Notebook 1

Volume #1
Page #24

Monday 18.11.29
about 5am I awok to find
white man (young) tuging
at my coat which was
over my head. I asked him
what is it. he answered
f--- you Bastard.&
when I jumped out of Bed&
told him he should not
go about calling me such
names. he denied. & another
white man as usual took his
part. (had I not awoke
he would have stolen my
coat. as it was. I found
my hat under my bed, not
between the mattres, where I
placed. & one day I lost my
Fog. Wentworth Rd & about E.C. no good.

Volume #1
Page #25

Tuesday 19.11.29
In the Dining Hall while at Breakfast
the Staf & Irish Element roused
on me. I have been in your country
& if we spoke as you do if English
I would be shot. All becaus I
reffered to the Knife & Fork I get dirty
from the office on deposit of 2d
which wer unwased [unwashed].
Green St market. Wet. Stall Holders
Boycoting (would be buyers)
Charley White. Black Bastard, the
Indian whore, Arab should be
killed. Jews by Jew’s & Gentiels,
& Children following me & Booing
& Pelting. every Body amused.
I took a Buss, to escape.
about Mile end Wentworth St a Jew
Refered to me as Grand mufti
& that all Arab’s should be Killed.

Volume #1
Page #26

Wednesday 20.11.29
At Breakfast time I notice that
they wer preparing their [unclear] at up-
[unclear]. Green St Market&
about Mile end. Drisley Rain.
I was hooted out of Sheltering
by Jew’s & kept up by Gentiels
I was refused a drink at a
pub. & hounded out of a coffee
Stall & geared out of a
restaurant by Soldiers that
been in India. Where ever
these has been stationed I
am one of them. I am subject
every conceat of this cowardly
murderer’s who murder there
Benefactors while at prayer
& Slaughter women & Children
as taught by Christian
Church and State.

Volume #1
Page #27

Thursday 21-11-29
Crisp Street market [poss near Hammersmith]
But the Peopel wer not
hostiel But Insolent familarity
by passer’s by. Set moving
by Jew Shop & Stall Keeper’s
poor trade.
I was subjected to much
insolent from the Dinars
in an Italian kept
Restaurant. They wer as
usualy banded against the
Black. As taught by the
Church & State.
274 Bed as usual pissed his
bed & my hat was had fallen
out of my bed&
was Soaked. becaus I [Paid/Baid]
Saw. the Whole of the Room
hounded me.

Volume #1
Page #28

Friday 22.11.29
Green man. market (Barking) [Green Man pub in Leytonstone]
Very very Slow, much
Insolent From stall Holders
Jews. Italian Irish.
Snow Ball. Black Bastard
go to India some Arab
ought to be killed.
restaurant refused me food
referesment [refreshment] kept by an
Italian refused serve me
milk. becaus I was Black.
P.C. on duty kept a sharp
Watch & Hunted me from
place to place.
Coming Back. Irish Navvy
Blagarded me for becaus
I was an Indian. [Suez?]
cooley’s sure ca [Bulga?]
& other indian mode of cursing
of which I did not understand.

Volume #1
Page #29

Saturday 23.1.29
Rain. Drisley.
Watnet St market. much
hosiel jeering, & shiriking
by moocher’s & other
Loiterer’s. Irish
cursing me Becaus I was
selling toys. Becaus I
deffended my self
by word of mout[h].
a Blackman is not a
Sow Succeled [suckled] Bog ridden
[Cur?]. A woman stall
holder, & other women
ratted me, Black Sod,
you aught to be killed
fancy allowing these
Indians to come her[e] an
take our Bread.

Volume #1
Page #30

Sunday 24.11-29
Broadway st market
London Marsh.
Not too wet. Some
Butcher’s obje[c]ted to
my sheltering under
their waning [awning]. & other
warning’s on my arival
some niggardly remark
would be passed&
so I kept moving in the
wet. usual Hostiel
nature as every where
in England.
I called in at a pub
to get a drink of Beer
I was orderd out
at Yanchis chop house
at Aldgate. I was
Hounded by customers.

Volume #1
Page #31

Monday 25.1.29
Rain allmost all day.
Wentworth, Motegue
& about Mile end.
Moocher’s following
about when a purchaser
was about to buy a
Toy an Irish moocher
took his hat off & began
to tell a [tail?] of beg-
ing & the would be
purchaser hastly
went. The moocher
after him.
I lost my spectacal
having to leave the
the room in order for
to prepar the Room
for the Salvation meeting
which is held in the
[dining?] room.

Volume #1
Page #32

Tuesday 26-11-29
Drisley rain all day Got wet
going about Trying to sell Toys
Aldgate, Mile End, Drum Street [near Aldgate East]
The usual hord of Irish insolent
that a working on the Road’s & [unclear]
Railway delivery Van’s on sight of
me they Blagard me & rais their
hand acros there throat, pointing
to me. The passers are very
greatly amused. They are the X
soldjers of India.
Black Bastard is common
call out. In the Salvation Lodging all Becaus I am not white
or keep with their insolen[c]e

Volume #1
Page #33

Wednesday 27-11-29
Walsh st market. Fine day
Bad trad[e] 3 Whites surounding
me (Jews) & the women dare not
buy of a Blackman.
All day walking about Hakney
A Buss conducter refused me
getting in Because I am not White
again the same White cockney
hanger about the Streets called
out Black Bastard, another
white of his kind responded in
the maner as a joke ment to him
I was reading the newspaper to
look round to see who & why. For
I am the only Blackman. but
I said nothing. how long can I
put up with there undeser[ve]d

Volume #1
Page #34

Thursday 28-11-29
Wet all day no Trade police
hunted me from sheltering
under the Hig[h] St Whitechapel
While Whites trading on the
pavement near by.
Now Nigar you get out or else
I put you where you want.
passers & the Trader’s very
I went to Tidal Baisons, [poss Tidal Basins Rd in North Woolwich] where
I was told of a room
to let by a blackman.
I knocked, admited the man
was out (white women) not me.
I am coughing mor than
from contenualy sleeping
on piss soaked mattress
at the Salvation Army Lodging
The Irish & Jew Irish a picking
on me.

Volume #1
Page #35

Friday 29-11-29
Watney St Drisley & Rain
all day, Mile end, oposite
London Hospital. I was pelted
by a crowd of (6) young men
I tackeled one. He ran away
they expected me to follow
him up.
I heard 2 Police men young
say he is a snake, you
should be Killed, Black Bastard
would be 1/4 past 4.P.M.
Much Botheration from
Indian speaking Drunken
mootcher’s of the Irish
& Scotch Breed. at the
Salvation Armdy Lodgin