MS 1178

Records of Abschol (University of Queensland)


Open reading, copying and quotation. [Access code A1 B5]

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Date: 1965-1977

Extent: 5 cm (1 volume)

This collection consists of papers relating to Abschol (University of Queensland). It contains minutes, the Abschol constitution, a submission on replacing Aboriginal Affairs legislation; book and film reviews, circulars and other papers relating to the work of Abschol.

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In 1977 the name of Abschol (University of Queensland) was Abschol – University of Queensland Race Relations Office but it was known as Abschol. The aims of the organization, as outlined in the 1977 constitution, were to promote ‘Aboriginal and Islander education at all levels’ and to promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders ‘advancement in all spheres’. Membership was open to all Australian Indigenous people, and to staff and students at the University of Queensland.

Reference: MS 1178, Item 3

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1a-b Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of 3 September, 1973 and of the Committee meeting of 29 October, 1973
2a-f Minutes of 1977 Committee meetings of 10 March; 24 March, 21 April; 5 May; 12 May; and 3 October
3 Constitution, 1977
4 ‘Submission to the University of Queensland Union for finance for a project which will help with the replacement of the Aboriginal affairs legislation in Queensland’ [n.d.]
5 Book reviews covering the Aboriginal content of books being supplied by the Queensland Education Department for use by students with the new Social Studies curriculum
6 ‘Film reviews for films about Aborigines and Aboriginal culture’
7 ‘Mass meeting today – no expulsions’ heads letter from Registrar to Dennis Walker in which Walker is forbidden to enter any university site (1972)
8 ‘Mass meeting today no expulsions.  Call to attend meeting to defend Abschol and the Black Rights Committee after three Aborigines excluded from the campus
9 Circular requesting tutors for Aboriginal children
10 ‘Read it again – the student as a nigger’, by Paul Riennart (first published on campus 1970)
11 Abschol call to abolish Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders Affairs Act with mock up of requirements for Reserve Manager position
12 Seminar advertisement with speakers Budz Odsen on ‘State of emergency in South Africa’, Peter Morwood on ‘Police action in Queensland the United States’ and Doctor Fahrer, ‘Anthropology of anti Semitism’ [n.d.]
13 Advertisement for an Abschol meeting 14 September, 19??
14 Title unreadable. Background information relating to Aborigines advertising ‘Black speakers on black rights’ (1972) and ‘March for solidarity for Black rights’ (1972)
15 ‘New turn in the Black struggle’
16 ‘Civil liberties under attack’. Flyer for a public vigil (1976)
17 Circular for meeting where ‘A Brisbane Black tells why Blacks are occupying the offices of the Australian department of aboriginal affairs’ (7 August 1975)
18 Circular about meeting on Brisbane police violence
19 ‘Abschol Black Studies Program’. Flyer advertising a series of talks
20a-b Call for signatures on blank form asking for abolition of Queensland Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders Affairs Act 1965
21a-b Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders Advancement League (Cairns, Qld),  Bulletin no. 165 (1965) and March 1968 [Library also holds Jan-Feb 1968 at RS 21.4/2]
22 Call for financial support for a land rights conference from the Land Rights Committee
23 ‘The new act: what next for Queensland’s Aborigines and Islanders’ (1971)
24 Letter to Director, Aboriginal & Island Affairs requesting meeting regarding proposed legislation from seven organisations concerned with Aboriginal affairs (17 May 1971)
25 ‘Report of the Abschol Convenor to the sixteenth annual conference of the Federal Council for the Advancement of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders convened at Brisbane during April 20 – 23, 1973’, submitted by Neville Perkins

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