.pdf schwarz_c01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (267.24 KB) Audio finding aid
SCOLLAY_C02_interim_finding_aid scollay_c02-interim_finding_aid.pdf (204.24 KB) Audio finding aid
SCRIMGEOUR_A01_interim_finding_aid.pdf scrimgeour_a01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (145.69 KB) Audio finding aid
SCRIMGEOUR_A02_interim_finding_aid.pdf scrimgeour_a02_interim_finding_aid.pdf (128.63 KB) Audio finding aid