MS 863

Papers of Kenneth L Hale - Warramunga field notes


Al (Open access reading); B5 (Open copy and use)

Scope and Content Note

Date range: 1959

Extent: 2 pts: (465pp.) - illus. Holograph (photocopy), and xxii, 79pp., Mimeo.

Tennant Creek.

Biographical Note

Kenneth Hale travelled widely through South Australia, Northern Territory and from Roebourne (Western Australia) to Mareeba (Queensland) on his first visit in 1958-60.

Collection Note

A.I.A.S. tapes A4557-9.

  1. pp. 1-66 repeat pp.15-465 of the holograph
  2. pp.67-79 include transcriptions of textual material and random eliciting of vocabulary items; this data is not included in the holograph
  3. A.I.A.S. tapes A4557 (pp.1-18), A4558 (pp.18-31, 42-59), A4559 (1.59-76?).

Series List

Series Content
1 Holograph
2 Mimeo

Series Description

  1. Holograph

    Box 1


    a. Warramunga kinship, pp.1-3.
    b. Plant names, pp.4-7.
    c. Fauna terminology, pp.8-14.
    d. Vocabulary and elicitation, pp.15-200.
    e. Vocabulary items and word transformations, not on tape, pp.201-59.
    f. Vocabulary and elicitation, pp.260-332.
    g. Textlets 1-14, pp.333-405. illus.
    h. Elicitation, pp.406-65.

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  2. Mimeo

    Warumungu notes xxii, 79 pp., Mimeo.

    Box 2


    a. Notes on phonology and morphology, pp.i-xxii.
    b. Field notes, pp.1-79.

Box List

Box Series Items
1 1 a-h
2 2 a-b

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