Conservation Legislation Amendment Act 2011 (WA)

Western Australia
Issues (subject): 
Rights and interests - customary
Environmental protection
Joint management

This Act aims to fulfill long standing aspirations of Aboriginal people to be involved in the management of land, and to be able to carry out traditional activities ‘on country’ on areas which are in conservation reserves.

The Act has two purposes:

  1. It proposes amendments to the Conservation and Land Management Act 1984 (CALM Act) to enable joint management of lands and waters between the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) and other landowners, or those with a vested or other interest in the land, including Aboriginal people.
  2. It proposes amendments to the CALM Act and the Wildlife Conservation Act 1950 that will enable Aboriginal people to undertake customary activities on reserves and other land.

The Bill provides for increased opportunities for Aboriginal people to be actively involved in, and contribute their knowledge to, the management of land. It also allows for Aboriginal people to undertake customary activities on reserves and other land, including for medicinal, ceremonial and artistic purposes.

For further information, see the Explanatory Memorandum.