Finding aids

These finding aids cover a selection of manuscript and audiovisual material in our collection.

New finding aids are being compiled and added to this list regularly however, not every manuscript or audiovisual item in our collection has its own finding aid.

Please check the Mura catalogue for those items which do not have a finding aid.

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Name Download Type
Thompson, David A. MS1332.PDF (104.9 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Thompson, David A. Tape transcriptions, Lockhart River, 1969-1975 MS23.PDF (71.78 KB) Manuscript finding aid
THOMPSON_D03_finding_aid.pdf thompson_d03_finding_aid.pdf (130.14 KB) Audio finding aid
Thomson, Donald F. Field note collection, Cape York, Arnhem Land, 1933-35 (PMS4337) MS4337.PDF (54.87 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Thomson, Donald F. Notebooks, Arnhem Land, 1935-36 MS2339.PDF (50.31 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Thomson, Donald F. Notebooks, East Cape York Peninsula, 1928-32 MS2340.PDF (73.04 KB) Manuscript finding aid
THORNE_R01_finding_aid.pdf thorne_r01_finding_aid.pdf (114.09 KB) Audio finding aid
Three Horsemen rushes aias_002_fc00286_1-80_three_horsemen_rushes_interim.pdf (467.26 KB) Moving image finding aid
Thursday Island State School and Wai-ben Coloured School CDThursday.htm (34.57 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Tindale, Norman Barnett. Field notes, 1938-1963 MS3189.PDF (65.65 KB) Manuscript finding aid
TINDALE_N05_finding_aid.pdf tindale_n05_finding_aid.pdf (128.5 KB) Audio finding aid
TOMMY-WALKER_01-Interim-Finding-Aid_AudioCM tommy-walker_01-interim-finding-aid_audiocm.pdf (142.58 KB) Audio finding aid
TRIGGER_D01_finding_aid_interim.pdf trigger_d01_finding_aid_interim.pdf (225.77 KB) Audio finding aid
TRIGGER_D02_finding_aid_interim.pdf trigger_d02_finding_aid_interim.pdf (127.55 KB) Audio finding aid
Tsunoda, Tasaku - Queensland languages PMS1382.PDF (87.08 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Tsunoda, Tasaku [WA] MS1381.PDF (65.93 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Tsunoda, Tasaku. [Qld-Palm Island] MS1382.PDF (87.08 KB) Manuscript finding aid
TSUNODA_T12 finding aid tsunoda_t12_finding_aid.pdf (187.27 KB) Audio finding aid
TSUNODA_T17_finding_aid.pdf tsunoda_t17_finding_aid.pdf (155.92 KB) Audio finding aid
TSUNODA_T25_interim_finding_aid.pdf tsunoda_t25_interim_finding_aid.pdf (130.06 KB) Audio finding aid
TSUNODA_T26 interim finding aid tsunoda_t26_interim_finding_aid.pdf (122.24 KB) Audio finding aid
TURPIN_M03_interim_finding_aid.pdf turpin_m03_interim_finding_aid.pdf (174.44 KB) Audio finding aid
TURPIN_M04_interim_finding_aid.pdf turpin_m04_interim_finding_aid.pdf (169.46 KB) Audio finding aid
TURTLE_N01_finding_aid.pdf turtle_n01_finding_aid.pdf (141.99 KB) Audio finding aid
UCA_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf uca_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (119.97 KB) Audio finding aid
UNI-AUCKLAND_01_finding_aid_interim.pdf uni-auckland_01_finding_aid_interim.pdf (133.66 KB) Audio finding aid
Unseen Journey morley_j001_fc00043_1_unseen_journey.pdf (192.71 KB) Moving image finding aid
Unveiling of the Barunga statement car_001_v04985_1.pdf (123.84 KB) Moving image finding aid
