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Offer material to the AIATSIS collection

Please do not post original items, documents, or photographs, or leave them at AIATSIS unless asked to do so.

AIATSIS welcomes donations of unique, rare and unpublished materials relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander studies, culture, knowledge and experience. We accept photographs, sound recordings, moving image, art and objects, ephemera and print materials, including manuscripts, personal papers, diaries, field notebooks and theses. We may accept offers of published materials that are otherwise hard to source.

All materials are assessed for suitability against a set of criteria before acceptance.

All offers of material are assessed by our specialist staff. We will contact you to obtain more information to assess your offer if we cannot make an assessment based on the information contained in your Offer of Material form.

If AIATSIS agrees to accept your donation you will be asked to complete a Deed of Gift.

AIATSIS is experienced in the ethical and safe management of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander collections, including secret / sacred material and other sensitive information. We ask all donors to alert us to potentially sensitive content to ensure it is handled appropriately.

Your details

Have you previously donated material to AIATSIS?

Overview of the offer

Briefly describe the object or collection.

Are you the owner of the material being offered?

If no, please describe your relationship to the material / owner(s) and provide the name and contact details of the owner(s), if known.

Details about the materials

What formats are in the offered materials?

e.g. number of boxes or other carriers including digital carrier, e.g. hard drives / USB's.

e.g. 3 boxes in garage, digital cloud storage.


Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP) rights refer to all aspects of Indigenous peoples’ cultural heritage. For more detail refer to the Arts Law website.

Are ICIP owners aware that you are offering this material to AIATSIS in order to preserve it and make it accessible?


Does any of the material contain sensitive content?
What type(s) of sensitivities?
What AIATSIS facility would you prefer the material to be held in?

Note: AIATSIS will endeavour to house the material in your preferred location but in some cases, this may not be possible due to collection care or storage requirements. All material is currently processed in Canberra first.

Are you aware of any other access considerations?

E.g. digital images, photographs, list, inventory, certificate of authenticity, receipts, or other documentation.

For example: list, inventory, certificate of authenticity, digital images or other documentation

Unlimited number of files can be uploaded to this field.
10 MB limit.
Allowed types: pdf, doc, docx, jpg, tiff, png.