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These finding aids cover a selection of manuscript and audiovisual material in our collection.

New finding aids are being compiled and added to this list regularly however, not every manuscript or audiovisual item in our collection has its own finding aid.

Please check the Mura catalogue for those items which do not have a finding aid.

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Name Download Type
Seminar on Aboriginal Education. Adelaide 1984 MS2119.PDF (56.51 KB) Manuscript finding aid
sf_26-7_2.pdf sf_26-7_2.pdf (270.46 KB) Manuscript finding aid
SHADFORTH_W01_finding_aid.pdf shadforth_w01_finding_aid.pdf (118.13 KB) Audio finding aid
Sharp, Richard L. North Queensland expeditions, field data 1933-5, 1957, 1973 MS685.PDF (693.37 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Sharpe, Margaret C. Alawa field notes and tape transcriptions, Hodgson Downs, Nutwood Downs etc. NT, 1966-68 MS359.PDF (44.83 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Sharpe, Margaret C. Alice Springs Aboriginal English, 1976-77 MS850.pdf (53.48 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Sharpe, Margaret C. Bunjalung to English, 1977 MS926.PDF (46.31 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Sharpe, Margaret C. [Alawa] MS1451.PDF (48.57 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Sharpe, Margaret C. [Gunggari] MS1353.PDF (45.82 KB) Manuscript finding aid
SHARPE_M02_finding_aid.pdf sharpe_m02_finding_aid.pdf (377.97 KB) Audio finding aid
SHARP_C01_interim_finding_aid.pdf sharp_c01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (117.79 KB) Audio finding aid
Shaw, Bruce C - Case history notebooks MS2298.htm (6.25 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Shaw, Bruce C - Field journals MS2296.htm (7.94 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Shaw, Bruce C - Field notebooks MS2297.htm (7.56 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Shaw, Bruce C - Interviews (Kununurra) MS2294.htm (16.94 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Shaw, Bruce C. [Kimberleys 1883-1967] MS1467.PDF (85.96 KB) Manuscript finding aid
SHAW_B10_interim_finding_aid.pdf shaw_b10_interim_finding_aid.pdf (132.37 KB) Audio finding aid
SHEPHERDSON_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf shepherdson_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (197.88 KB) Audio finding aid
SINGER_R01_interim_finding_aid.pdf singer_r01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (164.28 KB) Audio finding aid
Sisters, Pearls and Mission Girls rebel_001_v09360_1-3_sisters_pearls_and_mission_girls_descriptive.pdf (439.82 KB) Moving image finding aid
SKIRA_I02_finding_aid.pdf skira_i02_finding_aid.pdf (159.92 KB) Audio finding aid
SKIRA_I03_finding_aid.pdf skira_i03_finding_aid.pdf (119.18 KB) Audio finding aid
SKIRA_I04_finding-aid skira_i04_finding-aid.pdf (157.16 KB) Audio finding aid
SKIRA_I05_finding_aid.pdf skira_i05_finding_aid.pdf (132.62 KB) Audio finding aid
SMITH-ROSS_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf smith-ross_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (125.24 KB) Audio finding aid
Snake Bay (Milikapiti) Settlement ms_1602_snakebay.pdf (184.21 KB) Manuscript finding aid
SOMMER_B02_finding_aid.pdf sommer_b02_finding_aid.pdf (175.29 KB) Audio finding aid
SOMMER_B05_finding_aid.pdf sommer_b05_finding_aid.pdf (339.86 KB) Audio finding aid
SOMMER_B06_finding_aid.pdf sommer_b06_finding_aid.pdf (340.29 KB) Audio finding aid
Sorry books 1997-2000 MS3795.pdf (237.58 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Sorry books 1998-2002 MS3569_Sorry.pdf (220.88 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Sorry books 1998-2005 MS4398_Sorry.pdf (226.27 KB) Manuscript finding aid
South Australia. Northern Territory. Administration MS1042.PDF (83.85 KB) Manuscript finding aid
South Pacific National Parks and Reserves Conference, 1985. Proceedings MS2942.PDF (178.59 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Spencer, Walter B. Collected papers 1911-1929. Photocopies of originals held in National Museum of Victoria. MS2535.PDF (118.68 KB) Manuscript finding aid
SPRAGUE_L01_finding_aid_interim.pdf sprague_l01_finding_aid_interim.pdf (127.02 KB) Audio finding aid
STAFFORD_A01_interim_finding_aid.pdf stafford_a01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (119.41 KB) Audio finding aid
Stanner, W. E. H. - Survey of Rock Art Sites MS845.htm (6.01 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Stanner, W. E. H. - W.E.H. Stanner Collection ms_3752_stanner.pdf (1.51 MB) Manuscript finding aid
Stuckey, Jim ms_4022_-_stuckey.pdf (194.56 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Submissions, additional evidence and corrections to transcript of evidence. [SA. Pitjantjatjara] MS1463.PDF (72.2 KB) Manuscript finding aid
SULLIVAN_C06_finding_aid.pdf sullivan_c06_finding_aid.pdf (132.87 KB) Audio finding aid
Sutton, Peter J. Interim report to AIAS, 1977. Cape York. MS2324.pdf (58.5 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Sutton, Peter John - Papers MS2323.htm (17.19 KB) Manuscript finding aid
SUTTON_P07 - finding aid sutton_p07_finding_aid.pdf (205.26 KB) Audio finding aid
SUTTON_P08_finding_aid.pdf sutton_p08_finding_aid.pdf (138.89 KB) Audio finding aid
SUTTON_P15_finding_aid.pdf sutton_p15_finding_aid.pdf (260.89 KB) Audio finding aid
Symposium on the Nuitrition of Aborigines in relation to the Eco-system of Central Australia, papers, 1976 MS992.PDF (691.38 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Tachon, Alphonse MS1.PDF (731.15 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Tamsin Donaldson, Wiradjuri language projects and research papers ms_5096_tamsin_donaldson_wiradjuri_language_projects.pdf (309.46 KB) Manuscript finding aid
TAREE_01-FINDING_AID taree_01-finding_aid.pdf (238.75 KB) Audio finding aid
Tasmanian Aboriginal Education Consultative Committee. Documents relating to sacking of TAECC by Minister for Education. 1983-84 MS2097.PDF (788.53 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Tasmanian Film Project rushes (descriptive) descriptive_finding_aid_aias_001_tasmanian_film_project_fc00418_1-16_final.pdf (659.15 KB) Moving image finding aid
Taylor, Peter. Kitja materials 1967- MS2747.PDF (134.17 KB) Manuscript finding aid
TAYLOR_L01_finding_aid.pdf taylor_l01_finding_aid.pdf (143.56 KB) Audio finding aid
The House-Opening rushes 1 (descriptive) aias_002_fc00275_1-61_the_house-opening_rushes_descriptive.pdf (793.39 KB) Moving image finding aid
The House-Opening rushes 2 (descriptive) aias_002_fc00553_1-58_the_house-opening_rushes_descriptive.pdf (515.6 KB) Moving image finding aid
The National Indigenous Documentary Fund Project (interim) perkins_r010_the_national_indigenous_documentary_fund_project_interim_finding_aid.pdf (120.85 KB) Moving image finding aid
The Wentworth Lecture 2010: First Australians, laws and the High Court aiatsis_001_v09264_1-2_wentworth_lecture_2010_descriptive.pdf (182.53 KB) Moving image finding aid
Thomas, William. Papers 1834-1868 MF323.PDF (587.36 KB) Manuscript finding aid