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luwa tara luwa waypa

luwa tara luwa waypa is a powerful story of a young Tasmanian warrior becoming a man and how he finds strength in connecting with the spirit of his ancestors. 

niyakara is leaving the village to hunt tara, kangaroo. 

On his mind is the chief’s daughter, tuminana, who is at the water with the women, collecting shells and working. 

But down on the beach, niyakara hears three thuds . . .

boom boom boom

With rhythmic intensity, luwa tara luwa waypa tells the captivating story of niyakara’s journey from boy to man, a story of courage and transformation. 

Dave mangenner Gough’s powerful words and Samantha Campbell’s expressive artwork bring to vivid life the ancestral spirit and enduring strength of the palawa people of Tasmania.

Listen to Dave mangenner Gough read luwa tara luwa waypa

Dave mangenner Gough  

Dave mangenner Gough is a celebrated artist, curator and cultural practitioner dedicated to practising and demonstrating Tasmanian Aboriginal culture for all Australian people, to bring communities together and preserve our traditional culture. 

As a proud trawlwoolway — descended from Bungana (chief), manalargenna’s oldest daughter, woretemoeteyenner of north-east Tasmania — Dave has a strong personal connection to lutruwita Tasmania and its people. 

As an artist, he has exhibited nationally and internationally. He has also curated a number of significant exhibitions. With Dave as writer, director, producer, performer, luwa tara luwa waypa has been performed in Tasmania as part of mapali dawn gathering, launching the 2021 Ten Days on The Island art festival. 

Samantha Campbell 

Samantha Campbell grew up in the Northern Territory and lives in Alice Springs. She is descended from the Dagoman people from Katherine and as a child lived in remote communities across the Top End. Her first book, Alfred's War, written by Rachel Bin Salleh, was shortlisted for the Premier's Literary Awards and the Speech Pathology Awards. Her other books include Aunty’s Wedding, by Miranda Tapsell and Joshua Tyler, Brother Moon by Maree McCarthy Yoelu and Freedom Day by Rosie Smiler and Thomas Mayor.

Last updated: 21 February 2024