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Gurgun Mibinyah: Yugambeh, Ngarahngwal, Ngahnduwal A dictionary and grammar of Mibiny language varieties from the Tweed to the Logan rivers

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Margaret Sharpe

Gurgun Mibinyah (belonging to Mibiny speakers) is a dictionary of the northern varieties of the language Yugambeh-Bundjalung, or Bandjalangic, spoken from the Tweed River area of the northeast corner of New South Wales to the Logan River area in the Gold Coast area of southern Queensland. Other dialects of this language exist down to the Clarence River, and west to Allora and Warwick.

All varieties of the language, including the Mibinyah varieties, have dropped out of regular use in the area. However, there are rich written records dating from the nineteenth century into the first half of the twentieth century. There are also audio recordings from some areas from the later twentieth century. Speakers, partial speakers and ‘rememberers’ remain, and a few words are commonly used by local English speakers.

This dictionary covers the area where the original word for an Aboriginal person in the whole language (baygal) has been replaced by mibiny. Gurgun Mibinyah (Language / Words of the Mibiny) contains words found in these varieties of the language with English translations, available examples sentences that illustrate their use, and a section including plants and animals.

There is also a guide to the grammar, and an English word index. This volume is ideal for descendants of the original speakers as well as for any others interested in learning more about the traditional language of this area.