..CAPNO     Gresser.P2.BW

..DEPOSITR  Percy J Gresser

..CAPTION LIST covers N3407



..NUMBER    N3407.31a

..PLACE     Fish River, near Bathurst, NSW

..DSCRPTN   a tree carved by Aborigines. This photograph represents

            the carved tree before it was cut down. It stood in Portion No 6,

            Parish Langdale, County Westmoreland, and by the side of the road

            leading from the Bathurst-O'Connell road to the O'Connell-Lagoon

            road about 9 miles from Bathurst, on the west side of the Fish

            River, and about half a mile from the ford over the river



..NUMBER    N3407.34a

..PLACE     Fish River, near Bathurst, NSW

..DSCRPTN   close up view of the tree as it appeared  in situ. It

            was one of a number of carved trees standing in a rough circle.

            The stumps on the right and those behind represent the remains of

            some of the others. The trunk of this tree was presented to the

            Technical Museum, Bathurst by Mr J R Godfrey, May 1929