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Aboriginal Studies Press Celebrates Long Listing of Two Publications for the 2023 Margaret and Colin Roderick Literary Award

Aboriginal Studies Press, Australia's leading publisher of Indigenous literature, is thrilled to announce that two of its recent releases, Ngirramanujuwal: The Art and Country of Jimmy Pike and Warlpiri Encyclopaedic Dictionary, have been long listed for the prestigious 2023 Margaret and Colin Roderick Literary Award.

The Margaret and Colin Roderick Literary Award, established in 1967, recognises outstanding works that shed light on Australian life, history, and culture. It is an established accolade in the literary calendar and a testament to the quality and significance of the selected publications.

AIATSIS’s Ngirramanujuwal: The Art and Country of Jimmy Pike is a remarkable exploration of the life and art of the late Jimmy Pike, a celebrated Walmajarri artist from the Great Sandy Desert in Western Australia. This visually stunning publication showcases Pike's unique artistic style, inspired by his deep connection to Country, and offers readers a profound insight into his cultural heritage.

The Warlpiri Encyclopaedic Dictionary, co-authored by Mary Laughren, Kenneth Hale, Jeannie Egan Nungarrayi, Marlurrku Paddy Patrick Jangala, Robert Hoogenraad, David Nash and Jane Simpson, is a groundbreaking linguistic achievement that captures the richness and complexity of the Warlpiri language. It serves as a comprehensive resource for linguists, language learners, and anyone interested in understanding and preserving the linguistic diversity of First Nations Australia.

The long listing of two publications for the award reflects the commitment of Aboriginal Studies Press to publish works that tell the story of Australia's Indigenous cultures and histories. The Press extends its congratulations to all publishers selected and wish them well in the shortlisting, announced in early August, and at the award’s presentation by the Foundation for Australian Literary Studies in October 2023.

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About Aboriginal Studies Press:
Aboriginal Studies Press is Australia's leading publisher of books on Indigenous Australian cultures, histories, languages, and arts. As part of the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS), Aboriginal Studies Press is vital in promoting and preserving Indigenous knowledge and providing a platform for Indigenous authors and scholars to share their stories and perspectives with the world.


Last updated: 01 August 2023