The National Native Title Conference 2015 will be co-convened by AIATSIS and Cape York Land Council (CYLC). 

About CYLC

Cape York Land Council logo

In 1990, the communities of Cape York were galvanised as one voice to protect country, protect culture and stand together to ensure future generations were not impacted further by acts of government that threatened their native title rights.

The Cape York Land Council’s vision centred around consultation and representation of the Aboriginal people of Cape York to regain rights to land and sea and preserve culture to make our own decisions to achieve a better future.

Today, with more than 25 years of solidarity and strength the Cape York Land Council has evolved as part of a network of Cape York Regional Organisations that fight for the Cape York Reform Agenda. This agenda centres around creating change in education and training, economic development, land and tenure reform, policy and leadership.

Cape York relishes the opportunity to showcase our work and share our experiences with Aboriginal people, and those working to create change in our communities across the nation. Our elders referred to the ‘call to arms 25 years ago’ as kicking the dust. In Cape York, we are still kicking the dust. But our agenda has changed and as we look towards the future, the ‘handover from our elders to the next generation, we look at how we can achieve a better future, through native title achievement.

The people of Cape York came together through the voice of our elders in 1990, and as we are still kicking the dust 25 years later, we welcome the opportunity to host the four corners of ATSI communities from across the country coming together for the Native Title Conference 2015.

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Last reviewed: 18 Apr 2016