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Renaming places: Yindyamarra-gu Wiradyuri

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2016 National Native Title Conference
Dinawan Djirribang
Joylene Simpson
Gary Rush

The Bathurst Wiradyuri* and Aboriginal Community Elders group was formed in 2013 as an autochthonous sovereign entity to develop connections, cultural expression, appreciation of language, and community in Bathurst, Central West NSW. Since then, it has brought about the indelible presence of Wiradyuri people on country, on the settlement site where Martial Law was declared against their ancestors.

The active BWAACE group has created cultural events and forged new relationships with the wider community. Working directly with key commerce, tertiary education and civic leaders, the Group has laid firm foundations of Wiradyuri sovereign authority and protocol for future generations. The pinnacle achievement of this work was the gazetting of the traditional Wiradyuri name, Wahluu, meaning ‘men’s place’, to the famous car racing mecca, Mt Panorama.

In the lead up to the Bathurst Bicentenary commemorative celebrations of Bathurst’s 1815 proclamation, the BWACE planned to maintain their cultural perspectives. They clearly identified six main areas of importance.  

Gamarra (awakening)

This presentation will speak powerfully on the processes and negotiations conducted that have in a short time brought about significant change toward establishing new social, cultural and economic futures of Wiradyuri. *Wiradyuri/Wiradjuri 

Renaming places: Yindyamarra-gu Wiradyuri audio