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Knowledge Exchange Platform

A key part of the Indigenous Research Exchange is to make research findings more accessible, more contestable and more useable, especially for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

We are developing a Knowledge Exchange Platform that will provide access to data and information at a local level and provide an evidence base for policy makers to design more effective programs and policies.

The aim of the platform is to:

  • Showcase and support Indigenous knowledge translation.
  • Be a powerful resource for Indigenous leadership and community-led decision making.
  • Support nation-building through specific nation-based data.
  • Support data sovereignty and self-determination.
  • Change the narrative on Indigenous data collection, use and ownership.
  • Provide links and networks to other data sources and knowledge repositories, including the wide range of information available within AIATSIS.

The platform will also hold research outcomes from the research grants program.

The platform is currently in development and will be led by Indigenous expertise and underpinned by core principles of Indigenous Data Governance (IDG), Indigenous Data Sovereignty (IDS) and Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP).

Platform protocols and data management

  • AIATSIS Code of Ethics for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research
  • United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
  • Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP)
  • The  Maiam nayri Wingara Indigenous Data Sovereignty Collective Key Principles
  • CARE Principles
  • The AIATSIS Access and Use policy
  • The Knowledge Exchange Platform Data Management Plan (currently under development)

A Data Management Plan will include the appropriate access and use processes. This will be developed with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and will be endorsed by the Indigenous Research Exchange Advisory Board.

Contributing to the Platform

A key objective of the Exchange is to connect people, data, ideas and evidence.

The Platform will reflect the interests and aspirations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. We welcome contributions from community members and researchers to build on the evidence base.

Different sources of data on the same platform can help communities get a better picture of what the evidence currently shows and, depending on available data, how things have changed over time. 

The Knowledge Exchange Platform can:

  • Host your research and data securely in a culturally safe environment
  • Make your research more accessible (where appropriate). 
  • Protect your research and data through well-developed ICIP and IDG to the highest standards. 

Your research could contribute to other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to determine their own research priorities and data solutions.

If you are interested in contributing to the platform, please contact us.