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Reading list: Guide to Richard Moyle and Linden Moyle Collections at AIATSIS

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Professor Richard Moyle is an ethnomusicologist whose research spanned the Pacific and Central Australia for over 50 years. His publications address music in Tonga, Samoa and Taku, a remote atoll in the Pacific; and in Central Australia. He has also published bilingual collections of oral tradition from Samoa, Tonga and Taku. The Moyle collections are largely comprised of field materials from three periods of fieldwork Richard Moyle and Linden Moyle undertook in Central Australia when Richard was a Research Fellow at the AIAS (now AIATSIS).

This guide is a composite overview of Richard and Linden Moyle’s collections covering all formats in AIATSIS’s archive, including manuscript, audio, moving image and pictorial collections.

You can search our collections for access to the Richard Moyle and Linden Moyle materials at AIATSIS.