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Finding aids

These finding aids cover a selection of manuscript and audiovisual material in our collection.

New finding aids are being compiled and added to this list regularly however, not every manuscript or audiovisual item in our collection has its own finding aid.

Please check the Mura catalogue for those items which do not have a finding aid.

61 - 80 of 1198 search results

Title Download
Audio finding aid
aiatsis_89_interim_finding_aid.pdf (pdf, 132.73 KB)
Audio finding aid
aiatsis_90_interim_finding_aid.pdf (pdf, 121.94 KB)
Audio finding aid
aiatsis_92_interim_finding_aid.pdf (pdf, 92.34 KB)
Audio finding aid
aiatsis_94_interim_finding_aid.pdf (pdf, 131.27 KB)
Audio finding aid
aiatsis_95_interim_finding_aid.pdf (pdf, 177.51 KB)
Audio finding aid
aiatsis_96_interim_finding_aid.pdf (pdf, 121.73 KB)
Audio finding aid
aiatsis_98_interim_finding_aid.pdf (pdf, 155 KB)
Audio finding aid
aklif_g01_finding_aid.pdf (pdf, 169.8 KB)
Audio finding aid
aklif_g02_finding_aid_interim.pdf (pdf, 111.21 KB)
Audio finding aid
aklif_g03_finding_aid.pdf (pdf, 126.63 KB)
Albury and District Local Aboriginal Land Council
Manuscript finding aid
MS3509.htm (htm, 4.87 KB)
Audio finding aid
alder_a01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (pdf, 130.43 KB)
Allen, Elphine - Aurukun dances
Manuscript finding aid
MS420.PDF (PDF, 34.56 KB)
Allen, Elphine - Bird song...
Manuscript finding aid
MS421.PDF (PDF, 35.93 KB)
Allen, Elphine - Black crow
Manuscript finding aid
MS417.PDF (PDF, 42.14 KB)
Allen, Elphine - Nunggubuyu - Brolga (Gudarrgu) dances
Manuscript finding aid
MS418.PDF (PDF, 43.79 KB)
Allen, Elphine - Shadow ...Buffalo...
Manuscript finding aid
MS419.PDF (PDF, 41.07 KB)
Allen, Elphine - Shadow...Black Crow
Manuscript finding aid
MS415.PDF (PDF, 39.88 KB)
Allen, Elphine - Wanindilyaugwa and Nunggubuyu dances...
Manuscript finding aid
MS416.PDF (PDF, 47.93 KB)
Alpher, Barry J. - Ogh Unyjan, (Kunjen. Kowanyama Qld
Manuscript finding aid
ms_1192_alpher.pdf (pdf, 157.89 KB)
Last updated: 25 May 2022