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Celebrate Father's Day with books!

Father's Day is just around the corner, and what better way to honour and celebrate our fathers than by gifting them a unique and thought-provoking book from the Aboriginal Studies Press collection?

This Father's Day, we encourage everyone to delve into the rich cultural heritage of Australia’s First Nations communities through literature and show appreciation for the wisdom and knowledge passed down by our Aboriginal fathers.

Aboriginal Studies Press is dedicated to promoting and preserving the diverse Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. We publish memoirs, history, current affairs, scholarly works, children’s books, dictionaries, and more across various topics.

Whether your father is an avid reader, a history enthusiast, or simply curious about Indigenous perspectives, the Aboriginal Studies Press collection will offer a compelling and enlightening read. The collection has something for every father, from autobiographies by influential Indigenous figures to beautifully illustrated children's books that teach cultural values and traditions.

Some bestselling titles from the Aboriginal Studies Press collection include:

Black pearls- Colin Tatz

Evonne Goolagong, Cathy Freeman, Nova Peris, Lionel Rose, Artie Beetson, and Polly Farmer are just a few of our Australian sporting heroes who, since the mid-1880s, have helped shape Australia's identity as a great sporting nation. They, along with 261 other individual sporting greats, are showcased here in this new edition of the Aboriginal and Islander Sports Hall of Fame.

Spanning 36 sports across 166 years, Black Pearls showcases some of our Olympic heroes and superb sportswomen, football giants, boxing legends, lightning sprinters, darts champions, world-class weightlifters and woodchoppers.

Black Pearls is more than a sports book. It reveals a history of inclusion and exclusion, about Aboriginal determination in the face of enormous obstacles, resilience in overcoming remoteness, discriminatory laws, incarceration on isolated reserves, and opponents in various sporting arenas.

Old Man’s Story- Bill Neidjie

Right then,' he said with a sigh and then turned to me with a grin. 'I tell you story, eh!'

Then he said something which really floored me: 'I been waiting for you. You been waiting for me.' And so began Bill Neidjie's relationship with English photographer, Mark Lang.

Known as 'Old Man' in this book, but often called 'Big Bill Neidjie' throughout his life because of his imposing height and strength, Bill Neidjie wanted to record aspects of his life for a younger generation of Gagadju, to help them look after their country and remember its stories - and for balanda, non-Aboriginal people.

Told in the old man's words, this beautifully nuanced, impressionistic account allows Neidjie to gently emphasise the issues of importance to him. Old man's story has a very personal inflection, with Neidjie's words complemented by Lang's beautiful landscape photography. Structured in the cycle of the seasons, Old Man's Story provides readers with insights into the annual transformation of the landscape integral to Neidjie's life story.

Our Mob Served- Allison Cadzow

Our Mob Served presents a moving and little-known history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander wartime and defence service, told through the vivid oral histories and treasured family images of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

This unique book shares lively and compelling stories of war, defence service and the impact on individuals, families, and communities, sometimes for the first time.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have not forgotten their involvement in the national histories of war and service.


To receive your Father's Day gift, please order for express domestic postage before 5 pm Thursday, August 24th. If you can’t decide on the perfect book, we also offer gift vouchers that can be delivered directly to your inbox.


Last updated: 23 August 2023