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Creating a national caring for country archive

Caring for Country (CFC) is one of the most successful arenas of Indigenous endeavour since colonisation, paralleling contemporary Indigenous...

Presentation - 25 May 2016

Land Rights the current situation

Only two Land Councils, the Northern Land Council and the Central Land Council, existed at the time the Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory)...

Presentation - 25 May 2016

Native title benefits in future act agreements: what is the best model?

With the downturn in international commodity markets and a consequent decline in the mining industry, the approach of native title...

Presentation - 25 May 2016

Indigenous rights and nation building 40 years on: the Aboriginal Land Rights Act

The Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act 1976 was signed off by the Governor General on 16 December 1976, having passed through Parliament...

Presentation - 23 May 2016

What lies beyond that high water mark

Aboriginal peoples’ traditional economies and customary rights of lands and waters goes well beyond the high tide mark and are still yet to be fully...

Presentation - 6 May 2016

Native Title in the News - April 2016

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Publication or resource - 5 May 2016

Indigenous Property Rights and Economic Development

In 2015, a Roundtable was held on Yawuru Country to identify opportunities and challenges to creating and leveraging economic development...

Presentation - 4 May 2016

Developing a National Indigenous Land & Sea Managers Network

Australian Indigenous land and sea managers have repeatedly called for an independent national Indigenous land and sea managers network.  Such a...

Presentation - 4 May 2016

Native Title Newsletter - April 2016

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Publication or resource - 3 May 2016

Building a sustainable economy by deployed Aboriginal assets for long term wealth creation

In this paper, I address some of the challenges in deploying Aboriginal assets for long term wealth creation. We know that many Indigenous groups are...

Presentation - 3 May 2016

Embedding traditional knowledge in nationally accredited qualifications

Bilingual and bicultural education for English as an Additional Language (EAL) students to support mainstream education outcomes has been well...

Presentation - 2 May 2016

Returning Native Title Materials

The native title system has produced a remarkable and unprecedented research effort, both in size and scope. The information assets created by...

Research project - 2 May 2016

Saibai Mekem gardening project: developing long term sustainability and wellbeing of Saibai community

Saibai people have a long tradition of subsistence gardening over thousands of years that is intrinsically linked to traditional cultural practices....

Presentation - 2 May 2016

What's New in Native Title - March 2016

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Publication or resource - 29 Apr 2016

Understanding cultural flows: a coordinated research effort in pursuit of Aboriginal water rights

For Aboriginal peoples, water sustains a complex relationship between the environment, individuals and their spirits. As described by Euahlayi Elder...

Presentation - 29 Apr 2016

Aboriginal rights to water: WA reform and opportunity

The Indigenous people of Australia own or control1 almost 30%2 of the country’s land mass, yet their specific water entitlements are estimated at...

Presentation - 29 Apr 2016

‘We have to protect this place’: returning to Nyimili to record and transfer cultural knowledge

This paper offers a critical reflection on the origins and preliminary outcomes of the Nyimili project; an ongoing, community driven collaborative...

Presentation - 29 Apr 2016

Investing for a better future

In December 2015 the Prime Minister launched the Indigenous Investment Principles. But what practical steps can native title groups take to implement...

Presentation - 29 Apr 2016

Pre-determination ILUAs and the possibility of implosion

An ILUA entered into before a determination of native title is made can legitimately validate future acts and produce benefits for registered...

Presentation - 29 Apr 2016