About this year’s artwork


photo of brolga sculpture on tanbark in front of bushes
Jeremy George's lively painting of a brolga catching a fish has been transformed by Rurik Henry into this stainless steel sculpture.

The Brolga is a common bird of the wetlands and vast coastal plains around Townsville and Wulgurukaba homelands. It is significant species to the Wulgurukaba People. It lives on the coastal plains and is mostly seen in good wet seasons, feeding and breeding in places like the Town Common. They can occur on the Town Common in large numbers during a good wet season.

The brolga's dance is very distinctive and unique. Jeremy’s paintings capture the brolga dancing with raised legs and wings. Jeremy is inspired by the unique dance of these birds. When the brolgas are dancing and breeding it is usually a good time to fish in the creeks and rivers. When they are breeding it signifies that the wetlands and coastal plains are rich in resources such as fish, frogs, turtles, reptiles and other bird species. Some traditional dances are based on the Brolga dance. 

About the artist

Jeremy George

photo of Jeremy George painting
Jeremy George

Jeremy George is a Wulgurukaba man of Magnetic Island and Townsville. He was taught to paint by his grandfather Arthur Johnson and spent many hours listening and watching his grandfather paint and make boomerangs.  He has developed his style of paintings by himself and some of his artwork represents the dreamtime stories that has been passed on by Elders of the Wulgurukaba people.

Jeremy considers his art form contemporary but with elements of his tradition and customs. His artworks are held by some private collectors and Government Agencies around the country and he continues to paint large artworks that tell the stories of the creation by the great Gubal Spirit.

Last reviewed: 12 Apr 2017