VACL_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf vacl_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (135.96 KB) Audio finding aid
VAN-DER-LEEDEN_A02_finding_aid.pdf van-der-leeden_a02_finding_aid.pdf (115.69 KB) Audio finding aid
Victoria River Downs employee records, 1954-1974 MS3118.pdf (19.77 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Victorian Aboriginal Group press clippings collection, 1952-69 MS4122_Victorian.pdf (180.74 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Von Sturmer, John - Papers MS2539.htm (24.5 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Von Sturmer, John. Aurukun and Cape York papers, 1968-1990 MS3514.PDF (354.49 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Von Sturmer, John. Aurukun material, 1978- MS2363.PDF (650.52 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Von Sturmer, John. Hermannsburg papers, 1968-77 MS3515.PDF (100.31 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Von Sturmer, John. Social impact of Uranium Mining Project papers 1978-84, relating to Qld. ms3516.pdf (165.18 KB) Manuscript finding aid
VON-BRANDENSTEIN_C04_finding_aid.pdf von-brandenstein_c04_finding_aid.pdf (247.96 KB) Audio finding aid
VON-BRANDENSTEIN_C05_finding_aid.pdf von-brandenstein_c05_finding_aid.pdf (126.52 KB) Audio finding aid
WADDY_J02_finding_aid.pdf waddy_j02_finding_aid.pdf (155.17 KB) Audio finding aid
WALLACE_NP02_finding_aid.pdf wallace_np02_finding_aid.pdf (148.55 KB) Audio finding aid
Walsh, Michael J. Field notes : Murinjpata, Port Keats NT, 1972 MS397.PDF (40.61 KB) Manuscript finding aid
WALSH_M02_finding_aid.pdf walsh_m02_finding_aid.pdf (381.74 KB) Audio finding aid
WANAMBI_D01_finding_aid.pdf wanambi_d01_finding_aid.pdf (115.74 KB) Audio finding aid
WANAMBI_D04_finding_aid.pdf wanambi_d04_finding_aid.pdf (138.16 KB) Audio finding aid
WANGKAMAYA_01 - finding aid wangkamaya_01_finding-aid.pdf (443.14 KB) Audio finding aid
WANGKAMAYA_02_interim_finding_aid wangkamaya_02_interim_finding_aid.pdf (123.16 KB) Audio finding aid
WANGKAMAYA_03_interim_finding_aid wangkamaya_03_interim_finding_aid.pdf (130.38 KB) Audio finding aid
WANGKAMAYA_04_interim_finding_aid.pdf wangkamaya_04_interim_finding_aid.pdf (113.63 KB) Audio finding aid
WANGKAMAYA_05_finding_aid_interim.pdf wangkamaya_05_finding_aid_interim.pdf (147.02 KB) Audio finding aid
WANGKAMAYA_06_interim_finding_aid.pdf wangkamaya_06_interim_finding_aid.pdf (132.64 KB) Audio finding aid
WANGKAMAYA_07_finding_aid_interim.pdf wangkamaya_07_finding_aid_interim.pdf (138.73 KB) Audio finding aid
WANGKAMAYA_08_finding_aid_interim.pdf wangkamaya_08_finding_aid_interim.pdf (168.25 KB) Audio finding aid
WANGKAMAYA_09_interim_finding_aid.pdf wangkamaya_09_interim_finding_aid.pdf (135.45 KB) Audio finding aid
WANGKAMAYA_10_interim_finding_aid.pdf wangkamaya_10_interim_finding_aid.pdf (126.17 KB) Audio finding aid
WANGKAMAYA_11_finding_aid_interim.pdf wangkamaya_11_finding_aid_interim.pdf (112.52 KB) Audio finding aid
WANGKAMAYA_12_finding_aid_interim.pdf wangkamaya_12_finding_aid_interim.pdf (128.08 KB) Audio finding aid
WANGKAMAYA_13_interim_finding_aid.pdf wangkamaya_13_interim_finding_aid.pdf (124.97 KB) Audio finding aid
WANGKAMAYA_14_interim_finding_aid.pdf wangkamaya_14_interim_finding_aid.pdf (127.52 KB) Audio finding aid
WANGKAMAYA_15_interim_finding_aid.pdf wangkamaya_15_interim_finding_aid.pdf (122.84 KB) Audio finding aid