Aboriginal Music from North-Eastern Arnhem Land including Groote Eylandt

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Alice Moyle

Apr, 1965
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Songs from Milingimbi, Yirrkala and Groote Eylandt, showing some intricate didjeridu accompaniments.

Milingimbi 1963

    1. Clouds (i-ii)
    2. North Wind (i-ii)
    3. White Cockatoo (i-ii)
    4. Brown Hawk (i-ii)
    5. Emu sung by Djawa with Dhalnganda (didjeridu)

Milingimbi 1962

    1. White Cockatoo
    2. White Stork (i-ii) sung by Bongawuy with Darringguwuy (didjeridu)
    1. Nalpa (i-iii)
    2. Wilata (i-ii) sung by Mutpu, Buramin and Bunbatjiwuy with Durmarriny (didjeridu)

Milingimbi 1963

  1. Song words for 1c and 1e spoken by Gungupun​ Yirrkala 1962
    1. Seagull (i-iv) sung by Mathaman with Milirrpum,
    2. Didjeridu only, played by Milirrpum
    1. 'Makassan' song words spoken by Mawalan

Yirrkala 1963

    1. Djatpangarri: Butterfly; Cora sung by Galarrwuy with Mulung
    2. Wandjuk talks about the ship,

Cora Angurugu, Groote Eylandt 1962

  1. Eagle (i-ii) sung by Nanggabirrima with Bayema (didjeridu)
    1. Stingray sung by Nanggalilya with Negabanda (didjeridu)
    2. Curlew sung by Nagulabena (Gula) with Nanigila (didjeridu)

Umbakumba, Groote Eylandt 1962

    1. Dugong sung by Nangarunga with Muganga (didjeridu)
    2. Night sung by Man-gwida with India (didjeridu)

Angurugu, Groote Eylandt 1963

    1. Seaweed sung by Wanaya with Nanigila (didjeridu)
    2. West Wind sung by Wanaya with Nanigila (didjeridu)
    3. Didjeridu only by Nanigila
    4. Aeroplane sung by Murrbuda with Nanbungwa
    5. Didjeridu only by Nanbungwa
    1. Dove sung by Barenggwa with Murrbuda (didjeridu)
    2. East Wind sung by Bugwanda with Bayema (didjeridu)
    1. Seven Sisters
    2. Shark sung by Malkarri with Bayema (didjeridu)
  1. Song words for 10d and 11a spoken by Nabilya


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