New funding for native title announced

Wednesday, 17 June 2015 - 12:15pm
Senator Nigel Scullion announces funding at the Native Title Conference
Senator Scullion announces the funding at the Native Title Conference.

The Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Senator the Hon Nigel Scullion, announced the government will provide $20 million in funding for the native title sector at the 2015 National Native Title Conference.

Senator Scullion requested special leave from parliamentary duties to make the trip to Port Douglas to make the announcement to the 720 delegates gathered for this year’s conference, the largest in it’s 23-year history.

“From 2015, we will allow representative bodies and service providers to use their funding more flexibly to support a wider range of PBC activities,” the Minister said.

“I can also announce today that as part of the Government’s election commitment on Developing Northern Australia, we will provide another $20 million to better support native title holders to effectively engage with potential investors.

“This is new funding for the native title sector. It will allow native title corporations to access direct funding sources to manage native title better and move beyond basic compliance to active engagement in development.

“Funding will be available to support the costs of agreement making at critical times, such as when native title corporations need to make quick decisions to secure time sensitive investments.

“Native title corporations who want to improve the skills and capacity of directors and staff will now be able to better manage their statutory responsibilities.

“And more exciting in my point of view, funding will be available to support native title holders who want to engage in business and economic development opportunities.

“This is a significant and ongoing investment from this Government as we recognise that PBCs are where the action is going to be increasingly focused.”

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