Notebook 3

Volume #3
Page #45

Honerabel Germans
And How England [kept?]
those promises in
Egept India Samoa
New Guine & others.
Britan & Her convict
Lay Ruiled
For German countrys
in Australasia
England's moves in
Europe for stalled my
pleading, Since the War,
And the Same is managed
for Asia in Generaley
& England sheems & plunder
the help less unhinderd

Volume #3
Page #46

If I do get away
from England
what would over take
me would be as
did in Greece, or in
Poland. For I am
made a British to
further Englands
scheems other wise
I am Bared from (Black)
Earning a lively hood
on Land or Sea under
The English, & England
user her international
alliance (Legue of
Nation) & [unclear]

Volume #3
Page #47

to further her Scheem
againts Asia & the
an armed [Evangelize?]
Nation throug whose
Generosity England
came to belong & hold
to gather.
So the winter is a
planting time
I thought Snow & Frost
would not be a [unclear]
for planting trees or
any thing growing in
the open

Volume #3
Page #48

Beliving my returning
the 10/-s will be looked
up on in your usual
full hearted way. Sir
you know it is to you I
have all ways appeald
for everything & you
have most ungrudingly
spent your money &
Time for me from the
very first day.
Mr Monk at the Forigen
Office reffered me to
you & if it was
not for you.
The Rector of St Dunne's [St Clement Danes Church]

Volume #3
Page #49

Recter Pannington Baninglo J.P [Pennington-Bickford?]
church, Strand would
have sent me to a
Lunatic Asylum &
what is more in my
last misfortune if
it was not for you
I would have been
both a convict & Lunic [lunatic],
bying that you will
look over my short comings
(if any which are unknown to me)
I close this long rambl-
ing letter & Hoping it
will find your Self &
Mrs D.D. Jones in the
very Best of health

Volume #3
Page #52

Sunday 26-1-30
Broadway St
Hacnkey Marsh
St all market.
much humbug by
lookers on so did
not do much.
morning began good
but Rain at 1.P.M
came to Wentworth St
Jew market where
I was subjected to
a young Jew stall
holder's boycott
suported by the Jew
Barrow traders
& much [jeered?] by the

Volume #3
Page #53

I suppose my daily
noats of sum of my
momentry experience
in London is worth
repeating (reading)
For you know much
better for what
major [uncear-asian] & you
Experienced, when
trying to employment
find work for me in
1919 (The Red Cross.)
& then favoured me by
helping me across to Italy.