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Launch of 2023 Paper and Talk Workshop to Support Language Revitalisation Efforts

Living Languages and the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) are excited to announce the 2023 Paper and Talk workshop, which will bring together seven communities from around the country for a two-week workshop. The project aims to provide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people access to language materials and support their efforts in language revitalisation.

The Paper and Talk workshop will provide an opportunity for community researchers from the Birri Gubba, Dharug, Gangulu, Gathang, Guwar, Ngunnawal, and Warrungu communities to come to the AIATSIS headquarters in Maraga to connect with their language materials from AIATSIS and other collecting institutions.

The community researchers will receive comprehensive training to build linguistic and archival skills during the two-week workshop. Simultaneously, they will collaborate on creating a language resource that can be taken back to their respective communities, contributing to their overall language revitalisation process.

Living Languages, our partner, actively supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in their language strengthening efforts. Through grassroots training programs for individuals, communities, and Language Centres, Living Languages strives to tailor its support to meet the unique language-related goals of each group. We are thrilled to collaborate on this project with the team from Living Languages. 

We are also grateful to the Indigenous Languages and Arts (ILA) program, dedicated to preserving and maintaining Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures through language and arts activities, for supporting the Paper and Talk workshop.

Participants in the Paper and Talk workshop will receive tailored training in linguistics as well as archival research and retrieval. Each group will be paired with a linguistic partner who will work with the groups throughout the workshop, while language trainers and archivists will be available to answer questions and provide ongoing support.

The workshop will foster networking opportunities, allowing participants to connect and share experiences with six other language groups from different parts of the country, all working towards strengthening their languages.

Living Languages and AIATSIS are thrilled to support the Paper and Talk project, which promises to contribute to the strengthening and revitalising of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages, contributing to the cultural vibrancy of Australia.


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Last updated: 17 October 2023