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AIATSIS Submission Review of the CATSI Act: Phase Two

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Dr Lisa Strelein
Ophelia Rubinich
Casey Millward

Since 2016, AIATSIS has contributed to a number of reviews of the CATSI Act including the Technical Review of the CATSI Act (2017) and CATSI Review Phase 1 (2020). We refer to the AIATSIS submissions for both of these reviews throughout this report.

AIATSIS understands the purpose of the 2019-2020 comprehensive review is, in part, to address criticisms of the 2018 CATSI review and consider: 

  • whether the CATSI Act is meeting its objects and continues to be desirable as a special measure for the advancement and protection of Indigenous peoples as set out in the Act’s preamble,
  • whether the functions and powers of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations are appropriate, effective and adequate,
  • possible amendments to the CATSI Act to better support the regulation of CATSI corporations, and
  • consider the consistency and interaction of the CATSI Act with other relevant legislation, including the Corporations Act, ACNC Act and NTA.4