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Outcomes from a workshop on managing information in native title

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2015 National Native Title Conference
Ludger Dinkler

This presentation will draw on finding from the Managing Information in Native Title (MINT) workshop, held in March 2015 at AIATSIS.

The workshop brought together 42 delegates from native title organisations to discuss the current state, the challenges and some possible solutions to the culturally and legally appropriate management, storage, and use of the enormous legacy of materials and information collated and created in the field of native title over more than 20 years.

Ludger Dinkler will present on the findings of the survey or participating native title organisations that shed light on the information holdings of those organisations and their information management capabilities, capacities and needs.

Ludger will also provide an overview of workshop outcomes on participating native title organisations’ information management aspirations, their major challenges in achieving those aspirations, some initial lessons learned and approaches towards overcoming those challenges, as well as what support and advice AIATSIS might be able to provide to native title organisations for sharing experiences and establishing processes and guidelines for managing information in native title.

Outcomes from a workshop on managing information in native title (audio)