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One Law for All? Aboriginal people and criminal law in early South Australia

Summary In the planned colony of South Australia, Aboriginal people were to be British subjects, accountable to English law, but fully entitled to...

Publication or resource - 3 Dec 2014

Aboriginal Sydney: A guide to important places of the past and present (Second edition)

The popular first edition established itself as both authoritative and informative; it is both a guide book and an alternative social history, told...

Publication or resource - 3 Dec 2014

Thinking Black: William Cooper and the Australian Aborigines' League

Summary Most non-Indigenous Australians know of Charles Perkins. Many are familiar with a few other Aboriginal leaders. Yet few have heard of...

Publication or resource - 3 Dec 2014

Dialogue about Land Justice: Papers from the national native title conference

Summary Dialogue about land justice comprises a selection of papers presented to the national Native Title Conference, among them, Australia’s...

Publication or resource - 3 Dec 2014

Remembering the future: Walpiri life through the prism of drawing

Summary What can drawings reveal about their makers? In 1953 anthropologist Mervyn Meggitt invited Warlpiri men at Hooker Creek to draw with crayons...

Publication or resource - 3 Dec 2014