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Embassy of Mexico and AIATSIS are honoured to present 'Dialogues of Resilience: Portraits of Mexican and Australian First Nations Peoples'

14 November 2023

The Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) is honoured to announce the opening of a joint exhibition with the Embassy of Mexico and the National Institute of Indigenous Peoples (INPI). Titled 'Dialogues of Resilience: Portraits of Mexican and Australian First Nations Peoples', this unique exhibition features a diverse range of portraits and artefacts generously provided by the Embassy of Mexico and the INPI on a short-term loan to AIATSIS alongside a carefully curated collection of images and items from the AIATSIS vaults.

The exhibition will take place from 13 November to 12 December 2023 at AIATSIS, Canberra and is open to the public for viewing from 10 am to 2 pm weekdays. Visitors can experience the rich diversity and dynamism of Mexico and Australia’s First Nations peoples, their cultures, heritage, and artistic expression.

The Mayan Ballgame Marker is a remarkable limestone artifact that provides insights into the ancient Mesoamerican sport of the Mayans, known as the Mesoamerican ballgame. This marker depicts a ballplayer hitting a ball with his hip and features a descriptive outer ring that reveals details about the event. Created during the Classic Maya period (200-900 CE), this marker is a valuable historical relic that offers a glimpse into the sporting and cultural practices of the Mayan Civilization. It currently resides at the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City.

Visitors can expect to experience an inspiring and emotive display of personal portraits supported by beautiful textiles, and significant artefacts. Each piece holds a story and is a testament to the vibrant cultural heritage of the First Peoples of Mexico and Australia.

The collaboration between AIATSIS, the Mexican Embassy and INPI seeks to foster deep cultural exchange, understanding, and celebrate the resilience and vibrancy of First Nations peoples and cultures globally.

“Our story as the First Nations peoples of Australia and Mexico is the story of strength, resilience, and diversity” commented Leonard Hill, Interim CEO, AIATSIS.

“This exhibition is a reminder of the interconnectedness of Indigenous cultures globally, and the importance of organisations such as AIATSIS and INPI, working together to preserve and promote the invaluable contributions of our First Nations peoples' ways of knowing, being and doing."

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About the Embassy of Mexico

The Embassy of Mexico represents the interests of Mexico and Mexicans in the Commonwealth of Australia, and, concurrently, in the Republic of Fiji, the Independent State of Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and the Republic of Vanuatu,  and its mission is to promote political, economic, commercial, cultural, science and technology relations and cooperation with the governments and citizens of Australia.


Last updated: 14 November 2023