MS 4165

Aboriginal Families of the Moree Region


Access and copying is closed except for family members who may view and copy family member documents. Not available for Inter-Library Loan. [Access code: Y]

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Scope and Content Note

Date range: 1788-1997

Extent: .36 metres (2 boxes)

Noeline Briggs-Smith deposited the collection in the Library, in October 2001, on behalf of the Northern Regional Library and Information Service at Moree, New South Wales..

The collection consists largely of certified copies of birth, death and marriage certificates of Aboriginal people in the Moree and surrounding areas. In addition, there are birth, death and funeral notices, for example from The Australian Evangel, and printouts from sources such as the 'Index to the Brian Williams Family History Genealogies’ held at the University of New England Regional State Archives. Included also are notes made from church records, such as baptismal records from the Salvation Army Church Records at Moree, family record sheets, such as those from the Griffith Genealogical & Historical Society and other papers.

There is also a photocopy of 'A Grose family history' and various documents such as birth and death certificates for the Grose family; some family trees and a printout of the descendants of Ada Parker.

The collection consists entirely of photocopies.

A search on the Institute's Mura® online catalogue under topical subject headings such as 'Genealogy and family history', or under family names, may locate other relevant material.

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Name Index

An index of selected names from this collection is available. To access these names contact the AIATSIS Family History Unit on 1800 730 129 (free call for family history enquiries only) or

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Families include Adams, Aldridge, Allen, Alli, Anderson, Andrews, Andy, Annie, Archibald, Armstrong, Arnold, Ash, Ashley, Ashmore, Atkinson, Bailey, Baker, Baldwin, Ballengarry, Bamblett, Banfield and Bangaree


Families include Barber, Barlow, Barndo, Barney, Barr, Bartman, Bartholemew, Barwick, Bateman, Bates, Bath, Beale, Beatle, Beaumont, Beears, Bellear, Bengalla, Bessie, Beveridge, Biggs, Billie, Bing, Bino, Birrie, and Black


Families include Blacklock, Blair, Blay, Bligh, Bollan, Bloomfield, Bond and Bone


Families include Boney, Bonn, Borghmanna, Borland, Bourah, Bowden, Bowler, Boxer and Boyce


Families include Bradshaw, Brady, Brair, Brandy, and Brennan. Some of the photocopies for Brennan are very faint and therefore difficult to read


Families include Briggs, Bright, Brooks, Broomham, Broughton, Brown, Browning and Brummy


Families include Buars, Bubby, Buchana, Buckabone, Buckenbone, Bugg, Bull, Bullaman, Bullamin, Bullingar, Bundai, Bungaree, Bungle, Burke, Button and Byrnes


Families include Cain, Callaghar, Campbell, Carrie, Capp, Carbone, Carlyle, Carmody, Cart, Carroll, Carter, Cassidy, Catalana, Chambers, Charles, Charlie and Chatfield


Families include Clark, Clarke, Clarkson, Clifford, Clift, Cobar, Cobla, Cobra, Coe, Coffey, Cohen, Cohon, Coleman, Colger, Colless, Collins, Combadello, Combo, Comborugo


Families include Connor, Connors


Families include Conroy, Cook, Coombs/Coombes, Copeland, Corbett, Crotty, Crump, Draper, Duncan (Duncombe), Edwards, Egan, Graham


Grose Family


‘A Grose family history, Part 1, From Britain to Botany Bay, the story of William Smith Grose & Elizabeth Reay’ and ‘A Grose family history, Part 2, Beyond the Blue Mountains, the story of William & Julia Grose’, both by Beverley Johnson. Photocopies


Families include Hart, Hulin, Jenkins, Kinchella, Mitchell, Murray, Narang, Nattey, Navey Bux, Payne, Poffit, Riggs, Suey, Swan, Tighe


Randall/Martin family tree from 1788 (two copies) and Walters/Saunders family tree


Printout from NSWGenWeb Lineage of records relating to union of Kitty Colaby and Budsworth (two copies)


Miscellaneous documents

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Finding Aid compiled by J. Churches, December 2002