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Durrmu Arts

Durrmu Arts is renowned for its fine, contemporary art production, particularly acrylic painting and fibre work. Senior artist Regina Pilawuk Wilson (winner, general painting, Telstra National Indigenous Art Award 2003) leads a team of talented established and emerging artists including Kathleen Korda, Margaret Kundu, Annunciata Dartinga, Grace Dodson, Annunciata Wilson, Anastasia Wilson, Anne-Carmel Wilson, Dakota Wilson, Carol Jimmy and Leon Pungily.

The paintings of Peppimenarti are based upon traditional weaving and durrmu (dot body painting) designs. These are complemented by the women artists’ premium pandanus and sand-palm fibre weaving work.

The women of Peppimenarti are traditionally weavers and have transposed their knowledge of fibre and textiles onto the canvas. The results are paintings of intricate, abstract mark-making; some clearly representing syaw (fishnet) and wupun (basket weaving) through their layered textures, whilst others resemble fine tapestries. The men’s art lies in the production of body paint designs and cultural articles. Many of the male artists paint their inherited didgeridu designs.