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Judy Inglis Papers


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Scope and Content Note

Extent: 17 cm (2 boxes), 20 folders.

Research papers about Aborigines in Adelaide and Point Pearce; papers of Aborigines Advancement League; genealogies of Adams, Milera, Rankine, Sumner and Wanganeen families.

In February 2004 Ken Inglis donated additional papers, relating to the policy of assimilation, to the Library.  They have been added to Box 2 as Item 21.

Handwritten and typescript material, newsclippings.

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Biographical Note

Judy Inglis, (1929-1962), graduated from the University of Melbourne as a Master of Arts and was later awarded a Diploma in Anthropology at Oxford University. The results of her research of Aborigines in south Australia appeared in several publications. She was the principal Administrative Assistant for the Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies at the time of her death.

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Series List

Series Description




  1. Guide to papers
  2. Undated and 1958
  3. 1959 January - June, July - December
  4. 1960 January - June
  5. 1960 July - December

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  1. Research notes - Manuscript notes of government publications concerning state and Commonwealth policy and some correspondence;
    1. Notes on assimilation and detribalisation
    2. State authorities controlling Aboriginal Affairs at February 28, 1958
    3. Queensland - Legislation and conditions
    4. South Australia - Legislation, Parliamentary Debates, Point Pearce, Ernabella, Tindale 'Survey of the halfcaste problem in SA'
    5. New South Wales
    6. Western Australia - Legislation, reports, summaries, letter from Fr. B.Vickers and report by Jessie Street on Pindan
    7. Northern Territorv - notes on legislation policy, 'Aboriginal welfare in the Northern Territory' by P. Hasluck
    8. Commonwealth policy - including census definition of halfcaste.
  2. Legislation - Notes concerning reserves, Aborigines Bill 1961 with meeting arranged by Charles Perkins, correspondence from Graham E. Parker concerning Licensing Act of South Australia, Aborigines Act 1934-1939, South Australian laws relating to Aborigines (typescript), annotated Aborigines Bill 1961.
  3. Notes on F.J. Gillen
    1. Bibliography cards
    2. Some ideas about treatment of the material
    3. Notes from Northern Tribes of Central Australia
    4. Baldwin Spencer's Age articles 1901
    5. The Horn Expedition report
  4. Drafts of conference papers and publications - Paper for Adelaide conference of Federal Council for Aboriginal Advancement, 1962, 'Detribalised reserves';
    1. First draft
    2. Typed draft
    3. Correspondence re publication
    4. Correspondence with Federal Council for Aboriginal Advancement concerning paper
    5. Correspondence about reserves and detribalisation with J. Beckett, Fay Gale, Ruth Fink, Rusa Hausfeld, and Jim Bell
    6. Publications 'On Aboriginal Affairs', 'Maori and Aborigine : a comparison of attitudes and policies', by W.R. Greddes
  5. Drafts of conference papers and publications - Article and comments by Bartlett on 'Aborigines in Adelaide', published in Journal of the Polynesian Society, vol. 70, no. 2, June 1961. Correspondence and paper 'Part-Aborigines in Australia' submitted to Current Affairs Bulletin. Correspondence about paper for conference on Aboriginal Studies, May 1961.

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  1. Raw notes on cognatic stocks:
    1. Statistics of mixed blood marriages
    2. Part-Aboriginal family names
    3. Notes from South Australian Parliamentary Debates
    4. Tom and Tim Adams genealogy
    5. John Rankine genealogy
    6. John Milera genealogy
    7. John Sumner genealogy
    8. Robert Wanganeen genealogy
  2. Drafts of paper 'Dispersal of Aboriginal families in South Australia', published posthumously in Aborigines Now, edited by Marie Reay. Marie Reay correspondence from Marie Reay and A P Elkin
  3. Book reviews and articles

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  1. Letters and draft papers with comments between Judy Inglis and Diane Barwick. 1990 correspondence between Ken Inglis and Dick Barwick concerning disposal of papers.
  2. Letters to and from Aborigines Advancement League Visit to Point Pearce.
  3. Aborigines Advancement League survey of government policy; instruction in mission schools. Aborigines Protection Board reports 1958-1960; report of Chief Protector of Aboriginals, 1939
  4. University of Adelaide correspondence.

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  1. Lectures to Social Studies Students, University of Adelaide, March-April 1960.
  2. Stereotyping survey
  3. Lectures in Sociology, University of Adelaide.
  4. Assimilation papers, including correspondence(1992-97) which includes information provided by Ken Inglis for Jack Horner about Judy Inglis and her views; ‘Assimilation’ paper (1961); ‘Union of Aust. Women’ paper (1961); report of National Aborigines Day concert; and flyer and manuscript for paper ‘The Status of Aborigines in Australia’, delivered at a public meeting held by the United National Association of Australia (S.A. Division in North Adelaide in December 1961.  [Added March 2004]

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Box List

Box Series Items
1 Newspaper clippings 1-5
  Notes, drafts, offprints and book reviews 6-10
2 Notes, drafts, offprints and book reviews 11-13
  Correspondence 14-17
  Lecture notes, class surveys, correspondence and papers 18-20

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