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We’ll respond to your enquiries during business hours 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday, and reply to emails within two business days.

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51 Lawson Crescent
Acton ACT 2601
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GPO Box 553
Canberra ACT 2601

Media enquiries

P: 02 6246 1605
M: 0476 843 522

Website enquiries

Concerns about content or take-down requests will be forwarded to the CEO or Deputy CEO, or their delegate, within two working days for their decision.

Aboriginal Studies Press

P: 02 6246 1183
F: 02 6261 4288


Audio Visual Access Unit

P: 02 6261 4212
F: 02 6261 4287

Inter-library Loans

P: 02 6246 1136
F: 02 6261 4287

Reading room

P: 02 6246 1182
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Reference Desk

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Dr Lisa Strelein, Director Research Strategy

P: 02 6246 1155
F: 02 6249 7714

AIATSIS Link-Up Research Resource Unit

Function room bookings 

Are you looking for a venue to accommodate a function or seminar in Canberra?

The Mabo Room at AIATSIS seats 80 people comfortably and can hold up to 120 people.

For further details about the Mabo Room at AIATSIS see Venue Bookings.

How to give us feedback

We welcome feedback on our performance. If you have any comments or suggestions about improving our service, please let us know.

  • If you are dissatisfied or have concerns about our day-to-day services, please discuss this with the person you dealt with or their supervisor, and we will try to resolve your concerns immediately.
  • If your concerns are not resolved, please contact the Director, Executive Unit, by phoning 02 6261 4201 or emailing

The AIATSIS Complaints Handling policy provides information regarding the process for handling complaints. If you are still dissatisfied with our service, you may wish to contact the Commonwealth Ombudsman.

We will use your feedback to ensure that we provide service of the highest standard and that this is reflected in our charter. We appreciate your efforts to help us to serve you better.