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Munupi Arts

Munupi Arts is located on Melville Island, the larger of the two islands that are the Tiwi Islands. The southern coastline is only 80km from the northern shores of Darwin. Tiwi means 'we the people' and have their own language and culture developed over thousands of years and sea level rises. Once isolated, the islands are now regularly serviced by twice daily flights operated by Fly Tiwi as well as numerous charter companies based in Darwin. A ferry also runs to Bathurst Island.

Pilangimpi (also known as Gardenpoint) is up the north of Melville Island looking over the Aspley Straight that separates the two landmasses. This is where Munupi Arts is located. Munupi Arts is a not-for-profit Tiwi owned and governed social enterprise organisation that has been in operation for 30 years and is part of the fabric of the Pirlangimpi Community.

Painting and carving are the main activities of Munupi Arts, using local timber and natural ochres. A colour limitation broken by the explosion of yellow and red ochres as well as black and white that demonstrates the exuberant visual celebration of the world-view of the Tiwi people.


Last updated: 03 November 2021