Finding aids

These finding aids cover a selection of manuscript and audiovisual material in our collection.

New finding aids are being compiled and added to this list regularly however, not every manuscript or audiovisual item in our collection has its own finding aid.

Please check the Mura catalogue for those items which do not have a finding aid.

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Name Download Type
MATHEWS_J17_finding_aid.pdf mathews_j17_finding_aid.pdf (176.87 KB) Audio finding aid
MATHEWS_J18_finding_aid.pdf mathews_j18_finding_aid.pdf (242.21 KB) Audio finding aid
MATHEWS_J20_finding_aid.pdf mathews_j20_finding_aid.pdf (303.93 KB) Audio finding aid
MATHEWS_J21_finding_aid.pdf mathews_j21_finding_aid.pdf (122.25 KB) Audio finding aid
MATHEWS_J22_finding_aid.pdf mathews_j22_finding_aid.pdf (130.16 KB) Audio finding aid
MATHEWS_J23_finding_aid.pdf mathews_j23_finding_aid.pdf (160.01 KB) Audio finding aid
MATHEWS_J24_finding_aid.pdf mathews_j24_finding_aid.pdf (149.83 KB) Audio finding aid
MATHEWS_J26_finding_aid.pdf mathews_j26_finding_aid.pdf (130.53 KB) Audio finding aid
MATHEWS_J27_finding_aid.pdf mathews_j27_finding_aid.pdf (115.38 KB) Audio finding aid
MATHEWS_J28_finding_aid.pdf mathews_j28_finding_aid.pdf (123.55 KB) Audio finding aid
MATHEWS_J30_finding_aid.pdf mathews_j30_finding_aid.pdf (145.79 KB) Audio finding aid
MATHEWS_J31_finding_aid.pdf mathews_j31_finding_aid.pdf (171.19 KB) Audio finding aid
MATHEWS_J40_interim_finding_aid.pdf mathews_j40_interim_finding_aid.pdf (122.08 KB) Audio finding aid
MAY-WILD_02_finding_aid.pdf may-wild_02_finding_aid.pdf (122.27 KB) Audio finding aid
MAYNARD_J01_interim_finding_aid.pdf maynard_j01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (128.82 KB) Audio finding aid
MAYNARD_J02_interim_finding_aid.pdf maynard_j02_interim_finding_aid.pdf (128.09 KB) Audio finding aid
McCardell, Antony MS789.PDF (429.54 KB) Manuscript finding aid
McCarthy, Frederick David - Aboriginal place names... MS3112.PDF (72.15 KB) Manuscript finding aid
McCarthy, Frederick David - AIAS MS4352.htm (7.99 KB) Manuscript finding aid
McCarthy, Frederick David - Papers ms_3513_mccarthy.pdf (774.99 KB) Manuscript finding aid
MCCONNEL_U01_finding_aid.pdf mcconnel_u01_finding_aid.pdf (132.12 KB) Audio finding aid
McConvell, Patrick - Gurindji, Mudbura, Bilinara, Katangaruru, Ngarinman MS2746.PDF (78.01 KB) Manuscript finding aid
McConvell, Patrick - Mudbura MS284.PDF (290.51 KB) Manuscript finding aid
MCCONVELL_P08_finding_aid.pdf mcconvell_p08_finding_aid.pdf (165.28 KB) Audio finding aid
McGarvie, Neil MS4127_McGarvie.pdf (102.98 KB) Manuscript finding aid
McGinness, Joe ms_3718_mcginness.pdf (554.9 KB) Manuscript finding aid
MCGINTY_S01_interim_finding_aid.pdf mcginty_s01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (122.9 KB) Audio finding aid
McKay, Graham R - Djeepana (Gunibidji) MS2453.pdf (22.99 KB) Manuscript finding aid
McKay, Graham R - Ndjebbana [Kunibidji] MS3177.PDF (65.81 KB) Manuscript finding aid
McKay, Graham R - Rembarnga field notes MS2271.PDF (71.78 KB) Manuscript finding aid
McKay, Graham R - Rembarnga texts MS1079.PDF (63.11 KB) Manuscript finding aid
MCKAY_G01_finding_aid.pdf mckay_g01_finding_aid.pdf (236.61 KB) Audio finding aid
MCKELLAR_H02_interim_finding_aid.pdf mckellar_h02_interim_finding_aid.pdf (119.3 KB) Audio finding aid
McKelson, Kevin B MS3702.pdf (683.79 KB) Manuscript finding aid
MCKELSON_K01_finding_aid.pdf mckelson_k01_finding_aid.pdf (177.9 KB) Audio finding aid
MCKEOWN_F01_finding_aid_interim.pdf mckeown_f01_finding_aid_interim.pdf (143.37 KB) Audio finding aid
MCLEAVY_L01_finding_aid.pdf mcleavy_l01_finding_aid.pdf (108.78 KB) Audio finding aid
McLeod, Don MS4642.html (20.82 KB) Manuscript finding aid
MCNAIR_NH01_finding_aid.pdf mcnair_nh01_finding_aid.pdf (204.06 KB) Audio finding aid
MEEHAN-JONES_01 - finding aid meehan-jones_01_finding_aid.pdf (315.62 KB) Audio finding aid
MEEHAN-JONES_02 - finding aid meehan-jones_02_finding_aid.pdf (383.54 KB) Audio finding aid
MEEHAN-JONES_03 - finding aid meehan-jones_03_finding_aid.pdf (346.88 KB) Audio finding aid
Melville footage : field recording tapes melville_c001_fc00513_1-3_melville_footage_descriptive.pdf (178.84 KB) Moving image finding aid
MELVILLE-RANKINE_02_finding_aid.pdf melville-rankine_02_finding_aid.pdf (129.61 KB) Audio finding aid
Merlan, Francesca C - Letburit Jawon MS1366.PDF (49.12 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Merlan, Francesca C - Mangarayi MS1367.PDF (45.12 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Merlan, Francesca C - Ngalakan MS116.PDF (649.26 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Merlan, Francesca C - Wadaman MS1322.PDF (72.74 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Merlan, Francesca C - Yangman MS1365.PDF (35.13 KB) Manuscript finding aid
MERLAN_F10_finding_aid.pdf merlan_f10_finding_aid.pdf (183.65 KB) Audio finding aid
Methodist Church (Great Britain). Overseas Division MS3111.PDF (76.38 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Michaels, Eric MS2744.PDF (1.28 MB) Manuscript finding aid
Mick Miller Footage orourke_d001_fc00417_1-139_mick_miller_footage_interim.pdf (125.33 KB) Moving image finding aid
MINJILANG_01-finding_aid minjilang_01-finding_aid.pdf (174.67 KB) Audio finding aid
MITCHELL_R01_finding_aid_interim.pdf mitchell_r01_finding_aid_interim.pdf (122.15 KB) Audio finding aid
Moloney, John C PMS764.pdf (82.16 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Moonahcullah ration books ms_5056_moonahcullah.pdf (104.27 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Moravian Mission MF163-88.htm (44.23 KB) Manuscript finding aid
MORGAN_E01-finding_aid morgan_e01-finding_aid.pdf (248.53 KB) Audio finding aid
MORIARTY_B01_finding_aid.pdf moriarty_b01_finding_aid.pdf (169.63 KB) Audio finding aid