MS 4170

Linguistic materials of Frank Zandvoort


Material is available to be read.  A reasonable portion may be copied for research and/or published with acknowledgements [Access code: R1 C1b]

Scope and Content Note

Date range: 2000-2001

Extent: 18 cm (1 box)

This collection contains the literary estate of Frank Zandvoort that was donated to the AIATSIS L:ibrary,  in February 2002, by Ulrike Kast.

The collection consists of incomplete, rough field notes, wordlists, analysis toyed with etc.  that Zandvoort had begun to develop for a doctoral thesis on the Murrinhpatha [Murrinh Patha] language of Wadeye in the Northern Territory,  focusing particularly on the semantics of the closed class of finite verbs in that language.  As Zandvoort was unable to complete his work  the material represents the investigative analysis, which would have been followed by the subsequent writing up the analysis into a coherent description, rather than a polished linguistic description.

There is also material on Matngele [Madngele/Madngala]  which Zandvoort worked on for his Honours thesis.  The thesis, entitled 'A Grammar of Matngele' (1988),  is held by the Library at MS 4224.

The material was received in numbered order together with a listing of the papers.  The numbering and order have been maintained by the Library.

Tapes received with this material have been passed to the Archives and Production Program

Computer discs received with the collection will be included in the Institute's Aboriginal Studies Electronic Data Archive (ASEDA).

For a complete listing of the Zandvoort material held by the Institute search the Mura online catalogue.   For access to audio-visual material contact the Archives and Production Program.

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Biographical Note

Frank Zandvoort was enrolled at the University of New England, Armidale, NSW, between 1999 and 2001, undertaking a part-time PhD in Linguistics under the supervision of Nicholas Reid.

Zandvoort undertook a preliminary investigative trip to Wadeye in August-September 2000.  During this period he worked with the team at the Wadeye Literature Production Centre on Murrinhpatha [Murrinh Patha] dictionary files, generally established himself and met with potential linguistic consultants.  He returned to Wadeye in December 2000 for his first major fieldtrip, intending to stay for several months.  However, about five weeks into the trip Zandvoort became ill, was flown back to Sydney and was diagnosed with multiple brain tumors.  Despite treatment, Zandvoort died on 5 October  2001.

This information was supplied, with the donation, by Nicholas Reid.

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1 Murrinhpatha [Murrinh Patha] language
2 Matngele [Madngele/Madngala]  language

Series Description

1.         Murrinhpatha [Murrinh Patha] language

This series consists of papers and notebooks relating to fieldwork and preparatory research work carried out by Zandvoort on the Murrinhpatha [Murrinh Patha]  language.



Notes, including listing of finite verbs and example sentences as tests or representations of those finite verbs (40 pages); list of incorporated bodypart terms (1 page); morpho-phonemic cluster changes (1 page); list of freeform pronouns (2 pages)


'Fieldwork Dec 2000 Jan 2001, Frank Zandvoort and Gregory Mollingin' (40 pages); 'Murrinh Patha [Murrinhpatha] morpho-phonemics (1 page); Murrinh Patha verb classification (1 page); 'Murrinh Patha [Murrinhpatha] bodyparts (1 page); 'Murrinh Patha [Murrinhpatha] pronouns'; 'University of New England Human Research Ethics Committee Information sheet for participants' (3 copies) and application form cover sheet for AIATSIS Research Grants Program


'Murrinh Patha [Murrinhpatha] language informants: Gregory Mollingin and Frank Jinjair'


Example sentences
5 'Fieldwork Dec 2000 Jan 2001, Frank Zandvoort and Gregory Mollingin' [second copy of first part of Item 1/2]
6-7 Field notebooks, 2001
8-15 Notebooks, mainly research notes based on other researchers works

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2.       Matngele [Madngele/Madngala] language

This series consists of material on Matngele [Madngele/Madngala] on which Zandvoort worked for his Honours thesis entitle 'A Grammar of Matngele' (1988), held by the Library at MS 4224.

16-17 Mark Harvey 'Matngele fieldnotes'.  Photocopy. [Original transcripts of tapes held by the Library at MS 3350]
18 Matngele [Madngele/Madngala] analysis
19 Hoddinott field notes collected by W.G. Hoddinott, Informant Nugget, Wooliana, Daly River, Northern Territory, 1967

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Finding Aid compiled by J. E. Churches, September 2003