Native title and traditional ownership research team

Photo of Dr Lisa Strelein

Dr Lisa Strelein

Lisa’s research and publications have focused on the relationship between Indigenous peoples and the state, and the role of the courts in defining Indigenous peoples’ rights.

Lisa has made a significant contribution to academic debate on native title in Australia, including her book: Compromised Jurisprudence: Native Title Cases since Mabo. 

Lisa maintains strong networks within the native title system, conducting research projects in partnership with, or in response to, the needs of native title representative bodies and claimants as well as government departments....

Dr Tran Tran

Dr Tran Tran

Tran Tran is a research fellow based in the Indigenous Culture and Heritage team at AIATSIS. Her research focus is the transition from native title recognition to the realisation of community benefit. 

Tran completed her PhD on the way in which knowledge structures are translated into legal and political institutions in the context of water management in the Canning Basin Western Australia. Before completing her PhD, Tran worked in the Native Title Research Unit as a research fellow and managed the Native Title Representative Bodies Knowledge Management Project and PBC...

Stacey Little

Stacey Little

Stacey Little joined AIATSIS in 2015 as the Senior Research Officer (Legal). Stacey holds Bachelor degrees in Arts and Law, and has worked in native title law since 2014. Prior to joining the Native Title Research Unit at AIATSIS, Stacey worked in the legal department of a native title representative body in Western Australia.

Stacey’s research interests include native title jurisprudence, compensation, the relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander laws and customs and Australian law and policy, as well as social justice and environmental issues.

Belinda Burbidge

Dr Belinda Burbidge

Belinda Burbidge joined AIATSIS in 2015 as a Research Fellow in the Native Title Research Unit. Belinda holds a PhD in anthropology from The University of Sydney and a Master and Bachelor of Arts from the Australian National University.

Belinda has over ten years’ experience in the academic and applied research sectors, including native title work in Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia. Additionally, Belinda has worked as a lecturer in anthropology at The University of Sydney and a research consultant for Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) in central Australia....

Alexandra Andriolo

Alexandra Andriolo

Alexandra Andriolo (nee Muir) joined AIATSIS in 2012 and is the Native Title Research and Access Officer. Alexandra has a BA (International Relations) (Hons Applied Linguistics) and has worked in the Indigenous research sector for 5 years. Her background is in linguistics and archival research.

Alexandra’s research interests include using historical documents for evidence in native title claims, socio linguistics and perceptions of language use, document access and management, as well as archival research. 

Alexandra is the first point of contact for people seeking...

Anaisel Gabriela Lopez de Garcia

Anaisel Gabriela Lopez de Garcia

Anaisel Gabriela Lopez de Garcia is originally from Venezuela and has been living in Australia for the past four years. Anaisel provides support to the research department by analysing, designing, and implementing databases.

Anaisel joined AIATSIS in 2015 and is the Information System Analyst in the Research Business Team. Anaisel has a Master degree in Information Technology and System at the University of Canberra and has worked in IT for over seven years.

Anaisel research interests include ethical behaviors and technology as well as how technology can support social...

Luke Smyth

Luke Smyth

Luke joined AIATSIS in 2015 and is a research officer in Native Title, Land and Water. He has a Bachelor of Development Studies and is currently completing a Masters in Social Research at the ANU. 

Luke’s research interests include management and use of natural resources by Indigenous peoples, ecosystem services valuation, social network analysis, land and resource conflicts, and sustainable development.

Trea Mongta

Trea is a Yuin man from the Far South Coast of New South Wales. Trea joined AIATSIS in 2019 and is a research officer in Native Title Research Unit. He has a Diploma in Government with a focus on Project Management and is currently completing a Bachelor’s degree at the ANU. 

Trea’s research interests include management and use of natural resources by Indigenous peoples, capacity and sustainable development of Indigenous organisations and effective representation of Indigenous peoples.