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Planning Act 2016 (Qld)


Stated purpose:

The purpose of this Act is to streamline State and local planning instruments and the legislative planning scheme.

Native title implications:

The Act states that any entity performing a function under the Act must advance the purpose of the Act. These purposes include ‘valuing, protecting and promoting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island knowledge, culture and tradition,’ ‘conserving places of cultural heritage significance,’ and the promotion of sustainable resource use. This is significant as the Act applies to the whole of Queensland not just native title, or statutory Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander land grants. This will provide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders an opportunity to hold State and local governments accountable to the impact of their planning activities on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ knowledge, culture and tradition. Native title bodies may have to conform to the new planning scheme when carrying out activities on their land. Further, this act may affect the planning of future acts. 

Please see the Explanatory Speech and Explanatory Notes for more information.